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Superiors: Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Very Easy, Mostly Roleplay based.
Guides: No external guides.
Access: Maintenance, Barbershop
Duties: Give people haircuts.

Service Department

The Barber, sometimes referred to as the Barberian, is one of the many service jobs. Like most service jobs, this role has an role play focus. You have no obligations and for all intents and purposes, you are little more than an assistant with a different uniform a highly skilled artist of fashion. You have the most basic of access and must use your collection of hair and beauty products to save the station from its own poor fashion sense. Changing of an individual's hairstyle is achievable by anyone using a mirror, but no mirror will ever match your artistic vision and talent. Unlike a filthy mirror, your fashion studio contains a hair dye machine, capable of producing a wide variety of colored dyes and a dresser containing all the socks and undershirts you could ever need. Some crew may consider your position unnecessary or a waste of space and may even go as far as to mock your career choice, but those plebeians just don't understand what true artistic talent is. You have the potential to play a compelling character and make the best of it with elabourate emotes of styling a pompadour to those few on the station looking for a haircut.


  • Barber's Scissors: Your tool of the trade, use this to give people horrendous the best haircuts.
  • Fancy Suit: The one suit to rule them all.
  • Razor: Only an uncultured commoner would use this to cut hair, however it can still be used to beautify pets.
  • Assorted Lipsticks: Comes in a box of seven delicious flavours.
  • Hair Dye: You're an expert, and you know that your customer would be much happier with absurdly colored hair.
  • Fake Mustache: Because that enraged person you put lipstick on while they were sleeping will never recognize you if you have a mustache on.

The demon barber of Fleet Street Swordred.gif

Being a barber traitor isn't really hard, but also not easy. Although you have your own area, you are not expected to be there, so you are free to roam around the station, as everyone thinks you are useless. You are pretty much an assistant with fancy suit. Additionally, only you have access to the deadly safety scissors which are capable of slitting a victim's throat and causing serious blood loss and oxygen deprivation. If all else fails and the crew is calling for your head, you can always whip out the fake mustache and pray no one sees through your ingenious disguise.

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