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Superiors: Everyone, mainly the Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Very Easy
Guides: The Basics, General Items, Guide to Construction. Just don't ruin everything.
Access: Maintenance.
Duties: Try to convince the Head of Personnel to give you a job or a department to take you in and give you work.


Departmental Head

Civilian/Misc. Roles
Civilian/Misc. Guides
Civilian/Misc. Areas

Being a Civilian (Also known as Tourist, Businessman, Trader or more commonly, Assistant), you have no access to any part of the station excluding Maintenance, but it's good to play if you are a new player. They don't have any special responsibilities and there is limit to the number of Civilians on a station, depending to the number of Security Officers on a station. Once the limit of Officers on a station has reached, there will be no limit to the number of Civilians on a station. Civilians also make ideal applicants for gateway explorers, genetic test subjects, and other roles as they're not tied to any department and are therefore more or less expendable.

Civilian is also a good choice if you're simply interested in role-playing - you don't have have any work to do so you're free to roam around and interact with the inhabitants of the station.

If this is your first time playing it might be worth looking at a few Guides and learning about the various jobs you can do.


As an Civilian, you'll want to either get a job or just assist with various jobs around the station. Feel free to ask over the radio if anyone would like any assistance. You only have Maintenance access, so it'll be pretty hard to get anywhere, but this is still a good job for new players. In order to get a job, one must head west of Bridge, to the Head of Personnel's office. If you feel like not contributing anything whatsoever to the shift, get your self a drink from the Bartender and play some Nano-Mob Hunter Go on your PDA.

Custom Jobs

You can choose between either inventing a custom job title and having the Head of Personnel give you the title and appropriate access, and asking people over the radio if they need assistance. If you take the first option, consider a reasonable job that isn't something overpowered or self-antagging, here are some examples..

Good Examples

Actor, Animal Breeder/Caretaker, Boxer, Carpenter, Explorer, etc

Bad Examples

Assassin, Firestarter, Gunman, Hitman, Killer, Serial Killer, etc

Ghost in the System Swordred.gif

Being a traitor Civilian, you're one of the least respected jobs on the station as many people tend to ignore them since they have the least amount of responsiblities to do. And being the lowest ranking personnel, you've been granted the easiest objectives available.

Take a look at the Primary Tools Storage and see if you can get anything useful, craft weapons, get a toolbelt and ready up. In addition, you'll also get the Pickpocket's Gloves in your uplink, which is exclusive to your role.

Changeling Civilians also have the same situation as traitor Civilians, likewise, they have the least responsiblities, easier objectives and etc. So stealth can also be an option as well. However, having the least access of the station, you might have a harder time to assassinating your target. Ideally you should try and impersonate someone who has better access, after absorbing them and disposing of the body of course!

The same goes with Vampire Civilians, once again, visit the Primary Tools Storage, craft a stunprod, be stealth and you're good to go on sucking blood from your targets! Though it'd be a little harder without your contraband items or your changeling powers.

The number one advantage of Civilian antagonist is your opponent's arrogance. Security and other crew members will typically assume you are inexperienced or stupid, so surprise them with your knowledge of how to wrench their taser out of their hand and shoot them with it.

Never forget what is perhaps the biggest advantage of your "job" - the Head of Personnel will be happy to help you find a new profession, giving you access to that job's advantages, with no suspicion at all.

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