Russian Derelict

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Space Area

Obvious exits: N/A. Randomized at round start.
Purpose: Unknown
Access level: Space
Noteworthy contents: Officer Blyatsky, Various Cosmonaut Suits, Bulletproof Armor, Double-barrel Shotgun, Various Department supplies, Friendly Space Carp,
Various Soviet Clothing, BODA vendor, and communism
Clearance: Civilian
Security level: None

An abandoned USSP station. What was once a vibrant home to the USSP is now a desolate ruin. The station is pockmarked with destruction from a Sol Gov raid and a massive uranium asteroid strike. While a significant section of the station is destroyed most of it still has power and a safe atmosphere. It is assumed to be uninhabited however some say that when they are quiet enough they sometimes can make out the distant echoing of jackboots reverberating throughout its halls.

Russian Station.png
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