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Welcome to my page, My wiki page is very WIP along with everything I work on. My github account is Contrabang

My Projects

Links Description
Anomalies Because there was no explanation on the wiki to what they are.
Github Glossary For explaining to new coders
WIP Guide to Code Troubleshooting
Trouble shoot Trouble shoot
WIP Quick Guide to Contributing
Super quick easy awesome guide

My Quick Links

Links Funny Description
Guide to Chemistry Space lube and more
Maintenance Where's that damn APC in maint
Station_Goals How many quad caps?
Space_Law To batong or not to batong, that is the question.
Standard_Operating_Procedure "gamma means I can kill anyone right?"
Example_Paperwork Average HOP gameplay
Research_Items Why does it need bluespace 7?
RnD_breakdown_list Speedrun Speedrun Speedrun
Implants **sounds of an implant hitting someones chest**
Github_Contributor_Portal Very useful

My least favorite items:

  • /obj/machinery/washing_machine
  • /obj/machinery/kitchen_machine
  • /obj/item/picture_frame
  • /obj/item/apc
  • /obj/structure/coatrack