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Guide to Food and Drinks

Your Cooking Equipment

Cooking requires a lot of tools and appliances in order to make the delectable treats that will keep your crewmates well fed!

Microwave.png Oven.png Grill.png Candy machine.png Microwave, Oven, Grill, and Candy Machine

Simply click on the relevant appliance with an ingredient in hand in order to insert it into the appliance. Click on the appliance to see a list of every ingredient inside the machine and to see the controls to turn it on. As long as what you've placed inside matches the recipe, once the cooking is finished, the machine will automatically spit out the finished product. If Science upgrades these machines, then they'll spit out multiple of the end product for the same amount of ingredients put in!

If the ingredients put in don't match a recipe, then instead a burned mess will be spit out at the end of cooking. Do this too many times, and the appliance will become dirty, and won't work again until it's cleaned with space cleaner or a damp rag.

Fryer.png Deep Fryer

Click on the Deep Fryer with any edible item in-hand, and it will create a deep-fried version of said food! Certain specific foods will turn into new foods when deep-fried (that themselves can be deep-fried again!)

All-In-One grinder.png All-In-One Grinder

The grinder has two modes, Grind and Juice. Grinding will take any food item and break it down into its constituent reagents. You can thus use it to extract specific chemicals from certain foods. Certain vegetables and plants can be ground to create ingredients. Using the Juice mode will turn fruits and vegetables into juice, usable both for cooking and for drink making.

Click on the Grinder with an item in hand in order to insert it. Click on the Grinder itself to access its controls, including the button to remove the beaker that contains the resulting chemicals or liquids after grinding/juicing is complete.

Processor.png Food Processor

Click on the Food Processor with certain vegetables or ingredients in hand in order to process them into new ingredients.

Icecreammaker.png Cream-Master Deluxe

Insert a beaker, bucket, or other container with liquids, chemicals, or ground food in it. You can then add these ingredients, as well as randomly selected booze or soda to an ice cream cone (chocolate or vanilla). The name and colour of the resultant ice cream cone will be taken from whichever ingredient has the highest volume in the list of chemicals added to the cone. Play around with this, a suprising amount of different things can go into ice cream: drinks from the bartender, pure nutriment, ground plants (even ones that aren't particularly edible otherwise), medicines, poisons, even viruses via virus infused blood!

ChemMaster.gif Condiment Maker

Found in the walk-in freezer, the Condiment Maker lets you isolate ingredients and components from ground food (created via the All-In-One Grinder) or other mixed liquids, and create bottles or single use condiment packets of said isolated ingredient. Almost anything can become a condiment, though more traditional condiments will have unique bottle or packet sprites (Ketchup, Soy Sauce, Hot or Cold Sauce, etc.).

Smartfridge.png Smartfridge

Capable of holding both plant crops and seeds, this miracle of 1920s technology keeps all your fruits and veggies safe from spoilage, ants, and bizzare alien monstrosities, and it keeps things well organized to boot! Assuming you have a decently competent Botany team, they should hopefully supply you with the hydroponic ingredients you need to make all sorts of foods. If you want to move a lot of crops around, feel free to ask Botany if they can make you a plant bag!

Dinnervend.png Plasteel Chef's Dinnerware Vendor

This stores your extra knives, drinking glasses, candy moulds, and the like that you need to make your culinary masterpieces. Of particular note is the whetstone, with this you can sharpen your kitchen knife and other bladed items, increasing the damage they do.

Knife.png Chef's Knife

It slices! It dices! It will get you brigged if you kill innocent crewmembers with it! A whetstone from the Plasteel Chef's Dinnerware Vendor will make it sharper. Sharpening is not actually necessary when it comes to cutting up meat, but is quite handy when terror spiders invade your kitchen because SOMEONE forgot to weld the kitchen vents shut.

Rollingpin.png Rolling Pin

Flattens dough. The medieval mace to the chef's knife sword.

Tray.png Tray

An under-appreciated kitchen tool, you can use this to pick up multiple cooked dishes at once, very useful when you're cooking a lot of food and you want to put it all out at the window for your hungry crewmembers at once!

Meatspike.png Meatspike

Impale animals on this in order to butcher them for their meat. To do this, click on the animal with grab intent, and then click on the meat hook to hang them on it. After this you can butcher them by clicking on them with your knife (on harm intent!). You can build more using metal and some rods.

Gibber.png Gibber

Foodcart.png Food Cart

Want to hawk your wares around the station? Toss the food inside the food cart, and pull it around with you! Looks stylish, and keeps ants off the food!

Fishtank.png Fish Tank

A necessity if you want to make sushi! See the Fish page for more info!