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Sirryan's Sick User Discussion Page

Every day we stray further from God

Who I am

User Id:Sirryan2002
I am an admin
IGN: Edgar Cook

Ia consultant.png

  • Internal Affairs Extrodinaire
  • The Wiki Caretaker
  • I Like Pizza and Hot Wings
  • Add support for HotCat
  • Obtain the wiki admin privilege
  • Write a dark mode theme/skin for the wiki
  • Finish adding all Delta Location images
  • Add Meta Location Images
  • Add variable locations templates for Meta/Delta
  • Make the locations templates better
  • Make all template themes better
  • develop an extension for advanced location image interactions
  • Beret navy.png
  • Beret black.png
  • Beret red.png
  • MMI empty.png
  • Poison.png
  feel free to say anything you want  under here, I like when people leave me fun stuff to read

Like one sentence? - Cergosum 2021
Can I steal your template? Its very nice. - The Yeetster
Yes go ahead :) --Sirryan2002 (talk) 11:09, 12 April 2021 (EDT)

Major Crimes

All of these crimes are punishable by a sentence of 10 to 15 minutes at the discretion of Security.

Contraband Reference
Non-Contraband (NC)

Securebriefcase.png ContractorBalloon.png ContractorZippo.png DonksBox.png SyndicateShoes.png Syndicate Playing Cards.png Smuggler's Satchel.png SyndicateSuit.png DuffleSyndiMed.png SyndieTank.png SyndicateToolbox.png SyndicateBalloon.png Syndicate Smoke.png SWATmask.png SyndicateSoap.png

Contraband (C)

Biochip Syndicate.png Cardboard Cutout.png Pinpointer.png Multitool.png Ambrosiavulgarisseed.png Grenade.pngBinary Key.pngSyndicateBox.png Chameleon jumpsuit.gif Camera Bug.png Chameleon Stamp.png ContractorPinpointer.png Atmosjumpsuit.png DartPistol.png DNA Scrambler.png Flashlight.png FoamPistol.png RiotDart.png Biochip Syndicate.png Traitorbelt.gif Black Gloves.png Poison.png Ammo.gif Stimulants.png Biochip Syndicate.png SyndiPistol.png Sunglasses.png ThermalDrill.png UniversalSuppressor.png Gas mask.png Ritual Dagger All.gif

Dangerous Contraband (S)

SyndiRevolver.png AccessTuner.gif Advanced Mimery.png Id regular.png Artistic Toolbox.png Clustergrenade.png Syndi Hardsuit.png Ninjastar.png Shotguncane.png Ntflag.png Chameleon projector.gif SecHud.png MiscCondiment.png Emag.png C4.gif ContractorBaton.png ContractorSuitAndHelmet.png ContractorUplink.gif Cqcmanual.png PlushieCarp.png Pda cartrige.png SyndicateBox.png Energy crossbow.png Edagger.gif Sword.gif D20.png Grenade.png Garrote.png Pda cartrige.png Fingerless.png Uploadmodule.png Combathypo.gif Meat Cleaver.png Mindbatterer.png Biochip Syndicate.png Godstaff blue.png Scroll1.png Nanocalciuminjector.png Ammo2.gif PizzaBomb.gif Poison.png SingularityBeacon.gif Powerfist.png Yellowgloves.png Powersink.gif WetFloorSign.png Healthanalyzer.png Rjammer.png Rawtelecrystal.png Scissors.png Pen.png Syndicate Bomb.png Chainsaw.gif Syndicatedocs.gif SyndiKey.png GunContra.gif SyndiMinibomb.png MMI empty.png SyndiPDA.png GunTele.png Biochip Syndicate.png Pipette.png Syndi Teleporter.gif

This serves as a visual reference only.
For expanded/detailed descriptions of contraband items, see: Contraband