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Paradise2.PNG This disambiguation page lists pages associated with the object type Item
This page exists because there is no clean way to condense all Item information into one page

Icon Category
Chameleon jumpsuit.gif Apparel
Vendors.gif Vendors
Containers.gif Containers
Pda.png PDA
AllRegularHeadset.gif Headset
ID Cards.gif ID Card
Photocopier.png Misc Items
AssemblyExample.gif Assembly Devices
Implants.gif Implants
Icon Category
SyndiPistol.png Syndicate Items
Nuke.gif Nuclear Agent Items
Armours.gif Armour
Weapons.gif Weapons
Emag.png Cryptographic Sequencer
Icon Category
Circuit imprinter.png Research Items
Blue Toolbox.png Engineering Items
Healthanalyzer.png Medical Items
Handcuffs.png Security Items
GrayCrate.png Supply Items
Autolathe Working.gif Autolathe