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Implants are prosthetic device implanted into crew-members. Some require surgery while others can simply be injected, these implants can be illegal even if not antagonists exclusive depending on their type. Traitor exclusive implants can be bought from the implant tab in the uplink while other implants can be printed at research and development or ordered at cargo.

Like the name implies these are Nanotrasen approved implants easily obtained on NT stations either through cargo or in the case of death alarm, the Blueshield Officer.

Name Description

Mindshield Implants

Those with mindshield implants are unable be brainwashed by the Cult of Nar-Sie, Revolutionaries or turned into a thrall by a Vampire.

Forcing a mindshield implant onto a crewmember that does not necessarily require one (see below) should only be done if said crewmember has been deconverted from the Cult of Nar-Sie, is an active Revolutionary or, in extreme cases, at the request of the person involved if they happen to have a critical position (such as Command).

Do not force Mindshield Implants for people signing up for jobs unless they're signing up as one of the following:

Important Tidbit: People are not to be promoted to roles such as Blueshield Officer or Nanotrasen Representative. All Karma-locked roles require Central Command authorization before transfer.

Do note that mindshield implants only prevent brainwashing, they do not override it. In addition, personnel with mindshield implants are not required to display unwavering loyalty to Nanotrasen and, as such, active antagonists can, and will, continue with their assigned objectives if receiving an implant without being deconverted (if such is even possible).

These implants are implanted via the use of an implant case and an implanter.

Like all implants, mindshield implants may be removed via surgery, which gets rid of their protection.


Tracking Implants

Personnel with a tracking implant installed can be remotely monitored with a Prisoner Management Console (there's one in the Warden's Office, and another near the shuttle to the Labor Camp). Logging into one of these consoles will give you the location of all personnel with an active tracking implant, down to which room they are in. Using a mobile tracker (available in the tracking implant kit) will give you their coordinates.

Using a Prisoner Management Console will also allow you to send messages to personnel with tracking implants. These will show up as "telepathic" messages, and can often be used to keep tabs on what the person is doing.

In addition, tracking implants can be locked on to by teleporters, allowing clever security teams to warp an assault squad directly on top of an escapee.

These implants are implanted via the use of an implant case and an implanter.

Keep in mind, like all Implants, Tracking Implants can be removed via Surgery, which will remove the personnel's name from the Prisoner Management Console.


Chemical Implants

Chemical implants can store up to 50 units of chemicals, which are injected directly into the implantee's bloodstream upon activation of the implant. Like the tracking implants, you can use the Prisoner Management Console to manage all chemical implants and, if necessary, activate them. They can also be activated manually by their receiver. These implants start off empty, so you will need either Chemistry's or Science's help to fill them up.

There is no limit to what kind of chemical the implant can receive. This can range from harmless knockout chemicals (such as Ether or low doses of Morphine) to lethal toxins (such as sarin, neurotoxin or cyanide). What kind of chemical goes into the implant depends on the severity of the crime the implanted personnel committed. Chemical implants should, if possible, be used as deterrents rather than remote kill-switches. These implants could also be loaded with healing or antistun chemicals to become incredibly useful emergency tools.

These implants are implanted via the use of an Implant Case and an Implanter.

Keep in mind, antagonists with the capability to scrub their body of chemicals (such as Changelings) or access to chemicals that can do that for them can effectively nullify any chemical implant. In addition, like all implants, chemical implants can be removed via surgery.


Death Alarm Implants

Given away to Command staff by the Blueshield Officer, these implants broadcast the location of the implantee when their vital signs cease. This allows for a swift response from personnel tasked with rescuing them, including the Blueshield themselves. Death alarm implants do not run out of charges.

When subjected to an EMP, the implant malfunctions and broadcasts a random location, even if the implantee is still alive.

Like the name implies, having one of these implants is illegal, barring exceptional circumstances (see below). They can normally only be acquired via a Traitor's Uplink or, in the case of the Freedom and Adrenaline Implants, Experi-M.E.N.T.O.R. research.

All of these implants are implanted via the use of an implant case and an implanter. Unlike most other implants, these require manual activation via the use of a HUD button.

Name Description

Adrenaline Implants

Activating this implant injects you with a concoction of stimulants that provides incredible resistance against stuns, drastically reducing stun duration, as well as mild healing and increased speed, can cause addiction and overdose is possible with more then 3 uses in quick succession. These are available in Syndicate uplinks for 8TC.

They have 3 uses before wearing out. You can only hold 2 implants worth of uses at a time.


Freedom Implants

Activating this implant will instantly remove any handcuffs or restraints placed on you, dropping them on the ground. These are available in Syndicate uplinks for 5TC.

They have 4 uses before wearing out.


EMP Implant

Activating this Implant will create a large EMP centered on you, disabling all cameras, electrifying doors and destroying computers. In addition, mechanical limbs will receive massive damage (potentially falling off entirely), certain Implants will malfunction and robotic hearts will short out, instantly killing the person in question. Immensely lethal against IPCs or any crewmember with robotic organs and/or limbs. Costs 2TC in the EMP and implanter kit.

They have 3 uses before wearing out.

For a list of unique interactions an EMP has on certain objects, please see EMP effects.


Mindslave Implant

Implanting this into someone else will put them entirely under your command for as long as the implant remains active, unless another mindslave implant is present, or the person has a mindshield implant. These are available in Syndicate uplinks for 10TC.

Uplink Implant

When activated, gives you access to an Uplink with 10 telecrystals. You can transfer telecrystals to your internal uplink by clicking them onto yourself. These are available in Syndicate uplinks for 14TC.

Microbomb Implant

Will gib the implantee upon death. This will destroy all of their clothes and most of their items, may leave some things, more microbombs can be implanted for a larger quicker explosion.

Macrobomb Implant

Will blow up the implantee upon death. The explosion will do considerable damage to the nearby area and anyone within a few tiles of the implantee will likely be gibbed. The activation delay is longer than that of the microbomb.

These Implants can be manufactured at any Exosuit Fabricator or Protolathe at high levels of research. Some of them provide permanent bonuses when implanted, while others serve as cheap and easy, but EMP-vulnerable replacements. Some, such as toolset and anti-drop implants, are activated with HUD buttons.

These are implanted surgically, and can be divided into five categories: cranial, visual, mouth, thoracic, and arm implants.

Name Description Body part

Anti-Drop Implant

When activated, locks your active hand so that whatever item is held in it cannot be dropped or removed, even when stunned, short of manual deactivation of the implant, removal of the implant, or, in extreme cases, removal of the appendage. Head
CNS rebooter.png

CNS Rebooter

Short for Central Nervous System Rebooter, this implant limits stuns to a maximum of six seconds. Head
Neural Jumpstarter.png

Neural Jumpstarter

This implant attempts to wake you up back up if you've been slept or paralyzed, but has a cooldown on how often and quickly it can wake you up. Cannot be installed alongside the CNS Rebooter Head
Cybernetic Ears.png

Cybernetic Ears

These work like normal ears, but are heavily damaged by EMP. Head
Cyber eyes.png

Cybernetic Eyes

These work like normal ears, but are damaged by EMP. They are also not affected by genetic effects, such as colorblindness. Head
Cyber eyes.png

Shielded Robotic Eyes:

Provides protection against eye damage caused by welding, as well as bright flashes. Head
Cyber eyes.png

Meson Eyes

Grants you meson vision (can see walls and floors regardless of light or line of sight, useful for engineers to see the station's layout). Head
Cyber eyes.png

Thermal Eyes

Grants you thermal vision (can see mobs through walls and other vision-obstructing objects). Head
Cyber eyes.png

X-Ray Eyes

Grants you X-ray vision (much like the X-Ray gene, full vision of the 15x15 game window) (Bio 8 required in RnD). Head
Flashlight Eyes.png

Flashlight Eyes

A pair of flashlights that replaces someone's eyes. Why would you do that? Head
Medical HUD implant.png

Medical HUD Implant

Gives you a permanent Medical HUD, along with all associated features. Eyes

Security HUD Implant

Gives you a permanent Security HUD, along with all associated features. Eyes
Diagnostic HUD Implant.png

Diagnostic HUD Implant

Gives you a permanent Diagnostic HUD, along with all associated features. Eyes
Breathing tube.png

Breathing Tube Implant

Allows you to use internals without a mask. Protects from strangling. Mouth
Cybernetic heart.gif

Cybernetic Heart

As a regular heart, but with the added problem of stopping from any EMP. Torso
Upgraded Cybernetic Heart.gif

Upgraded Cybernetic Heart

As a regular cybernetic heart, but with a chance to automatically resolve cardiac failure and arrest, as well as reduce the duration of stuns and similar effects, in exchange to a chance to fail when shocked (including tasers and batons). Can be emagged in order to significantly boost the anti-stun properties, but increase the chance of failure upon being shocked. Torso
Cybernetic Lungs.png

Cybernetic Lungs

Just like regular lungs, but with the added problem of causing the user to stop breathing for a while when subjected to an EMP. Torso
Upgraded Cybernetic Lungs.png

Upgraded Cybernetic Lungs

Similar to normal cybernetic lungs, but make the user more resistant to low temperatures, as well as provide immunity to low concentrations of CO2 and plasma gas. Torso
Nutriment pump implant.png

Nutriment Pump Implant

If your Nutrition Level falls low enough, increases it automatically, though not fully (orange indicator ---» yellow indicator). Torso
Nutriment pump implant PLUS.png

Nutriment Pump Plus Implant

An improved version of the Nutriment Pump Implant, fully satiates any hunger you may have (yellow indicator ---» green indicator). Torso

Reviver Implant

Will attempt to bring you out of soft critical condition such as having a heart attack or being in shock. Does not actually revive you if you die. Having one of these will instantly kill you via heart attack if you are hit by an EMP. Torso
Cybernetic Liver.png

Cybernetic Liver

Just like a regular liver. Lower Torso
Cybernetic Kidneys.png

Cybernetic Kidneys

Just like regular kidneys. Lower Torso
Arm implant.png

Mechanical Toolset

Installed in the right arm, arm can be changed by screwdriving the implant. Enables use of an internal mechanical toolset, featuring an advanced welder, wrench, crowbar, screwdriver, wirecutters, and multitool. Emagging it enables a combat knife module. Arm
Arm implant.png

Surgical Toolset

Installed in the right arm, arm can be changed by screwdriving the implant. Enables use of an internal surgical toolset, featuring an advanced laser scalpel, hemostat, retractors, bone setters, bone gel, cautery, fix-o-vein, and a surgical drill. Arm
Arm implant.png

Janitorial Toolset

Installed in the right arm, arm can be changed by screwdriving the implant. Enables use of an internal janitorial toolset featuring an advanced mop, soap, light replacer, bottle of space cleaner (that only accepts space cleaner), flyswatter and holosign projector, for all your cleaning needs. Arm
Arm implant.png

Botanical Toolset

Installed in the right arm, arm can be changed by screwdriving the implant. Enables use of an internal botanical toolset featuring a plant analyzer, cultivator, spade, hatchet, wire cutters and wrench, for all your hydroponics needs. Arm
Arm implant.png

Hacking Toolset

Installed in the right arm, arm can be changed by screwdriving the implant. Enables use of an internal hacking toolset featuring a screwdriver, wirecutters and alien multitool. This is only available after getting Alien 4 in the RnD Tech Tree. Can not use it with the mechanical toolset implant. Arm
Arm implant.png

Medical Beamgun

Installed in the right arm, arm can be changed by screwdriving the implant. Enables use of an internal medical beamgun, able to be used to heal other crewmembers. Acts the exact same as a regular medical beamgun while not being able to be dropped. Given to Gamma level ERT medical members, not obtainable by any other means. Arm

Integrated Telescopic Baton Implant

An arm implant that allows the user to extend out a telescopic baton, which cannot be dropped. Arm

Integrated High-Intensity Photon Projector Implant

An arm implant that allows the user to quickly project an area of effect flash without needing to use their hands. Arm

These are unique organs that need to be harvested from organic lifeforms, but can be implanted in regular personnel.

Name Description
Thermal Receptors.png

Thermal Receptors

Can only be harvested from a Changeling that has the "Augmented Eyesight" ability, and has turned this ability on. When removed and implanted into another individual, grants this individual permanent Thermal Vision, until the Organ is removed.

Can be identified in a full body scan, and thus used to accurately identify Changelings. Keep in mind, if the Changeling turns this ability off, the thermal receptors turn into protective membranes, which grant flash protection instead of thermal vision. In addition, Changelings without the Augmented Eyesight ability do not possess these organs.

Burning Red Eyes.png

Burning Red Eyes

Can be harvested from a Shadowling. These eyes grant the user the benefit of night vision, as well as thermal vision.

Divine Vocal Chords

Acquired from a dead Colossus and implanted into the mouth, these vocal cords allow the implantee to utilize the Voice of God.
Name Description

Sad Trombone Implant

Round start Clowns automatically start with this. Will play the sad Trombone sound effect upon the implantee dying.