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The Chief Medical Officer is in charge of the health of the crew. They make sure that the Medical Doctors are treating people effectively, and that the Virologists. Geneticists, and Chemists are productive.
The Medical Doctor (Otherwise known as a Surgeon or a Nurse) is tasked with providing medical care. From basic procedures, to surgery, to cloning, the Medical Doctor is one of the most universal roles.
The Paramedic is the first responder to medical emergencies outside the Medbay. With ambulance and space suit, they reach personnel in extremely hazardous conditions. The tracking computer, portable monitor, and radio are the paramedic's tools of trade.
The Coroner is responsible for the processing, care, and investigation of the dead. From autopsies to verifying cloning status, the Coroner often works closely with security.
The Chemist (Also known as a Pharmacist or a Pharmacologist) is responsible for synthesizing helpful medicine for the medical staff to use. Many procedures are unable to be performed without advanced medicines provided by the chemist.
The Virologist's (also known as Pathologist or a Microbiologist) main job is to find a virus, analyze it, and then produce a cure. Additionally, they will experiment with different viruses, resolve epidemics, and create beneficial viruses.
The Station Psychologist (Or a Psychiatrist or a Therapist) is tasked with identifying deficits in mental health aboard the station and promoting employee well-being. As required, they may perform psychiatric evaluations.