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Basic Information
Karma Cost: Free
Homeworld: WIP
Language: Tkachi (:#)
System: WIP
Height: 223cm
Lifespan: 64 years
Breathes: Oxygen

Game Mechanics
  • Free no-gravity movement in pressurized environments.
  • Can cocoon to repair wings/antennae.
  • No broken bone slowdown with wings.
  • Low-light vision (5m).
  • Flashes incur extra eye damage.
  • Wings burn while on fire.
  • +50% toxin damage.
  • +50% electrical damage.
  • +1000% flyswatter damage.

New Horizons

. . . of an insurmountable age. Yet in spite of their years, the Pilot climbed the dunes ahead: the tail of the Alumn Comet his guide. Rising over the highest dune it came to be, that the great thread of Naksyhr, He Who Channels the Winds, revealed itself unto him. When the pilot gazed unto the plateau, the air hissed in a shudder to whip strokes through sand like so many brushes. Naksyhr spoke, "you who have followed the Pashann, who carry the sorrows of our peoples, shall bear witness to my art." It was then that before the Pilot, among dancing dunes, a great beauty was revealed.

An insight to end all hardships; an art to end austerity.

- In The Disquiet of our Stars, Chapter 3, "Pilot of the Alumn Comet," 838.

Nian Naming Schemes

Nian Physiology

The Tkachi Language

The Nian Homeworld

A Brief History File:Mothflag.png


Nian Culture

Present Day