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<div style="box-shadow: 0 0 .3em #999; border-radius: .2em; margin: 1em 0 1em 0; padding: 1px;">
<div style="background: #775FFF; border-radius: .2em; color: #FFF; padding: .4em .8em .5em;"><center>[[File:NR Flavor.gif|left|64px]]'''This page needs to be reviewed/updated.[[File:NR Flavor.gif|right|64px]]<br>REASON:''' {{{reason}}}</center></div>
</div><includeonly>[[Category:Revision Requests]][[Category:Needs Revision]]</includeonly><noinclude>
|PrimaryColor = #775FFF
|HeaderContent = '''This page needs to be reviewed/updated:<br>REASON:''' {{{reason}}}<br><br>
|Image = NR Flavor.gif
|Category1 = Needs Revision
|Category2 = Revision Requests
|NoCategory = {{{NoCategory|}}}

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|reason = Give reason here.}}
|reason = Give reason here.}}
{{Needsrevision|reason = Give reason here.|NoCategory = True}}

[[category:Maintenance Templates]]
[[Category:Maintenance Templates]]

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Adding this template adds the page to the following category: Category:Revision Requests

To add this template, simply write

|reason = Give reason here.}}
NR Flavor.gif
NR Flavor.gif
This page needs to be reviewed/updated:
Give reason here.