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Chief Engineer
role description

This is the middle element for PortalBox templates. When using this template, ensure it's contained in an appropriate div (text-align: center; as property) otherwise it won't render as an appropriate flexbox/will lack centred text.

Parameters are as follows:

border-radius: - This is the 'edges' of the PortalBox. For the top, the value should be "1em 1em 0 0" and should be "0 0 1em 1em" for the bottom. Middle segments require no definition.
colour dark:   - This is the colour of the left-most bounding box (image columns).
colour light:  - This is the colour of the right-most bounding box (text rows).
image:         - This is the file image. It should be rendered as the plain file name (no brackets), followed by any special links.
role           - This is the role text. Put the name of the object/role here.
description    - This defines the contents of the right-most bounding box (the text row).