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Anomalies are strange objects with unique scientific properties that appear on the station either through random occurrence or in the presence of high amounts of unstable energy such as a supermatter delamination. Once they appear, they will randomly move around for 90 seconds before detonating and causing a wide array of anomalous effects. These anomalies can be disabled with an analyzer and a remote signaler with the possibility of the disabled anomaly dropping an anomaly core.


There are five anomaly types each with its own unique effects. Each one is extremely dangerous and can either cause direct bodily harm or put a crew member in an environment hostile to human life. If not disabled a few of these anomalies can cause serious damage to the station and will often lead to the death of anyone nearby.

Item Description
Hyper-Energetic Flux
An anomaly that shocks things nearby it and is not mitigated by insulated gloves. Upon detonation, it creates a light but large explosion.
An anomaly that teleports anything that touches it. Upon detonation, everything in a 12-tile square will be translocated to a random area, including space.
An anomaly that hurls objects and personnel around, sometimes causing injuries in the process.
An anomaly heats up anything nearby and spews plasma, often causing large fires. Upon detonation, a player-controlled pyroclastic slime will be spawned, often with a tendency to cause trouble.
An anomaly that pulls objects towards it and rips up floors, similar to a black hole.

Disabling Anomalies

See also Assemblies#Remote_Signalers

In order to disable an anomaly and attempt to collect its core, one will need a remote signaller and an analyzer. Hold the analyzer in-hand and use it on the anomaly, a frequency and code will be outputted to the user. Now use the remove signaller to signal the appropriate frequency. This will disable the anomaly and produce a cloud of smoke, there is a 50% chance that the anomaly will now drop an anomaly core specific to the anomaly type. Do keep in mind that you only have 90 seconds to do this before the anomaly detonates!


Anomaly cores can be stuck into the deconstructive analyzer or more commonly, used to finish a Phazon mech or a suit of reactive armor. The effects of the reactive armor change upon what core is installed in it. Anomaly cores can also gotten from Sol Traders (Occasionally), the Mecha-Fauna boss on lavaland (Guaranteed), or from the ash walker nest tendril (Guaranteed). Using a core in a destructive analyzer with already level 7, will give you level 8 research.

Item Uses
Flux anomaly core
Provides Power 7, can make reactive tesla armor, can be used to a B.S.G (Bluespace Gun).
Bluespace anomaly core
Provides Bluespace 7, can make reactive teleport armor, can also be used to finalize a Phazon.
Gravitational anomaly core
Provides Magnets 7, can make reactive repulse armor, can be used to power gravitational boots.
Pyroclastic anomaly core
Provides Plasma 7, can make reactive incendiary armor.
Vortex anomaly core
Provides Engineering 7, can make reactive stealth armor.

Anomaly Core Crafting

The main article for this section is Crafting

Reactive armors

Active reactive armor

Reactive armors are highly advanced armor which activates when the user out of danger when the user is attacked, including by projectiles. The armor itself offers no major protection, but is fireproof, acidproof, and indestructible. Their abilities are determined by the core inserted into them. They are also High-Risk Items

Item Uses
Reactive Tesla Armor This armor will shock anything living nearby when attacked, including pets.
Reactive Teleport Armor This armor will teleport the user away when attacked.
Reactive Repulse Armor This armor will knock everything around you away from you when attacked.
Reactive Incendiary Armor This armor will shoot fire from itself when attacked, lighting anyone nearby on fire. It also provides heat protection over your entire body.
Reactive Stealth Armor This armor will make the user temporarily invisible when attacked and summon a fake image of the user.

Core Weapons