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For crafting with metal and glass, see: Guide to Construction.

Craftable Items are items that can be crafted using the Crafting Menu (Which is located in the bottom right corner of the HUD, the T button). They are divided into several items, they have different categories from Weaponry, Ammunition, Robots, Food, Misc and Tribal. All of these items have different purposes, so pick the item you need at the categories below.

To Craft Items: Have all materials prepared before you craft. If an item needs tools, you need to have the tools at your hand first. Put all the items next to your character, go to the Crafting Menu and find the item to craft. It takes time before crafting will be finished. Crafted items cannot be deconstructed.


To craft them, click on a cable coil in your hand.
Item Ingredients Description


1 Cable Coil, 1 Drink Can (Any), 1 Igniter, 50 Welding Fuel A weak, improvised incendiary device.

It detonates upon impact.



1 Drink Bottle (Any), 1 Damp Rag A throwing weapon used to ignite things, typically filled with an accelerant.
Pneumatic Cannon


4 Metal, 8 package wrapper, 2 pipe, (Welding Tool, Wrench) A gas-powered cannon that can fire any object loaded into it.

Once crafted, load it with a canister of gas (oxygen/plasma/anesthetic) and items of your choosing to be used as ammo. Point and fire. (to refill canister, use a screwdriver to take it out, and then refill it with your choice of gas)



1 Cable Cuff, 1 Igniter, 1 Metal Rod An improvised stun baton. Activate it in hand to turn it on.

It knocks the target down for a shorter duration (6 seconds) and does 30 stamina for more cost compared to a stun baton.

Cable Restraints


15 Cable Coil A set of restraints used to handcuff someone.


1 Cable Cuff, 6 Metal Sheet A restraining device designed to be thrown at the target.

Slows down movement speed by forcing targets to walk. Resist to break out of it.



1 Igniter, 1 Metal Rod, 1 Welding Tool (Screwdriver) You are a firestarter!

Attach a plasma tank and don't forget to light it.

Improvised Shotgun


1 Modular Receiver, 5 Package Wrapper, 1 Pipe, 1 Rifle Stock (Screwdriver) Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum.

Only holds one shell at a time and must be manually reloaded after firing. Comes with an improvised shotgun shell and can be shortened with a circular saw.



1 Cable Coil, 1 Circulaw Saw, 1 Plasteel (Welding Tool) A garden-variety chainsaw.

Much weaker than the standard syndicate chainsaw, but still capable of doing some serious damage. Extremely messy.



1 Cable Cuff, 1 Glass Shard, 1 Metal Rod The favourite of civilians everywhere.

May be wielded or thrown at one's enemies. Too large to fit in a backpack but can be stored on the back.

Makeshift Garrote


5 Cable Coil, 1 Wood Plank (Kitchen Knife) A makeshift tool designed for strangling.

Not exactly the sturdiest garrote, but it'll do in a pinch.

Powered Crossbow


10 Cable Coil, 3 Metal Rod, 3 Plastic, 5 Wood Plank (Screwdriver, Welding Tool) A kick-ass powered crossbow!

In reality this makeshift crossbow is extremely underwhelming. Pull back the string and then fire. Requires a Power Cell and bolts.

Payload (C4)


1 Basic Matter Bin, 1 C4, 2 Grenade Casing An explosive or chemical payload.

Can be fitted in bomb shells and detonated.

Payload (Gibtonite)


1 Basic Matter Bin, 1 Gibtonite, 2 Grenade Casing An explosive or chemical payload.

Can be fitted in bomb shells and detonated.

Payload (Toxins)


1 Basic Matter Bin, 1 remote signalling device, 2 metal A payload casing designed to secure a gas based bomb. Must be loaded with a tank transfer valve and installed into a plasteel bomb frame in order to be detonated.


Item Ingredients Description
Meteorshot Shell


1 Compressed Matter Cartride, 2 Micro-Manipulators, 1 Unloaded Technological Shotshell (Screwdriver) A shotgun shell rigged with CMC technology.

Launches a massive slug when fired.

Pulse Slug Shell

Shotgun shell tech.png

2 Advanced Capacitors, 1 Ultra-High Micro-Laser, 1 Unloaded Technological Shotshell (Screwdriver) A delicate device which can be loaded into a shotgun.

Fires a powerful energy blast.

Dragonsbreath Shell

Shotgun shell orange.png

5u Phosphorus, 1 Unloaded Technological Shotshell (Screwdriver) A shotgun shell which fires a spread of incendiary pellets.

It ignites everything on its way.

FRAG-12 Shell


5u Fluorosulphuric Acid, 5u Glycerol, 5u Sulphuric Acid, 1 Unloaded Technological Shotshell (Screwdriver) A high explosive breaching round for a 12 gauge shotgun.
Ion Scatter Shell

Shotgun shell ion.png

1 Ansible Crystal, 1 Ultra-High Micro-Laser, 1 Unloaded Technological Shotshell (Screwdriver) An advanced shotgun shell which uses a subspace ansible crystal to produce an effect similar to a standard ion rifle.

As the name suggests, it's a scatter shot.

Improvised Shotgun Shell


1 Cable Coil, 1 Grenade Casing, 1 Metal, 10 Welding Fuel (Screwdriver) An extremely weak shotgun shell with multiple small pellets made out of metal shards.
Overloaded Improvised Shell


10u Black Powder, 1 Iprovised Shotgun Shell, 20u Plasma Dust (Screwdriver) A powerful shell that is prone to backfire.
Laser Slug Shell


1 Advanced Capacitor, 1 High-Power Micro-Laser, 1 Unloaded Technological Shell Fires a laser beam.
Makeshift Bolt


1 Metal Rod (Welding Tool) A makeshift bolt for use in the Powered Crossbow.


Most useful for Ash Walkers

Item Ingredients Description


5 Tower Caps For those cold winter nights. Can be used to cook meat or burn stuff. Try not to light yourself on fire.
Bone Armor

Bone Armor.PNG

6 bones A tribal armor plate, crafted from animal bone. Provides decent protection.
Bone Talisman

Bone Talisman.PNG

2 bones, 1 watcher sinew A hunter's talisman, some say the old gods smile on those who wear it. Provides a little protection when applied to your jumpsuit.
Skull Codpiece

Skull Codpiece.PNG

2 bones, 1 goliath hide plates A skull shaped ornament, intended to protect the important things in life. Provides a little protection when applied to your jumpsuit.
Bone Bracers

Bone Bracers.PNG

2 bones, 1 watcher sinew For when you're expecting to get slapped on the wrist. Offers modest protection to your arms.
Skull Helmet

Skull Helmet.PNG

4 bones An intimidating tribal helmet, it doesn't look very comfortable. Offers modest protection to your head.
Goliath Cloak

Goliath Cloak.png

2 leather, 2 watcher sinew, 2 goliath hide plates A staunch, practical cape made out of numerous monster materials, it is coveted among exiles & hermits. An alternative to bone armor that offers more fire protection.
Ash Drake Armour

Ash Drake Armour.PNG

10 Bones, 2 watcher sinew, 5 ash drake hide A suit of armour fashioned from the remains of an ash drake. Makes you immune to fire (not lava) and acid damage.


2 wooden planks A primitive match. Used to light stuff on fire.
Tribal Splint

Tribal Splint.png

2 bones, 1 watcher sinew A means of stabilizing broken bones.
Bone Dagger

Bone Dagger.PNG

2 bones A sharpened bone. The bare minimum in survival.
Bone Spear

Bone spear.png

4 bones, 1 watcher sinew A haphazardly-constructed yet still deadly weapon. The pinnacle of modern technology. Does decent damage when thrown.
Bone Axe


6 bones, 3 watcher sinew A large, vicious axe crafted out of several sharpened bone plates and crudely tied together. Made of monsters, by killing monsters, for killing monsters. Wield it in both hands to deal brutal damage.
Bone Pickaxe

Bone Pickaxe.png

4 bones, 2 watcher sinew Do it yourself pickaxe.
Bone Scythe

Bone Scythe.png

5 bones, 2 watcher sinew Perfect for harvesting. And it's not about plants.


5 wooden planks It's used for removing weeds or scratching your back.
Wooden Bucket


3 wooden planks It's a bucket. Holds liquids and reagents.
Wooden Barrel

Wooden Barrel.PNG

30 wooden planks A large wooden barrel. You can ferment fruits and such inside it, or just use it to hold liquid.
Mushroom Bowl


5 mushroom shavings A bowl made out of mushrooms. Not food, though it might have contained some at some point.
Goliath Bone Oar

Goliath bone oar.PNG

2 bones Not to be confused with the kind Research hassles you for. Needed for moving boats.
Goliath Bone Boat

Dragon Boat.png

3 goliath hide plates A boat used for traversing lava.


Item Ingredients Description
Voice Modulator

Voice Modulator.png

gas mask, voice analyzer, 5 cables (multitool, screwdriver) In addition to hiding your name, the modulator makes your voice sound strange, replacing the "says" verb with something more artificial: "modulates, drones, buzzes, hums"
String Instruments


5 wooden planks, 6 cable coil, 5 tape roll (screwdriver, wirecutters) A musical stringed instrument
Picket Sign


1 metal rod, 2 cardboard A picket sign that you can write on. Use to protest against shitcurity
Camera Obscura


1 camera, 10 water A polaroid camera, some say it can see ghosts!
Paper Sack


5 paper A sack neatly crafted out of paper
Sushi Mat


1 wooden plank, 2 cable coil A wooden mat used for efficient sushi crafting.
Homemade Soap


10 lye, 10 liquid gibs and heat to 374K A homemade bar of soap. Smells of... well....
Latex Glove Baloon


1 latex glove, 10 cable coil An inflated latex glove for when you're really bored.
Golden Bike Horn


5 Bananium, 1 Bikehorn A golden bike horn. Honking it forces everyone in the vicinity to flip.
Colored Carpet


1 Carpet Tile, Colored Crayon(s) Fancy colored carpeting to spice up your not-so-fancy office.
Shower Curtains


2 Roll of Cloth, 1 Metal Rod, 2 Plastic Shower curtains, for those prudish types.


3 plasteel, 20 wooden planks, 10 cable coil (Screwdriver, Wrench, Welding Tool) A large structure used to remove the heads of traitors and treasonists
Thermal Drill


5 cable coil, 1 exosuit drill, 1 power cell, 2 metal rod, 1 timer (Screwdriver, Wrench) A tungsten carbide thermal drill with magnetic clamps for the purpose of drilling hardened objects. Guaranteed 100% jam proof.
Diamond Tipped Thermal Drill

Diamond drill.png

5 cable coil, 1 diamond tipped exosuit drill, 1 power cell, 2 metal rod, 1 proximity sensor (Screwdriver, Wrench) A diamond tipped thermal drill with magnetic clamps for the purpose of quickly drilling hardened objects. Guaranteed 100% jam proof.
Black and Red Toolbox


10 red paint, 30 black paint, 1 toolbox (Damp rag) Danger. Very Robust. The paint is still wet.
Chess Pieces

Chess Pieces.gif

1 Cardboard Per For the more civilized gamer.

Other Crafting


See Guide to Robotics (Bots).


See Guide to Food and Drinks (Crafting Recipes).