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Vending machines or Vendors are machines of station the dispense many useful items, food, luxuries, and departmental equipment. They can be found in every public place as well as many of the departments on station. Some vending machines, such as the NanoMed Plus in Medbay are crucial to the functioning of a department much easier.

However, items in vendors tend to be of lower quality bulk items that intended to be acquired at a cheap cost(or no cost at all) at the sacrifice of being less effective in their purpose. For example, most food items in vendors tend to not be of high nutritional value and easily contribute towards crew members gaining weight and being fat. It is the idea of Quality Vs. Quantity as your most quality items such as better medications, advanced tools, and nutritious food have to be acquired through more difficult or lengthy means.

All vendors can be constructed and deconstructed, however this will not yield its product since all of it is kept in restocking units. When using a vending machine board, you can apply a screwdriver in order to change the type of vendor. After the vendor is complete(or if it runs out of product) you can use it's respective restocking unit in order to refill the product.

General Purpose Vendors

Vendor Description Contents
Robust Softdrinks
Cola Vendor.gif
Useful if you're looking for some soda to quench your thirst! Contents include:
  • 10x Space Cola
  • 10x Space Mountain Wind
  • 10x Dr. Gibb
  • 10x Star-kist
  • 10x Space-Up
  • Hacked: 6x Thirteen Loko
Getmore Chocolate Corp
Snack Vendor.gif
Contains various snacks to satiate your sugar cravings Contents include:
  • 6x Candy
  • 6x Cup of Ramen
  • 6x Chips
  • 6x Beef Jerky
  • 6x 4no Raisins
  • 6x Pistachios
  • 6x Space Twinkie
  • 6x Cheesie Honkers
  • 6x Bread Tube
  • Hacked: 6x Syndi-Cakes
Hot Drinks Machine
Coffee Vendor.gif
Source of nutrition in case the chef got killed by his goat again. Contents include:
  • 25x Robust Coffee
  • 25x Duke Purple Tea
  • 25x Dutch Hot Coco
  • 10x Hot Chocolate
  • 10x Canned Chicken Soup
  • 10x Weight-Loss Shake
  • 15x Coffee Mug
  • Hacked: 10x Ice Cup
  • Coin: 5x Novelty Coffee Mug
Cigarette Machine
Cigarette Vendor.gif
Contains multiple cigarette brands and lighters. Contents include:
  • 12x Robust Packet
  • 6x Uplift Smooth Packet
  • 6x Embellished Enigma Packet
  • 10x Nicotine Patch
  • 10x Match Box
  • 4x Cheap Lighter
  • 5x Rolling Paper Pack
  • Hacked: 4x Zippo Lighter
  • Coin: 2x Premium Havanian Cigar(If You Insert a Coin)
  • Coin: 1x Robust Gold Packet(If You Insert a Coin)
Mr. Chang's
Mr Changs Vendor.png
A mediocre Asian restaurant, now in vendor form. Contents include:
  • 6x Chow Mein
  • 6x Admiral Yamamoto Carp
  • 6x Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls
  • 6x Chinese Newdles
  • 6x Fried Rice
Your prime source for rarely-used arts and crafts supplies. Contents include:
  • 10x Cable Coil
  • 4x Camera
  • 6x Film Cartridge
  • 2x Photo Album
  • 4x Wrapping Paper
  • 5x Tape Roll
  • 4x Package Wrapper
  • 4x Box of Crayons
  • 4x Hand Labeler
  • 10x Paper
  • 10x Cardboard Tube
  • 5x Pen
  • 5x Blue-ink Pen
  • 5x Red-ink Pen
  • Hacked: 1x Rainbow Crayon
  • Hacked: 1x Mime Crayon
  • Coin: 5x Random Contraband Poster
A vending machine that dispenses various PDA cartridges. Contents include:
  • 10x PDA
  • 25x nano-Mob Hunter GO! Cartridge
  • 10x Med-U Cartridge
  • 10x ChemWhiz Cartridge
  • 10x Power-ON Cartridge
  • 10x BreatheDeep Cartridge
  • 10x CustodiPRO Cartridge
  • 10x Signal Ace 2 Cartridge
  • 10x Generic Signaler Cartridge
  • Hacked: 1x Honkwors 5.0
  • Hacked: 1x Gestur-O 1000
Shoelord 9000
Shoelord 9000.png
A vending machine designed for almost all of your foot wear needs. Contents include:
  • 10x Black Shoes
  • 10x Brown Shoes
  • 10x Blue Shoes
  • 10x Green Shoes
  • 10x Yellow Shoes
  • 10x Purple Shoes
  • 10x Red Shoes
  • 10x White Shoes
  • 10x Sandals
  • Coin: 1x Rainbow Shoes
  • Hacked: 5x Orange Shoes
Suitlord 9000
Suitlord 9000.png
A vending machine that stocks all colours of jumpsuit. Contents include:
  • 10x Black Jumpsuit
  • 10x Blue Jumpsuit
  • 10x Green Jumpsuit
  • 10x Grey Jumpsuit
  • 10x Pink Jumpsuit
  • 10x Red Jumpsuit
  • 10x White Jumpsuit
  • 10x Yellow Jumpsuit
  • 10x Light Blue Jumpsuit
  • 10x Aqua Jumpsuit
  • 10x Purple Jumpsuit
  • 10x Light Green Jumpsuit
  • 10x Light Brown Jumpsuit
  • 10x Brown Jumpsuit
  • 10x Yellow Green Jumpsuit
  • 10x Dark Blue Jumpsuit
  • 10x Light Red Jumpsuit
  • 10x Dark Red Jumpsuit
  • Coin: 1x Rainbow Jumpsuit
  • Hacked: 5x Tacticool Turtleneck
  • Hacked: 5x Orange Jumpsuit
Hatlord 9000
Hatlord 9000.png
A vending machine that stocks a decent collection of hats. Contents include:
  • 10x Bowler Hat
  • 10x Beaver Hat
  • 10x Boater Hat
  • 10x Fedora
  • 10x Fez
  • 10x beret
  • Coin: 1x Rainbow Cap
  • Hacked: 5x Bear Pelt Hat
A vending machine for pet supplies and pets. Contents include:
  • 5x Pet Collar
  • 5x Aquatic Starter Kit
  • 5x Goldfish Eggs
  • 5x Clownfish Eggs
  • 5x Shark Eggs
  • 10x Feeder Fish Eggs
  • 5x Salmon Eggs
  • 5x Catfish Eggs
  • 5x Glofish Eggs
  • 5x Electric Eel Eggs
  • 10x Shrimp Eggs
  • 5x Pet Rock
  • Coin: 1x Fred
  • Coin: 1x Roxie
  • Hacked: 5x Baby Space Carp Eggs
Autodrobe Vendor.gif
A vending machine for costumes. Contents include:
  • 1x Chicken Suit
  • 1x Chicken Suit Head
  • 1x Gladiator Uniform
  • 1x Gladiator Helmet
  • 1x Captain's Suit
  • 1x Flat Cap
  • 1x Mad Scientist's Labcoat
  • 1x Green Glasses
  • 1x Jackboots
  • 1x Schoolgirl Unifrom
  • 1x Black Skirt
  • 1x Owl cloak
  • 1x Owl Uniform
  • 1x Owl Mask
  • 1x Griffon Cloak
  • 1x Griffon Uniform
  • 1x Griffon Head
  • 1x Waistcoat
  • 1x Black Suit
  • 1x Sturdy Top-hat
  • 1x Kilt
  • 1x Monocle
  • 1x Bowler Hat
  • 1x Cane
  • 1x Amish Suit
  • 1x Completely Real Moustache
  • 1x Plague Doctor suit
  • 1x Plague Doctor Hat
  • 1x Plague doctor Mask
  • 1x Apron
  • 1x Waiter's Outfit
  • 1x Olive Military Jacket
  • 1x White Military Jacket
  • 1x Desert Military Jacket
  • 1x Navy Military Jacket
  • 1x Pirate Outfit
  • 1x Borwn Pirate Coat
  • 1x Black Pirate Coat
  • 1x Pirate Rags
  • 1x Pirate Hat
  • 1x Pirate Bandana
  • 1x Soviet Unifrom
  • 1x Ushanka
  • 1x Imperium Monk
  • 1x Cyborg Visor
  • 1x Holiday Priest
  • 1x Witch Hat
  • 1x Witch Robe
  • 1x Sundress
  • 1x Witch Costume Wig
  • 1x Broom
  • 1x Wizard Robe
  • 1x Wizard Hat
  • 1x Wizards Staff
  • 1x Sexy-Clown Wig And Mask
  • 1x Sexy-Clown Suit
  • 1x Sexy Mime Mask
  • 1x Sexy Mime Outfit
  • 1x Bat Mask
  • 1x Bee Mask
  • 1x Bear Mask
  • 1x Raven Mask
  • 1x Jackal Mask
  • 1x Fox Mask
  • 1x Tribal Mask
  • 1x Rat Mask
  • 1x Coveralls
  • 1x Rabbit Ears
  • 1x Sombrero
  • 1x Poncho
  • 1x Green Poncho
  • 1x Red Poncho
  • 1x Blue Tie
  • 1x Red Tie
  • 1x Black Tie
  • 1x Horrible Tie
  • 1x Maid Costume
  • 1x Maid Uniform
  • 1x Jetser Suit
  • 1x Jetser Hat
  • 1x Camo Pants
  • 1x Bandana
  • 1x Black Bandana
  • 1x Yellow Preformer's Boots
  • 1x yellow Preformer's Outfit
  • 1x Blue Preformers's Boots
  • 1x Bluepreformer's Outfit
  • 1x Carp Costume
  • 1x Bee costume
  • 1x Snowman Outfit
  • 1x Snowman Head
  • 1x Cueball Helmet
  • 1x White Suit
  • 1x Black Victorian Dress
  • 1x Red Victorian Dress
  • 1x Ladies Victorian Coat
  • 1x Ladies Red Victorian Coat
  • 1x Victorian Suit
  • 1x Red And Black Victorian Suit
  • 1x Victorian Tailcoat
  • 1x Tourist Outfit
  • 1x Transylvanian Coat
  • 1x Chequered Diamond Hat
  • 1x Red Hawaiian Shirt
  • 1x Pink Hawaiian Shirt
  • 1x Blue Hawaiian Shirt
  • 1x Orange Hawaiian Shirt
  • Coin: 1x Pirate Captain Coat
  • Coin: 1x Pirate Hat
  • Coin: 1x Roman Helmet
  • Coin: 1x Roman Legionaire Helmet
  • Coin: 1x Roman Armor
  • Coin: 1x Roman Sandals
  • Coin: 1x Roman Shield
  • Coin: 1x Rhumba Outfit
  • Coin: 1x Rhumba Hat
  • Hacked: 1x Judge's Robe
  • Hacked: 1x Powdered Wig
  • Hacked: 1x Wand Of Nothing
  • Hacked: 1x Balaclava
  • Hacked: 2x Horse Head mask
A vending machine for clothing. Contents include:
  • 2x Sturdy Top-Hat
  • 1x Fedora
  • 1x Monocle
  • 2x Navy Suit
  • 1x Kilt
  • 1x Laborer's Overalls
  • 2x Executive Suit
  • 2x Black Suit Jacket
  • 3x Jeans
  • 2x Classic Jeans
  • 1x Camo Pants
  • 2x Black Jeans
  • 2x Khaki Pants
  • 2x White Pants
  • 1x Red Pants
  • 2x Black pants
  • 2x Tan Pants
  • 1x Blue Pants
  • 1x Track Pants
  • 1x Olive Military Jacket
  • 3x White Beanie
  • 3x Black Beanie
  • 3x Red Beanie
  • 3x Green Beanie
  • 3x Dark Blue Beanie
  • 3x Purple Beanie
  • 3x Yellow Beanie
  • 3x Orange Beanie
  • 3x Cyan Beanie
  • 3x Christmas Beanie
  • 3x Striped Beanie
  • 3x Red Striped Beanie
  • 3x Blue Striped beanie
  • 3x Green Striped Beanie
  • 3x Rastacap
  • 1x Red Scarf
  • 1x Green Scarf
  • 1x Dark Blue Scarf
  • 1x Purple Scarf
  • 1x Yellow Scarf
  • 1x Orange Scarf
  • 1x Light Blue Scarf
  • 1x White Scarf
  • 1x Black Scarf
  • 1x Zebra Scarf
  • 1x Christmas Scarf
  • 1x Striped Red Scarf
  • 1x Striped Blue Scarf
  • 1x Striped Green Scarf
  • 1x Waist Coat
  • 2x Sundress
  • 1x Striped Dress
  • 1x Sailor Dress
  • 1x Red Evening Gown
  • 1x Black Tango Dress
  • 3x Bomber Jacket
  • 3x Leather Motorcycle Jacket
  • 2x Perscription Glasses
  • 2x Cheap Sunglasses
  • 1x Sombrero
  • 1x Poncho
  • 1x Worn Shirt
  • 2x Laceup Shoes
  • 4x Black Shoes
  • 1x Sandals
  • 2x Fingerless Gloves
  • 1x Fannypack
  • 1x Blue Fannypack
  • 1x Red Fannypack
  • 2x mantle
  • 1x Old Wrap
  • 2x Regal Shawl
  • Coin: 1x Checkered Suit
  • Coin: 1x Mailman's Hat
  • Coin: 1x Mailman's Jumpsuit
  • Coin: 1x Leather Jacket
  • Coin: 1x Must Hang jeans
  • Hacked: 1x Tacticool Turtleneck
  • Hacked: 1x Balaclava
  • Hacked: 1x Ushanka
  • Hacked: 1x Soviet Uniform
  • Hacked: 1x Black Fannypack

Department Vendors


Vendor Description Contents
Experimental Laws Storage
Lawset Board Vendor.png
A storage unit filled with circuits to be uploaded to an Artificial Intelligence. These ones are experimental, and may have some...unusual...effects. Contents include:
  • 1x CCTV core AI module
  • 1x Hippocratic Oath core AI module
  • 1x Station Efficiency core AI module
  • 1x P.A.L.A.D.I.N. core AI module
  • 1x Peacekeeper core AI module
  • 1x Quarantine core AI module
  • 1x Robocop core AI module
High-Risk Laws Storage
Lawset Board Vendor.png
A storage unit filled with circuits to be uploaded to an Artificial Intelligence. These are genuinely dangerous and should be used only with extreme caution, or extreme lack of caution Contents include:
  • 1x Freeform AI module
  • 1x Freeform core AI module
  • 1x NT Aggressive core AI modulee
  • 1x One Crewmember AI module
  • 1x Protect Station AI module
  • 1x Purge AI module
  • 1x T.Y.R.A.N.T. core AI module


Vendor Description Contents
Tool Vendor.gif
Contains everything an engineer needs for their daily rounds. Contents include:
  • 5x Crowbar
  • 3x Welding Tool
  • 5x Wirecutters
  • 5x Wrench
  • 5x Analyzer
  • 5x T-ray Scanner
  • Hacked: 2x Upgraded Welding Tool
  • Hacked: 1x Budget Insulated Gloves
  • Coin: 1x Insulated Gloves
Engi Vendor.gif
Dispenses numerous kinds of electronics and other usefull items for engineers. Contents include:
  • 2x Engineering scanner goggles
  • 4x Multitool
  • 5x Geiger Counter
  • 10x Airlock Electronics
  • 10x Firelock Electronics
  • 10x Fire Alarm Electronics
  • 10x Power Control Module
  • 10x Air Alarm Electronics
  • 10x High-capacity Power Cell
  • 10x Camera Assembly
  • Coin: 3x Tool-belt
  • Hacked: 3x Potato Battery
Robco Tool Maker
Robco Vendor.gif
A vendor with everything you need for do-it-yourself station repair. Contents include:
  • 4x Chief Engineer's Jumpsuit
  • 4x Engineer's Jumpsuit
  • 4x Work Boots
  • 4x Hard Hat
  • 4x Tool-belt
  • 4x Engineering Scanner Goggles
  • 4x Insulated Gloves
  • 12x Screwdriver
  • 12x Pocket Crowbar
  • 12x Wirecutters
  • 12x Multitool
  • 12x Wrench
  • 12x T-ray Scanner
  • 8x Heavy Cable coil
  • 8x Power Cell
  • 8x Welding Tool
  • 8x Welding Helmet
  • 10x Light Tube
  • 4x Emergency Firesuit
  • 5x Scanning Module
  • 5x Micro-laser
  • 5x Matter Bin
  • 5x Micro-manipulator
Dispenses medical apparel. Contents include:
  • 6x Engineer's Jumpsuit
  • 3x Engineer's Jumpskirt
  • 3x Engineering Winter Coat
  • 3x Hazard Vest
  • 2x Hardhat
  • 2x White Hardhat
  • 2x Orange Hardhat
  • 2x Blue Hardhat
  • 6x Engineering Armband
  • 3x Laceup Shoes
  • 3x Work Boots
  • 2x Industrial Backpack
  • 2x Industrial Satchel
  • 2x Industrial Dufflebag
  • 2x Tool Belt
  • Hacked: 1x Engineer Action Figure
  • Hacked: 1x CE Action Figure
  • Coin: *2x Advanced Tool Belt
  • Coin: *2x Insulated Gloves
Dispenses medical apparel. Contents include:
  • 6x Atmospheric Technician's Jumpsuit
  • 3x Atmospheric Technician's Jumpskirt
  • 3x Atmospherics Winter Coat
  • 3x Hazard Vest
  • 3x Atmospheric Beret
  • 2x Hardhat
  • 2x Firefighter Helmet
  • 2x White Hardhat
  • 2x Orange Hardhat
  • 2x Blue Hardhat
  • 3x Black Gloves
  • 3x Engineering Armband
  • 3x Laceup Shoes
  • 3x Work Boots
  • 2x Industrial Backpack
  • 2x Industrial Satchel
  • 2x Industrial Dufflebag
  • 2x Tool Belt
  • Coin: 2x Advanced Tool Belt
  • Hacked: 1x Atmospheric Technician Action Figure


Vendor Description Contents
Emergency NanoMed
Nanomed Vendor.gif
A small wall-mounted Medical Equipment dispenser. Contents include:
  • 2x Roll of Gauze
  • 2x Ointment
  • 4x Emergency Autoinjector
  • 1x Health Analyzer
NanoMed Plus
Med Vendor.gif
Dispenses medical supplies and equipment. Contents include:
  • 12x Syringe
  • 4x Healing Patch
  • 4x Brun Patch
  • 3x Brute Auto-Mender
  • 3x Burn Auto-Mender
  • 4x Charcoal Bottle
  • 4x Epinephrine Bottle
  • 4x Diphenhydramine Bottle
  • 4x Salicyclic Acid Bottle
  • 3x Potassium Iodidde Bottle
  • 5x Saline-Glucose Bottle
  • 4x Morphine Bottle
  • 4x Ether Bottle
  • 3x Atropine Bottle
  • 2x Oculine Bottle
  • 4x Toxin Bottle
  • 6x Syringe (Spaceacillin)
  • 6x Syringe (Insulin)
  • 10x Syringe (Calomel)
  • 4x Syringe (Heparin)
  • 5x Emergency Autoinjector
  • 10x Salbutamol Pill
  • 10x Mannitol Pill
  • 5x Mutadone Pill
  • 4x Advanced Trauma Kit
  • 4x Advanced Burn Kit
  • 4x Roll Of Gauze
  • 4x Medical Splints
  • 4x Beaker
  • 4x Dropper
  • 4x Health Analyzer
  • 4x Health Analyzer Upgrade
  • 2x Medical Hypospray
  • 2x Handheld Crew Monitor
  • 2x Crew Pinpointer
  • Hacked: 1x Sulfonal Bottle
  • Hacked: 1x Pancuronium Bottle
Dispenses medical apparel. Contents include:
  • 3x Medical Doctor's Jumpsuit
  • 3x Medical Doctor's Jumpskirt
  • 3x Blue Medical Scrubs
  • 3x Green Medical Scrubs
  • 3x Purple Medical Scrubs
  • 3x Nurses Dress
  • 3x Medical Gown
  • 3x Medical Beret
  • 3x Blue Surgical Cap
  • 3x Green Surgical Cap
  • 3x Purple Surgical Cap
  • 3x Nurses Hat
  • 3x Medical Winter Hat
  • 3x First Responder Jacket
  • 3x Labcoat
  • 3x Medical Armband
  • 3x EMT Armband
  • 3x Laceup Shoes
  • 3x White Shoes
  • 3x White Sandals
  • 2x Medical Backpack
  • 2x Medical Satchel
  • 2x Medical Dufflebag
  • Hacked: 1x Medical Doctor Action Figure
  • Coin: 3x Nitrile Gloves
Dispenses medical apparel. Contents include:
  • 2x Virologist's Jumpsuit
  • 2x Virologist's Jumpskirt
  • 2x Medical Beret
  • 2x Virologist Labcoat
  • 2x Medical Armband
  • 2x Sterile Mask
  • 2x Laceup Shoes
  • 2x White Shoes
  • 2x White Sandals
  • 2x Virology Backpack
  • 2x Virologist Satchel
  • 2x Virology Dufflebag
  • Hacked: 1x Virologist Action Figure
Dispenses medical apparel. Contents include:
  • 2x Geneticist's Jumpsuit
  • 2x Geneticist's Labcoat
  • 2x Laceup Shoes
  • 2x White Shoes
  • 2x White Sandals
  • 2x Genetics Backpack
  • 2x Geneticist Satchel
  • 2x Geneticist Dufflebag
  • Hacked: 1x Geneticist Action Figure
Dispenses medical apparel. Contents include:
  • 2x Chemist's Jumpsuit
  • 2x Chemist's Jumpskirt
  • 2x Medical Beret
  • 2x Chemist Labcoat
  • 2x Medical Armband
  • 2x Gas Mask
  • 2x Laceup Shoes
  • 2x White Shoes
  • 2x White Sandals
  • 2x Chemistry Bag
  • 2x Chemistry Backpack
  • 2x Chemist Satchel
  • 2x Chemist Dufflebag
  • Hacked: 1x Chemist Action Figure


Vendor Description Contents
Generic Vendor.gif
Dispenses various signaling and detection devices primarily used in bomb-making. Contents include:
  • 3x Igniter
  • 4x Remote Signaling Device
  • 1x Wirecutter
  • 3x Generic Signaler Cartridge
  • Hacked: 5x Flashlight
  • Hacked: 2x Timer
  • Hacked: 2x Voice Analyzer
  • Hacked: 2x Health Sensor
Robotech Deluxe
Robotics Vendor.gif
All the tools you need to create your own robot army in one vendor. Contents include:
  • 4x Labcoat
  • 4x Roboticist's Jumpsuit
  • 4x Cable Coil
  • 4x Flash
  • 12x High-capacity Power Cell
  • 3x Proximity Sensor
  • 3x Remote Signaling Device
  • 3x Health Analyzer
  • 2x Scalpel
  • 2x Circular Saw
  • 2x Anesthetic Tank
  • 5x Medical Mask
  • 5x Screwdriver
  • 5x Pocket Crowbar
All the clothing you need to do science! Contents include:
  • 6x Scientist's Jumpsuit
  • 3x Scientist's Jumpskirt
  • 3x Science Winter Coat
  • 3x Scientist Labcoat
  • 3x Science Beret
  • 6x Science Armband
  • 3x Laceup Shoes
  • 3x White Shoes
  • 3x White Sandals
  • 2x Science Backpack
  • 2x Science Satchel
  • 2x Science Dufflebag
  • Hacked: 1x RD Action Figure
  • Hacked: 1x Scientist Action Figure
Dispenses medical apparel. Contents include:
  • 3x Roboticist's Jumpsuit
  • 3x Roboticist's Jumpskirt
  • 3x Labcoat
  • 3x Black Cap
  • 3x Fingerless Gloves
  • 3x Laceup Shoes
  • 3x White Shoes
  • 3x Black Shoes
  • Hacked:1x Roboticist Action Figure


Vendor Description Contents
Sec Vendor.gif
A vending machine for all of your security needs. It even has donuts! Contents include:
  • 8x Handcuffs
  • 8x Zipties
  • 4x Flashbang
  • 5x Flash
  • 12x Donut
  • 6x Evidence Bag Box
  • 4x Seclite
  • 7x Energy Bola
  • 4x Safety Muzzle
  • Hacked: 2x Sunglasses
  • Hacked: 2x Donut Box
  • Hacked: 5x Hailer

A vending machine for all of your security fashion needs. Arrest greytiders in style! Contents include:
  • 4x Security Officer Jumpsuit
  • 4x Security Officer Uniform
  • 4x Security Officer Suit
  • 4x Security Officer Jumpskirt
  • 4x Corporate Security Jumpsuit
  • 4x Dispatchers Uniform
  • 4x Security Beret
  • 4x Security Cap
  • 4x Officer's Cap
  • 4x Security Corporate Cap
  • 4x Security Jacket
  • 4x Security Bomber Jacket
  • 4x Security Winter Coat
  • 4x Black Gloves
  • 6x Security Armban
  • 4x Laceup Shoes
  • 4x Jackboots
  • 4x Jacksandals
  • 2x Security Backpack
  • 2x Security Satchel
  • 2x Security Dufflebag
  • Hacked: 1x Security Officer Action Figure
  • Hacked: 1x Head of Security Action Figure
  • Coin: 2x SWAT Mask
  • Coin: 1x Balaclava

A vending machine to put the style back in investigations. Show the world that fashion and justice go hand-in-hand! Contents include:
  • 2x Hard-Worn Suit
  • 2x Coat
  • 1x Red Jacket
  • 1x Blue Jacket
  • 1x Armor
  • 2x Hat
  • 2x Waistcoat
  • 2x Laceup Shoes
  • 2x Brown Shoes
  • 2x Jackboots
  • 1x Fedora
  • 1x Brown Fedora
  • 1x White Fedora
  • 2x Black Gloves
  • 2x Latex Gloves
  • 2x Detective's Flask
  • 5x DromedaryCo Packet
  • Hacked: 1x Detective Action Figure


Vendor Description Contents
Plasteel Chef's Dinnerware Vendor
Utensil Vendor.gif
A kitchen and restaurant equipment vendor for all of your cooking needs. Contents include:
  • 8x Tray
  • 6x Fork
  • 20x Plate
  • 20x Bowl
  • 3x Kitchen Knife
  • 2x Rolling Pin
  • 3x Sushi Mat
  • 8x Glass
  • 2x Classic Chef's Apron
  • 2x Culinary Tool Apron
  • 5x Ketchup Pack
  • 5x Hotsauce Pack
  • 5x Salt Shaker
  • 5x Pepper Mill
  • 2x Whetstone
  • 10x Mixing Bowl
  • 1x Bear-Shaped Candy Mould
  • 1x Worm-Shaped Candy Mould
  • 1x Bean-Shaped Candy Mould
  • 1x Ball-Shaped Candy Mould
  • 1x Cane-Shaped Candy Mould
  • 1x Cash-Shaped Candy Mould
  • 1x Coin-Shaped Candy Mould
  • 1x Sucker Mould
  • 2x Generic Circular Cutter
  • Hacked: 2x Rolling Pin
  • Hacked: 2x Butcher's Cleaver
Dispenses medical apparel. Contents include:
  • 2x Chef's Uniform
  • 2x Waiter's Outfit
  • 2x Chef's Apron
  • 2x Classic Chef's Apron
  • 2x Chef's Hat
  • 2x White Cap
  • 2x Laceup Shoes
  • 2x White Shoes
  • 2x Black Shoes
  • 2x Waistcoat
  • Hacked:1x Chef Action Figure
Nutri Vendor.gif
A vendor that stocks all the essential botanical tools and nutrients. Contents include:
  • 20x Jug of E-Z Nutrient
  • 13x Jug of Left 4 Zed
  • 6x Jug of Robust Harvest
  • 20x Pest Spray
  • 5x Syringe
  • 5x Plant bag
  • 3x Cultivator
  • 3x Spade
  • 4x Plant Analyzer
  • Hacked: 10x Ammonia Bottle
  • Hacked: 5x Diethylamine Bottle
MegaSeed Servitor
Seed Vendor.gif
A vendor with seeds for almost every single plant. Contents include:
  • 3x Pack of Aloe Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Ambrosia Vulgaris Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Apple Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Banana Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Berry Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Cabbage Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Carrot Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Cherry Pits
  • 3x Pack of Chanterelle Mycelium
  • 3x Pack of Chili Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Cocoa Pod Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Coffee Arabica Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Comfrey Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Corn Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Cotton Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Diona Nymph Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Eggplant Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Garlic Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Grape Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Grass Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Lemon Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Lime Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Mint Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Onion Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Orange Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Peanut Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Pineapple Seeds
  • 3x Pack of poppy Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Potato Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Pumpkin Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Replica Pod Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Rice Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Soybean Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Sugarcane Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Sunflower Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Tea Aspera Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Tobacco Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Tomato Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Tower-cap Mycelium
  • 3x Pack of Watermelon Seeds
  • 3x Pack of Wheat Seeds
  • 3x Pack of White Beet Seeds
  • Coin: 1x Water Flower
  • Hacked: 3x Pack of Cannabis Seeds
  • Hacked: 2x Pack of Fly Amanita Mycelium
  • Hacked: 3x Pack of Fungus Spores
  • Hacked: 2x Pack of Glowshroom Mycelium
  • Hacked: 2x Pack of Liberty-cap Mycelium
  • Hacked: 2x pack of Nettle Seeds
  • Hacked: 2x Pack of Plump-helmet Mycelium
  • Hacked: 2x Pack of Reishi Mycelium
  • Hacked: 2x Pack of Starthistle Seeds
  • Hacked: 2x Pack of Strange Seeds
Dispenses medical apparel. Contents include:
  • 3x Botanist's Jumpsuit
  • 3x Bucket
  • 3x Apron
  • 3x Coveralls
  • 3x Botany Bandana
  • 3x Hydroponics Armband
  • 2x Botany Backpack
  • 2x Botany Satchel
  • 2x Botany Dufflebag
  • Hacked:1x Botanist Action Figure
BoozeOMat Vendor.gif
A technological marvel, supposedly able to mix just the mixture you'd like to drink the moment you ask for one. Contents include:
  • 5x Griffeater Gin
  • 5x Uncle Git's Special Reserve
  • 5x Caccavo Guaranteed Quality Tequila
  • 5x Tunguska Triple Distilled
  • 5x Goldeneye Vermouth
  • 5x Captain Pete's Cuban Spiced Rum
  • 5x Doublebeard Bearded Special Wine
  • 3x Goon from a Blue Toolbox special Edition
  • 5x Chateau De Baton Perium Cognac
  • 5x Robert Robust's Coffee Liqueur
  • 6x Space Beer
  • 6x Magm-Ale
  • 15x Beep's Classic Synthanol
  • 4x Orange Juice
  • 4x Tomato Juice
  • 4x Lime Juice
  • 4x Milk Cream
  • 8x T-Borg's Tonic Water
  • 8x Space Cola
  • 15x Soda Water
  • 30x Glass
  • 30x Shot Glass
  • 9x Ice Cup
  • Hacked: 10x Duke Purple Tea
  • Hacked: 5x Fernet Bronca
Dispenses medical apparel. Contents include:
  • 2x Bartender's Uniform
  • 2x Amish Suit
  • 2x Sturdy Top Hat
  • 2x Black Cap
  • 2x Black Trench Coat
  • 2x Laceup Shoes
  • 2x Black Shoes
  • 2x Waistcoat
  • 3x Damp Rag
  • Hacked:1x Bartender Action Figure


Vendor Description Contents
Mining Equipment Vendor
Contains all the essential mining tools and more! Contents include:


  • Advanced Scanner
  • Explorer's Webbing
  • Fulton Beacon
  • Mining Conscription Kit
  • Jetpack Upgrade
  • Jump Boots
  • Lazarus Capsule
  • Lazarus Capsule Belt
  • Mining Hardsuit
  • Tracking Implant Kit


  • 10 Marker Beacons
  • Brute First-Aid Kit
  • Fulton Pack
  • Jaunter
  • Lazarus Injector
  • Point Transfer Card
  • Shelter Capsule
  • Stabalizing Serum
  • Survival Medipen

Kinetic Accelerator

  • Kinetic Accelerator
  • KA Adjustable Tracer Rounds
  • KA AoE Damage
  • KA Cooldown Decrease
  • KA Damage Increase
  • KA Hyper Chassis
  • KA Minebot Passthrough
  • KA Range Increase
  • KA Super Chassis
  • Ka White Tracer Rounds

Digging Tools

  • Diamond Pickaxe
  • Kinetic Accelerator
  • Kinetic Crusher
  • Resonator
  • Silver Pickaxe
  • Super Resonator


  • Nanotrasen Minebot
  • MInebot AI Upgrade
  • Minebot Armor Upgrade
  • Minebot Cooldown Upgrade
  • Minebot Melee Upgrade


  • Absinthe
  • Alien Toy
  • Cigar
  • GAR Meson Scanners
  • Laser Pointer
  • Luxury Shelter Capsule
  • Soap
  • Space Cash
  • Whiskey
Dispenses medical apparel. Contents include:
  • 6x Cargo Technician's Jumpsuit
  • 3x Cargo Technician's Jumpskirt
  • 3x Cargo Winter Coat
  • 3x Hazard Vest
  • 3x Cargo Cap
  • 2x Orange Hard Hat
  • 6x Fingerless Gloves
  • 6x Cargo Armband
  • 3x Black Shoes
  • 3x Work Boots
  • Hacked: 1x Quartermaster Action Figure
  • Hacked: 1x Cargo Technician Action Figure


Vendor Description Contents
Prize Counter
Generic Vendor.gif
A vending machine which accepts arcade tickets in exchange for prizes. Contents include:
  • Water Balloon
  • Spinning Toy
  • Blink Toy
  • Dice Set
  • Pack of Foam Darts
  • Snap-Pops
  • Deck of Cards
  • Box of Crayons
  • Magic Eight Ball
  • Colored Wallet
  • Prisoner ID Sticker
  • Silver ID Sticker
  • Gold ID Sticker
  • Centcomm ID Sticker
  • Suspicious ID Sticker
  • Toy Flash
  • Mini-Meteor
  • Random Therapy Doll
  • Minigibber Toy
  • Confetti Grenade
  • Random Plushie
  • Random Carp Plushie
  • Random Mecha
  • Random Action Figure
  • Toy AI Unit
  • Capgun Revolver
  • Pet Rock
  • Xeno Action Figure
  • Rubber Ducky
  • Tacticool Turtleneck
  • Nano-Mob Hunter Trading Card Booster Pack
  • Fake Spellbook
  • Miming Manual : Finger Gun
  • Magic Conch Shell
  • Foam Dart Crossbow
  • Foam Armblade
  • Shiny Red Button
  • Nuclear Fun Device
  • Blob Hat
  • Owl Action Figure
  • Griffon Action Figure
  • Toy Codex Gigas
  • Toy Energy Sword
  • Space Carpet
  • Arcade Carpet
  • Tommy Gun
  • Fake Spacesuit
  • Toy Chainsaw
  • Glove of Headpats
  • Awesome Bike
Magic Vendor.gif
A magical vending machine for all your wizarding needs. Contents include:
  • 1x Wizard Hat
  • 1x Wizard Robe
  • 1x Red Wizard Hat
  • 1x Red Wizard Robe
  • 1x Sandals
  • 1x Clown Robe
  • 1x Purple Wizard hat
  • 1x Wizard Clown Wig and Mask
  • 1x Magical Clown Shoes
  • 1x Mime Robe
  • 1x Magical beret
  • 1x Magical Mime Mask
  • 1x Magic Shoes
  • 2x Wizards Staff
  • Hacked: 1x Wizarditis Culture Bottle
Liberation Station
Liberty Vendor.gif
An overwhelming amount of ancient patriotism. Contents include:
  • 2x Desert Eagle
  • 2x Desert Eagle
  • 2x M1911
  • 2x NanoTrasen Saber SMG
  • 2x Combat Shotgun
  • 1x Gyrojet Pistol
  • 2x Shotgun
  • 2x ARG
  • Coin: 2x SMG Magazine (9mm)
  • Coin: 4x Handgun Magazine (.50AE)
  • Coin: 2x Handgun Magazine (.45)
  • Coin: 2x Specialized Magazine (.75)
  • Hacked: 1x Patrioticc Suit
  • Hacked: 3x Patriotic Bedsheet
Sovietsoda Vendor.gif
An old sweet water vending machine. Contents include:
  • 20x Glass (Soda Water)
  • Hacked: 20x Glass (Space Cola)
Sustenance Vendor
Sustenance Vendor.gif
A vending machine which vends food, as required by section 47-C of the NT's Prisoner Ethical Treatment Agreement. Contents include:
  • 24x Tofu
  • 12x Ice Cup
  • 6x Candy Corn
  • Hacked: 6x Kitchen Knife
  • Hacked: 12x Robust Coffee
  • Hacked: 6x Emergency Oxygen Tank
  • Hacked: 6x Breath Mask
Donksoft Toy Vendor
Donksoft Toy Vendor.gif
An ages 8 and up approved vendor that dispenses toys. Contents include:
  • 10x Foam Force SMG
  • 10x Foam Force Pistol
  • 10x Foam Force Shotgun
  • 10x Toy Sword
  • 20x Ammo Box (Foam Darts)
  • 10x Foam Armblade
  • 10x Syndicate Balloon
  • 5x Black and Red Space suit Replica
  • 5x Black and Red Space-helmet Replica
  • Hacked: 10x Foam Force Crossbow
  • Hacked: 10x Donksoft SMG
  • Hacked: 10x Donksoft LMG
  • Hacked: 10x Donksoft Sniper Rifle
  • Hacked: 20x Ammo Box (Foam Darts)
  • Hacked: 10x Replica Katana
  • Hacked: 5x Double-bladed Toy Sword
  • Hacked: 10x Suspicious Looking deck of Cards