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Random Events are events that occur throughout the round after round-start which have varying rarity and severity depending on their type. These events can range from simple new stories that have no impact on the crew, to minor nuisances like APC's shorting out, to full team antagonists such as Terror Spiders that are capable of ending rounds early. Some events are announced to the crew while others happen silently. Events are classified as either Mundane, Minor, or Major events as well as an assigned weight within that classification which dictates their rarity and frequency.

Event Cycle

Events fire off in three cycles based on the event classification. Each event classification has a possible initial wait time after round-start before the first of its type fires off as well as a random interval of time in-between each consecutive event after the initial. Additionally, the more players in a round, the shorter the interval between events.

Mundane Events do not have an initial wait time and fire off every 10-15 minutes. Minor events have an initial wait time of 25-40 minutes and fire off every 30-45 minutes. Major events have an initial wait time of 55-75 and fire off every 50-70 minutes. While events have these preset time intervals, they can also be forced by administrators.

Event Weight

Once it is time for a new event to be fired, one is randomly chosen based on a preset weight and a few variables. The higher weight an event has, the more likely it is to be picked. Much like wait times, each event has a preset weight interval. In addition to base weight, certain events are given more weight based on the number of crew members in specific departments. For example, the APC Short event will have more weight for each crew member in the Engineering department.

All Events

Mundane Events

Random events that have little to no impact on the round.

Event Description
PDA Spam
Random crew members will receive spam PDA messages with various offers, including the infamous wetskrell.nt website supposedly endorsed by the NanoTrasen Morale Division. These messages are harmless, if mildly annoying, and cannot be replied to.
Money Lotto
A random crew member's bank account is credited with money and an announcement plays on the newscasters. The amount a crew member can win varies between $5,000 and $1,500,000 in various increments. NOTE - This event is currently not set to happen randomly but can still be triggered by an Admin.
Money Hacker
The Head of Personnel's newscaster will alert them that a brute force hack is being attempted on a random crew member's account, and that suspending the account until the attack has ceased is recommended. If the account is not suspended within roughly 10 minutes of the alert the hack will be successful and a random amount of money will be taken from the crew member's account. If the account is properly suspended for long enough the Head of Personnel will then get a notification that the hack attempt has ceased and the crew member's account can then be reactivated.
Economic News
A story on the newscasters will be released revolving around economical news in the galaxy. This tends to detail catastrophe's, markets falling out, or economy booms.
Mundane News
A story on the newscasters will be released revolving around mundane news in the galaxy. This tends to detail minorly significant things that you may see on the second or even third page of a newspaper. Good for learning about the minor on goings of the galaxy.
Trivial News
A story on the newscasters will be released revolving around trivial news in the galaxy. This tends to detail boring everyday things you'd find in the sidebar of a newspaper. Good for learning about the general on goings of the galaxy, however.
Vermin Infestation
Lifesign Alert - "Bioscans indicate that vermins have been breeding in NSS Cyberiad. Clear them out, before this starts to affect productivity."

Mice, lizards, or spiderlings appear in a random location on the station. While mice and lizards are generally harmless, the spiderlings, if left unchecked, can grow into adults which pose a threat to crew health and station integrity.

Greenish brown wallrot fungus appears along a random wall somewhere on the station. If not dealt with in a timely manner the wall becomes unstable and can disintegrate on touch! Wallrot can be dealt with by either using a welder on it or simply letting the wall disintegrate and then rebuilding it.
Koi School
File:Space Koi.png
Various large groups of space koi fish will float into the area around the station. They are generally very friendly in cute, but if you hit one they tend to get upset and smash a few things.
A random creature such as a mouse, xenobio slime, or monkey, suddenly becomes sentient and aware. When this event occurs, ghost players are polled for the possibility of playing as a sentient animal. The animal will be able to speak Galactic Common, will have its health increased, and will able to attack objects and people.

Minor Events

Random events that have a minor impact on the ongoings of the crew.

Event Description
A random crew member comes down with appendicitis. Without treatment the condition can be fatal!
Carp School
Less severe than a Mass Carp Migration, between 1 and 6 space carp will appear alone or in pairs in various places around the station exterior.

Lifesign Alert - "Unknown biological entities have been detected near NSS Cyberiad, please stand-by."

Rogue Drone
Between 2 and 6 combat drones appear at various places around the station exterior. Though rare, their ranged attack makes them more dangerous than space carp!

Rogue drone alert - "A combat drone wing operating out of the NSV Icarus has failed to return from a sweep of this sector, if any are sighted approach with caution."
Meteor Shower
Not to be confused with a Meteor Wave, a minor meteor shower pummels the station potentially causing several small breaches.
Meteor Alert - "The station is now in a meteor shower."
Level 7 Bio-hazard Outbreak - Space Vines
Nasty fast-growing vines have begin to spread from a random point on the station. While not a terribly dangerous threat, if allowed to grow large enough it can be almost impossible to contain.
Meaty Ores
Slightly different than a meteor shower in that instead of rocks the station is damaged by fast-moving space cows which burst on impact!
Meaty Ore Alert - "Meaty ores have been detected on collision course with the station."
Prison Break
A malignant virus affects the lighting and airlock systems in the brig, opening all cell windoors, many brig airlocks, and breaking lights throughout the department. AI or cyborg intervention is recommended to restore airlocks and windoors to proper working order. Light replacement can be handled by any willing personnel.
Security Alert - "Gr3y.T1d3 virus detected in NSS Cyberiad imprisonment subroutines. Secure any compromised areas immediately. Station AI involvement is recommended."
Door Runtime
All doors and lockdown blast doors are closed and shocked temporarily. After 90 seconds the system reboots and this is all reverted.
Network Alert - "Hostile runtime detected in door controllers. Isolation lockdown protocols are now in effect. Please remain calm."
Communication Blackout
An ionospheric storm has knocked out telecomms. Headset radios will not work, although intercoms and station-bounced radios will. The announcement may not reach the crew as 70% of outages hit before the automated announcement system can broadcast. The AI, however, is always aware of outages when they begin.
Central Command Update - "Ionospheric anomalies detected. Temporary telecommunication failure imminent. Please contact you*%fj00)`5vc-BZZT"
APC Short
APCs all over the station will short out and need to be repaired.
Critical Power Failure -
Systems Power Failure - "

Overload detected in NSS Cyberiad's powernet. Engineering, please repair shorted APCs."

Electrical Storm
Light bulb.png
A section of the station undergoes a lighting system overload causing all bulbs in the affected area to burst.
Electrical Storm Alert - "An electrical storm has been detected in your area, please repair potential electronic overloads."
Immovable Rod
File:Immovable Rod.png
An Immovable Rod spawns out of timespace and physics and smashes through the station, tearing apart everything in its path.!
General Alert - "What the fuck was that?!"
Radiation Storm
The station enters a radiation field that can cause radiation damage and mutations in most organic crew. Maintenance doors are automatically set to all-access 60 seconds before the storm, and remain all-access until 60 seconds after the shower has completed.
Anomaly Alert - "High levels of radiation detected near the station. Please evacuate into one of the shielded maintenance tunnels."
Spider Infestation
Hunter Spider.png
Similar to a Vermin Infestation except it's always spiders and significantly more spiderlings (a number equal to 80% of the active crew) are spawned. Kill them while they're little or they'll kill you when they're big!
Lifesign Alert - "Bioscans indicate that spiders have been breeding in NSS Cyberiad. Clear them out, before this starts to affect productivity."
Ion Storm
The AI and cyborgs are affected by an ion storm and as a result a new law has overridden their previous lawset. These laws are usually silly but can also be dangerous for the crew and station. Crew can reset the laws using the appropriate lawset boards on the AI upload console.
Anomaly Alert - "Ion storm detected near the station. Please check all AI-controlled equipment for errors."
Mass Hallucination
A minor radiation field causes the crew to suffer from hallucinations. Hiding in maintenance will not protect you, however the hallucinations are generally harmless, at worst causing crew members to pass out for a few seconds.
Central Command Update - "It seems that station NSS Cyberiad is passing through a minor radiation field, this may cause some hallucination, but no further damage"
Solar Flare
This event makes the station solar powers generate 40 times as much power as usual which isn't dangerous as long as they are not wired directly to the power grid, but also deal major burn damage as well as blind anyone who can see a space tile.
Incoming Solar Flare - "A solar flare has been detected on collision course with the station."
Dimensional Tear
An otherworldly dimensional tear appears in a random place on the station and releases several dangerous creatures which will attack any nearby crew. The tear will spawn many low health, low hitting faithless and slightly tougher mi-gos. In addition, a single lesser hellhound will spawn.
Rampant Intelligence
Rampant(tm) Brand Intelligence infects one vending machine on board the station. Infected machines give voice to strange marketing slogans and shoot their wares at passers-by. If left alone the virus will spread to other nearby vending machines until all vendors on the station are infected, at which point they will all explode and/or start attacking the crew! To deactivate an infected vendor open up the maintenance panel and either cut all the wires or disable the voice switch.
Machine Learning Alert - "Rampant brand intelligence has been detected aboard NSS Cyberiad, please stand-by."
Vent Clog
Scrubber Port.png
A backpressure surge in the scrubbers network causes several locations on the station to be showered with a variety of chemicals ranging from harmless (water, flour, hot cocoa) to amusing (LSD, psilocybin, methamphetamine) to outright lethal (aminitin, nanites, fluorosulphuric acid).
Atmospherics alert - "The scrubbers network is experiencing a backpressure surge. Some ejection of contents may occur."
File:Clown Goblin.png
5 hostile clown goblins spawn in a randomly chosen location on station
Anomaly Alert - "Honkonomaly opened in Station Location"
A variety of anomalies can appear throughout the station. These anomalies can cause a wide variety of damage, from simply heating up a small area to completely tearing apart most of a department. It is best to deal with these as soon as you can, especially because a stabilized anomaly can become an anomaly core which is required for the construction of a Phazon combat mech!
Anomaly Alert - "Anomalies detected on long range scanners. Expected location: Unknown."
(Player-Controlled) - A ghostly purple Revenant appears on the station which can cause electrical surges and attempt to steal life energy from weakened crew members. There will be no announcement on this event.
(Player-Controlled) - A Morph appears at a random spot on the station. These creatures have the ability to disguise themselves as any object or person, and their goal is to eat the entire crew! There will be no announcement on this event.
Level 7 Bio-hazard Outbreak - Virus
Generic virologist.png
A random crew member is afflicted with a virus. The virus can range from harmless to lethal and usually has a transmission vector that allows it to spread easily among the crew. Virology better be at the top of their game!
Biohazard Alert - "Confirmed outbreak of level 7 viral biohazard aboard NSS Cyberiad. All personnel must contain the outbreak."

Virus Types

Flu - A common illness which causes fatigue, high fever, and muscle aches. Rarely fatal but quickly spread and will cause minor toxin and organ damage. Having an affected patient rest can slow the progress of this virus.

Cold - Still around since the dawn of man, this disease is relativity harmless, causing fatigue and a runny nose. Will progress to the Flu when untreated.

Brainrot - An infection that causes mental degradation and will cause the host to collapse in its later stages.

Magnitis - An infection of magnetic bacteria that build up in the body. As the disease progresses any metallic items not bolted down near the infected person will be pulled toward them, even objects as large as canisters. Ingested iron will draw the bacteria to it and allow them to be excreted normally.

Beesease - If left untreated subject will regurgitate bees.

Anxiety - If left untreated subject will regurgitate butterflies.

Fake GBS - If left untreated a subject will continue to show symptoms similar to gbs but is otherwise harmless.

Spanish inquisition Flu - If left untreated the subject will burn to death for being a heretic.

Pierrot's Throat - If left untreated the subject the subject will honk incessantly.

Lycancoughy - If left untreated subject will regurgitate... puppies.

Major Events

Random events that have serious implications for the crew during the round. Due to the time inbetween these events they often only happen at the middle point of the round (and also at the very end) which is why they are often referred to as midrounds.

Event Description
Carp Migration
Similar to Carp School except there's more of them! Between 12 and 30 space carp and megacarp spawn in small groups around the station exterior.
Lifesign Alert - "Massive migration of unknown biological entities has been detected near NSS Cyberiad, please stand-by."
Meteor Wave
Considerably more severe than a Meteor Shower. Multiple large meteors hit the station in several waves. Repair efforts must be swift and efficient or evacuation will be necessary!
Meteor Alert - "Meteors have been detected on collision course with the station."
Shorted APCs
Multiple random APC's will lose their power, anyone with basic tools and either APC access or hacking skills can repair them.
Systems Power Failure - "Overload detected in NSS Cyberiad's powernet. Engineering, please repair shorted APCs."
Alien Infestation
(Player-Controlled) - Xeno larvae are spawned somewhere near an unwelded vent, and a observing players can choose to play as the larva. The crew must act quickly to stop the spread of the xeno infestation before it escalates out of control. Weld those vents!
Lifesign Alert - "Unidentified lifesigns detected coming aboard NSS Cyberiad. Secure any exterior access, including ducting and ventilation."
Abductor Visit
(Player-Controlled) - Like the Abductor mode but with only a single pair of abductors. There will be no announcement on this event.
Level 5 Bio-hazard Outbreak - Blob
Blob core.gif
(Player-Controlled) - Like the Blob mode, but a Blob spawns somewhere on the station, rather infecting someone to become a blob.
Biohazard Alert - "Confirmed outbreak of level 5 biohazard aboard NSS Cyberiad. All personnel must contain the outbreak."
Level 3 Bio-hazard Outbreak - Terror Spiders
Terror white.png
(Player-Controlled) - Several Terror Spiders will spawn somewhere on the station with the goal of infesting it. The Bio-Hazard alert is delayed and will occur after a number of spiders have been hatched, or a Mother of Terror spawned in.
Biohazard Alert - "Confirmed outbreak of level 3 biohazard aboard NSS Cyberiad. All personnel must contain the outbreak."
Sol Traders
(Player-Controlled) - Two Sol Federation traders spawn on Jupiter Station 6, near their shuttle, which carries many valuable items. They typically have objectives to trade these items to the crew for specific things, such as a large amount of credits, or solid plasma.
Trader Shuttle Docking Request Accepted - "A trading shuttle from Jupiter Station has been granted docking permission at NSS Cyberiad arrivals port 4."

NOTE: If the station alert is Red or greater, the event will still trigger, but the traders will not spawn, and the crew will be notified that they have been denied docking permission due to the raised alert. Expect many groans.

Slaughter Demon