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Being dressed for success is the first step to being an efficient employee at Nanotrasen. There are many different kinds of apparel one can wear, ranging from plain old jeans to Victorian era getup.
The ordering of the headings go from the most essential to the least essential in your regular shift.


Suit Sensorsicon

Jumpsuits have a full range of sensors that can be toggled and adjusted by right-clicking on them in your inventory. They can give out data to the Bridge and Medbay. Depending on the Settings, and if set to tracking beacon, will display your mortality, health, and location. Mainly Displayed to the Chief Medical Officer and other Heads of Staff to locate you in case you go missing. Note that while you're getting lured into maints by Suspicious People, they can try to turn off your sensors making it almost impossible for Medbay to see your suit's location.


Depending on how high you set yours, more information will be available to Crew Monitoring Consoles. Each increase in monitoring settings will also.

  1. Off: Tells them nothing. You don't even show up on the monitor.
  2. Binary Life Signs: Tells them if you are alive or deceased. The name that shows up on the monitor is the same one on the ID that is being worn. If no ID is worn, you will show up as "Unknown".
  3. Vital Tracker: Tells them what your vital statistics are. Separates damage by Suffocation, Toxin, Burn, and Brute.
  4. Tracking Beacon: The maximum level. Tells them what area of the station you're currently in, and your co-ordinate location.


Monitoring is done via Crew Monitoring Consoles, available at the Bridge and at Medbay. They can display a map of the station, along with tracking and health information to show exactly how/where everyone is at any time.


  • Suit sensors are mandatory if the station enters Red Alert.
  • When acting as a hostile agent, it's advised to turn off any victim's suit sensors, almost the same way you take something off someone:
    1. Drag the victim's character onto yours.
    2. Select "Set suit sensors".
    3. Select "Off" in the dialog that follows, to turn it off. Those pesky NanoTrasen people don't need to notice their pain and torture...

Jumpsuits Jumpsuit Slot.png

Having a jumpsuit or other form of apparel is extremely important. In addition to ensuring you aren't slapped with a public nudity charge, these clothes provide a slot for your ID and PDA. Also allows you to store items in pockets or wear a wide variety of belts. The jumpsuit is also useful in identifying your department of choice at a glance, and can be used as part of a disguise. Also useful for judging people on their fashion choices.

In addition, almost all jumpsuits have a full suite of sensors that can be toggled and adjusted by right-clicking on it. They can give out data to the bridge and medical consoles including your location, your health, and your mortality. Used by the Chief Medical Officer and the paramedic to locate you when you inevitably go missing.

Depending on how high you set yours, more information will be available to Crew Monitoring Consoles.

  1. Off: You don't appear on the medical monitors. Useful if security or another dubious creature is looking for you.
  2. Binary Life Signs: Indicates if you are alive or deceased. The name shown on the monitor is the same one on the ID that is being worn. If no ID is worn, your will name will be displayed as 'Unknown'.
  3. Vital Tracker: Displays what your vitals are. Specifies amount of damage taken and what kind of damage was inflicted (i.e. suffocation, toxin, burn, and brute).
  4. Tracking Beacon: The maximum sensor level. Informs anyone who wants to track you your precise location on the station, your relative coordinates, and the information provided by the other two proceeding sensor levels.
Item Description
Colored Jumpsuits
Chameleon jumpsuit.gif
A basic full body suit that comes in a variety of colors. Can also be rolled down for when it gets a bit too hot.
Departmental Jumpsuits
Department Jumpsuits.gif
A full body suit that is custom tailored to their respective department.
Command Jumpsuits
Command Jumpsuits.gif
Same premise as the departmental jumpsuits, this time specific to command.
Formal Suit
File:Formal Suits.gif
formal suits
Hawaiian Wear
Hawaiian Shirts.gif
For the spess tourist on the go.
Victorian Wear
File:Victorian wear.gif
For the not so subtle history buffs and LARPers alike.
File:Costume Jumpsuits.gif
For the creative, quirky, and downright antagonistic.
Can include everything from sweatpants to stylish jeans. Just know that they don't come with a top. It's recommended to wear a jacket/hoodie along with it, and probably an undershirt for good measure
Tactical Turtleneck
Many Syndicate operatives and wannabe cool dudes and dudettes use these, including Nuclear Agents and the SIT. A nice fit, yet suspicious-looking turtleneck. Want the "License to Kill" vibe? This is your go to.
Tacticool Turtleneck
The Great Value Tactical Turtleneck made for the Great Value operative. Still a snazzy fit and is quite cozy. Has no suit sensors attached to it, for when you are (or think you are) too badass to live.
Wizard Robe
Wizard Robe.png
An iconic blue magical robe worn by the Space Wizard Federation. Required for Wizards to reach their full potential. Feels soft and magical to the touch.

Belts Belt Slot.png

Each belt has specific items that can fit, respective to the name. You can't normally fit a Stechkin pistol in a toolbelt, nor can you fit a window cleaner in a secbelt.

Item Description
Tool Belt
Tool belts can hold small items, though they're mostly used for tools as the name would suggest.
Medical Belt
Holds various medical items (automendors, medicines, hypospray, etc.)
Security Belt
Holds various security items (baton, handcuffs, pepperspray, etc.)
Janitor's Belt
Jani Belt.png
Holds janitorial items (space cleaner, light replacer, flyswatter, soap, etc.)
Alien Belt
Holds a set of advanced alien tools, which perform better than most standard tools.
Traitor Belt
Identical to the standard toolbelt, this toolbelt can hold various small items, including weapons, ammunition, and explosives. Useful for the aspiring Traitor, it can be bought for 10 TC from an uplink.
Lazarus Belt
Used almost exclusively by Miners and only obtainable from a mining vendor, this belt holds up to six lazarus capsules, in which a defeated monster can be stored and released as a friendly, sentient companion.
Belt of Holding
Produced by Scientists, this belt is much like a standard toolbelt, but it can hold items that are hypothetically too large for it to hold.
Military Belt
A belt commonly used by Nuclear Agents, it can hold various grenades, weapons, and ammunition.
Assault Belt
Ordered from Cargo alongside SWAT gear, this belt is capable of holding ammunition and some small firearms.

Eyewear Eyewear Slot.png

Most of the existing eyewear display statuses on the upper left of each player character sprite, what kind of status depends on the variant of the eyewear.


Item Description
Health Scanner HUD
Displays a visual overlay of people's health. Very useful for prioritizing and diagnosing patients at a glance. Also comes in a night-vision variant.
Security HUD
Displays ID access/arrest status of other people. Also comes in a night-vision variant.
Skills HUD.png
Shows the current job of a crewmember (according to the ID they are wearing), and shows employment records when examining a person. Comes in a sunglasses variant.
Diagnostic HUD
Diagnostic HUD.png
Shows the status and integrity of exosuits and robotic personnel. Comes in a night-vision variant.
Hydroponic HUD
Hydroponic HUD.png
Shows the health and status of plants grown in soil or hydroponics trays. Comes in a night-vision variant.


Item Description
Prescription Glasses
Fixes eye damage that is caused by flashes and welding without eye protection. It is possible to set your character to need glasses by default in the disabilities tag in the character design tab.
Combines snazzy sunglasses and your standard Medical HUD.
Commonly worn by the Detective and Internal Affairs Agent, these straightforward sunglasses provide protection against otherwise blinding flashes.
SecHUD Sunglasses
Combines the function and fashion of sunglasses and your standard security HUD, allowing you to mark and pursue criminals while also providing flash protection.
Issued exclusively to the Bartender, these sunglasses protect against blinding flashes and show the exact reagents and their quantities in a container. Useful to see if you mixed a drink properly.


Item Description
Welding Goggles
Welding Goggles.png
Provide eye protection when welding, and can be flipped up when not in use. Functionally identical to the welding helmet, but occupies the eye slot instead of the headgear slot.
Optical Meson Scanners MGlasses.png Most commonly used by Engineers and Miners, these goggles allow you to see structures through walls. Useful for detecting breaches without entering a breached room, and commonly used to navigate the caves of Lavaland. Also imperative when working on the Supermatter Engine. Comes in a night-vision variant.
Science Goggles
Chem Glasses.png
Analyzes items for their research values and can act as a reagent scanner. Comes in a night-vision variant.
Night Vision Goggles
Allows the wearer to see in the darkness without the use of a light source.
T-Ray Scanners
T-Ray Scanners.png
Allows the wearer to see underfloor objects such as pipes and cables with an extremely limited range.
Engineering Scanner Goggles
Engineering Goggles.gif
Allows the user to switch between a meson scanner mode, T-ray scanner mode, and a radiation scanner mode, which allows you to see the radioactive contamination of objects.

Earwear Earwear Slot.png

See also Headset

The only earwear items you're going to commonly notice are headsets. Other items are found somewhere specific.

Item Description
Radio Headset
Almost everyone starts with one and this radio headset can be found on all crew members. They come in different colors based on their department. This has 2 slots for encryption keys, which are used for communicating with other departments. These are prone to EMPs, and they shut off when they're in the radius of them. It also has two functions, Microphone and Speaker. Microphone allows talking over your headset without actually talking to the headset in a 3x3 radius. Speaker allows the wearer of the headset to hear channels. In addition, you can also set a frequency to talk to other channels.
Bowman Headset
Bowman Headset.gif
A bowman headset designed to protect the ears and provide patrolling officers with high-fidelity radio communications.
Capable of blocking out any and all sound, earmuffs will protect against deafness and loud noises. Wearing them comes at the cost of not being able to hear anything.

Gloves Gloves Slot.png

For when you don't wanna leave fingerprints lying around, and to keep your hands warm. Preferably the former, but you can get them warm from being electrocuted as well.

Item Description
Black Gloves
Black Gloves.png
A standard-issue pair of one-size-fits-all gloves. Prevents the wearer from contaminating evidence with their fingerprints and allows you to take lit lightbulbs out of their sockets. Also comes in finger-less styles. While the fingerless gloves are infinitely cooler, they don't offer any of the benefits of regular black gloves.
Forensics Gloves
A special pair of Detective's gloves, which prevent the wearer from contaminating evidence with their fingerprints. Detectives are always required to wear this during investigations. Also useful for preventing self-incrimination as a traitor.
Krav Maga Gloves
Want to skip decades of martial arts training and perfection of the self? These gloves bestow the wearer martial knowledge in the arts of Krav Maga through the use of advanced cybernetics and nanochips embedded inside them. Issued to the warden, they allow the wearer to trip, lung punch, and throat chop enemy combatants.
Nitrile Gloves
Prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Vital to prevent infections during surgery.
Botanist's Gloves
Botanists start with these. A pair of useful gardener gloves that are suited for handling some particularly nasty plants.
Boxing Gloves
Padded boxing gloves that are ready to rumble. Does no real damage, but will still put you on your ass if you get hit too much.
Captain Gloves
A pair of one-of-a-kind gloves issued to the Captain. Fully insulated, protect from heat like the black gloves.
Insulated Gloves
Easily one of the most coveted type of gloves. Insulated gloves protect the wearer from any and all electrical hazards. Also crucial for hacking equipment and doors. Also comes in a budget variety that may be fully insulating, partially insulating, or even worsen shocks. Imitation gloves can also be found around the station, so be careful.
Combat Gloves
Full shock protection just like insulated gloves, combined with the fire protection of black gloves. The best gloves for defense, especially when combined with armor that also protects the hands.
Latex Gloves
Provides the protection from spreading a virus or infection and handling poisonous plants as nitrile gloves, but are so thin that you still leave detectable fingerprints.
White Gloves
Gloves that you can make from a roll of ordinary cloth. You can dye them any color in a washing machine, but dying them yellow or black will not grant them any protective properties.

Headgear Headgear Slot.png

Headgear items consist of helmets and hats, with the former providing various types of protection to your head, and the latter providing various types of fashion.


Item Description
Security Hats
Worn by Security, these hats provide the same level of protection as the standard helmet, with a slight addition to brute protection. How Nanotrasen made or obtained a bulletproof hat is unknown.
Atheist's Fedora
Fedora Null Rod.png
One of the possible forms of the Chaplain's Null Rod, this "weapon" can be worn as a hat, but does 25 damage when thrown at a target. Very inconspicuous weapon.
Beekeeper's Hat
Beekeeper Hat.png
Used by the aspiring Botanist and beekeeper, this hat is necessary to protect against bee stings, and must be paired with the beekeeper's suit.
Whether you are an artist or operative, there is a beret for every occasion!
Cowboy Hat
File:Cowboy Hat.gif
Somebody ring the Dinkster?
The perfect headwear for a trip to the ballgame or to spend a day in the sun. Flip it backwards to be immediately placed on a watchlist.
Worn by the film noir detectives and keyboard warriors alike.
Rasta Hat
File:Rasta Hat.png
You know what's up.
Come, friends! Come browse my bazaa!
Pirate Captain Hat
File:Pirate Hat.png
For tomorrow's Blackbeard and today's RPer alike!
Witch Hat
File:Witch Hat.png
Just try and stay out of my way. Just try! I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!
Flat Cap
Grandpa or press? Maybe they're both? In any case, their hat seems more akin to an heirloom than anything...
Top Hat
File:Top Hat.png
Elementary, my dear Watson.
Traffic Cone
File:Traffic Cone.png
Makes you look like a dunce.


Item Description
Space Helmet
Prevents environmental damage in high and low-pressure environments.
Welding Helmet
Protects you from eye damage when welding.
Plasma Envirosuit Helmet
Plasma envirosuit helmet.png
Worn exclusively by Plasmamen to protect them from the outside atmosphere, as they will combust in a non-plasma environment.
Worn almost exclusively by Security to provide decent protection from blunt-force trauma, as well as ballistic and laser damage.
Bulletproof Helmet
Stored in the Secure Armory, this helmet is worn by security to provide substantial protection from ballistics and explosives, at the cost of lower protection from other forms of damage.
Riot Helmet
Stored in the Secure Armory, this helmet is worn by security to provide substantial protection from blunt-force (brute) trauma, at the expense of almost all protection in every other damage type. This helmet covers the face, and can be used to protect against facehuggers.
SWAT Helmet
S helmet.png
Ordered from Cargo, this helmet provides moderate protection from all kinds of damage, and almost complete damage reduction from biohazards.
Most commonly worn by Engineers, this helmet offers protection to the head and has a built-in flashlight that can be toggled on and off. Generally useful if you don't want to waste inventory space on a flashlight.
Fire Fighter's Helmet
Fire Fighter Hat.png
Uncommonly worn by the local Atmospheric Technicians, this helmet will offer protection from extreme heat and flames when paired with the firesuit, and has a built-in flashlight. Much like the Hard Hat, it's useful for hands-free flashlight use.
Atmos Firefighter Helmet
Atmospherics Fire Helmet.png
Functionally the same in comparison with the Fire Fighter's Helmet, just with a different sprite.
Radiation Hood
Radiation Hood.png
Guaranteed to be worn by an engineer that knows what they're doing, the radiation hood offers total protection from radioactive contamination when paired with the radiation suit. A must-have for working on the Supermatter Engine

External Wear External Wear Slot.png

External Wear are items that can be worn over your jumpsuit in the External Wear Slot. Most of them are exosuits and armor, the rest contain additional pockets you can fit small items in.


Item Description
Bomber Jacket
Bomber Jackets.gif
A lovely leather jacket with a fluffy collar.
Winter Jacket
File:Winter Coat.gif
A fluffy winter coat to keep you warm in the cold vacuum of space. Has a hood that can be put on if the head slot is empty. Comes in departmental designs too.
Which Robes
File:Witch Robes.png
A necessary addition to any magically inclined individual.
Regal Shawl
File:Regal Shawl.png
A beautiful, ornate shawl made for those who wish to stand out from the icky lower class.
Mantles intended for the crewmate of distinction. Each department head is issued one specially tailored to their department design.
A comfortable, warm and, most importantly, stylish choice of outerwear. Comes with hood. No surprise there.
Does anyone hear mariachi music?
Ian Shirt
File:Ian Shirt.png
A shirt with the Head of Personnel's beloved corgi.
Military Jacket
File:Military Jackets.gif
A puffy jacket to keep you warm. Military service not required.
Trench Coat
For the vague protagonist with a questionable backstory. Comes in black and brown.
Leather Jacket
File:Leather Jacket.png
Plain old jacket made from definitely real leather.
Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Motorcycle Jacket.png
For the daredevil, the road hog, and the puppy lover in all of us.
Suit Jacket
Looks pretty snazzy and lets people know you mean business. Can hold two items in the suit jacket pockets.
Lab Coat
All Scientists and most Medical Doctors start with this. Can hold two items.
Security Jacket
Offers less than half the protection of standard security armor, but covers the arms as well as the torso. Not to mention the fact that your fashion level at least doubles with one of these babies.
Detective's Coat
The perfect noir coat for the aspiring private eye, this coat provides surprisingly decent protection. Not as strong as the standard armor, but stronger than a standard security jacket.
Warden's Jacket
Provides decent protection from brute, bomb, and laser damage, as well as mild protection from energy and ballistic damage.
Head of Security's Armored Trench Coat
Provides decent protection from lasers, ballistics, brute damage, and explosives. Provides very mild protection from energy damage. When paired with the corresponding hat and gas mask, gives a +200% bonus to appearance and a -50% reduction to charisma.
Hazard Vest
Offers pocket slots for tools, flashlights, or internals tanks. In addition, it offers all around mild protection. Also used to identify yourself as an official member of the Greytide Militia.
Straight Jacket
Binds the wearer's arms, removing all use of their hands, similar to being handcuffed but without the ability to remove it. Mainly issued to Security and the Psychiatrist.
Captain's Parade Jacket
For all intents and purposes, the parade jacket offers identical protection as the carapace, but has exponentially more style.


Item Description
Body Armor
Standard armor for all Security Officers, this vest provides decent protection from blunt-force trauma, as well as ballistic and laser damage. The detective has their own personal armor vest in their closet, which is functionally identical.
Riot Suit
Provides moderate protection against blunt-force trauma and other forms of melee, but otherwise provides little to no protection.
Ablative Armor
Provides Substantial protection from lasers and energy damage to the chest, as well as a 40% chance to deflect energy-based projectiles to any area of the body. Provides very mild protection against brute and ballistic damage. It is also a High-Risk Item
Bulletproof Vest
Provides substantial protection from ballistic damage, as well as moderate protection against explosives. Provides mild protection against brute, laser, and energy damage as well.
SWAT Armor
Provides moderate protection from all sources of damage, and almost complete protection against bio-hazards.
Captain's Carapace
An ornately-crafted armor vest designated for the captain of the station. The vest provides moderate protection from brute damage, bullet wounds, and laser projectiles, as well as minor protection from energy-based attacks and explosives, near-complete protection from acid, and complete fireproofing.
Reactive Armor
Unique, highly advanced, and restricted armor which does several things based on what core is inserted. The armor itself offers no major protection, but is fireproof, acidproof, and indestructible. It is also a High-Risk Item.
Emergency Response Team Armor
ERTarmour sec.png
A top of the line armor vest worn by ERT members, when the situation is not urgent enough to warrant hardsuits. The vest has a moderate increase in energy protection over the standard security armor vest, but has a minor reduction in explosive protection.
Drake Armor
Ash Drake Armour.PNG
A set of primitive armor crafted from the remains of a dead ash drake. The armor provides substantial protection from brute damage, lasers, energy weapons, explosives, radiation, and biohazards, as well as moderate ballistic protection, and complete acid and fire protection. Also a perfect way to demonstrate your supreme robustness (or incredible luck).


Item Description
Bio Suit
The Bio Suit, short for bio-hazardous suit, protects from direct exposure to chemicals and disease. Wearing one increases your immunity and is one more barrier between you and the chemist.
EVA Suit
The Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) Suit is worn to keep a person alive in the harsh environment of outer space, vacuums, and extreme temperatures.
Security Hardsuit
Provides complete protection against bio-hazards and environmental hazards, such as the void of space and high-pressure environments. Provides moderate protection from radiation, brute, and laser damage, as well as mild protection from ballistics, energy, and explosives.
Security Biosuit
Provides complete protection from biohazards, as well as mild-decent protection against all sources of damage.
Security Bomb Suit
When paired with the bomb suit helmet, provides complete protection from explosions, as well as decent protection from lasers and brute damage.
Atmospherics Hardsuit
Atmos hardsuit.png
Provides total protection from fire, and the cold void of space, and substantial protection from acid burns. Offers moderate protection from brute damage and radiation, as well as mild protection against lasers, ballistics, explosives, and energy damage.
Advanced Hardsuit
CE Hardsuit.png
Offers complete protection from radiation, fire, and the cold void of space, as well as near-complete protection from acid. Offers moderate protection from melee and explosives, as well as mild protection from lasers, ballistics, and energy damage.
Engineering Hardsuit
Engineer Hardsuit.png
Offers complete protection from the black abyss of space, considerable protection from over pressure as well as substantial protection from acid and radiation. Not as good as the atmospheric hardsuit for protection against thermal or pressure hazards, but will work in a pinch. Provides moderate melee protection and mild protection against lasers, ballistics, explosives, and energy damage.
Provides substantial protection from extreme heat and open flame, especially when paired with the firefighter's helmet. Slows the user down substantially.
Radiation Suit
Radiation Suit.png
Provides complete protection from radioactive contamination when paired with the radiation hood. A must-have for working on the Supermatter Engine.
Shielded Syndicate Hardsuit
Syndi Hardsuit.png
Functionally and cosmetically identical to the Blood-Red Hardsuit, but with a shield that can absorb three bullets in a short time. This shield recharges automatically over time, and can hypothetically deflect an infinite amount of projectiles.

Shoes Shoes Slot.png

Shoes. Typical shoes (excluding galoshes and magnetic boots) provide little to no mechanics, apart from them getting stained from blood or various stains, which will leave stained footprints.

Item Description
Protects your feet from glass and other pesky debris. Comes in many shapes and sizes, ranging from fancy lace ups to those sneakers you picked up at a garage sale. All different, but all function the same.
Functionally the same as shoes, just... Taller... Ranges from yee haw cowboy boots to robust security jackboots.
Janitor's Galoshes
Stops you from slipping on the floors you just mopped, as well as pretty much everything else. Best watch out for that space lube though.
Magnetic Boots (Magboots)
Don't like Newton's first law? Want to not fly around everywhere in space and walk in 0G environments? Turn these bad boys on and watch the magic happen. Grants a massive speed buff in low gravity environments, but a very harsh speed penalty in environments with gravity present. The chief engineer's advanced magboots are the exception to this.
Wizard's Sandals
A seemingly magical pair of sandals, fitted for the magically inclined individual.
Chameleon No-Slip Shoes
File:Chameleon No-Slip Shoes.png
A seemingly magical pair of sandals, fitted for the magically inclined individual.

Masks Mask Slot.png

Masks are often used to conceal your identity or to protect yourself from breathing in any dangerous chemicals, provided you have an oxygen/nitrogen tank. Most, if not all of them can be connected to a gas tank for internals.

Item Description
Gas Mask
Inside fire safety lockers. Can be found in Engineering and Maintenance tunnels. Use it to filter out any dangerous chemicals in the air as well protecting your eyes from things like pepper spray. Also functions as an internals mask. Conceals your identity when worn.
Breath Mask
Provided to all employees in their emergency O2 kits. Can be worn in conjunction with a air tank to ensure a steady supply of O2.
Sterile Mask
Helps prevent the spread of airborne viruses, as well as preventing infections during surgery.
Can prevent vampires from biting people, or prevent annoying people from talking.
For the gangster in all of us. These can be worn on your head or the face. If worn on your face, it will conceal your identity.
Medical Mask
Used to administer anesthesia during surgery, as the standard breath mask is unable to do so.
Security Gas-Mask
Functionally identical to the standard gas mask, but allows the user to shout various phrases at fleeing suspects. Phrases can be changed and the intensity of the phrases can be raised and lowered with the use of a screwdriver.
Vox Breath Mask
Vox mask.png
Worn by Vox and paired with an internals tank to maintain a steady supply of nitrogen.
Mime Mask
Mime Mask.png
Worn by the Mime as part of their act and costume. Can be connected to an internals tank.
Syndicate Mask
Worn by Syndicate personnel, concealing their identity and looking pretty badass. Can also be connected to an internals tank.
Clown Mask
Worn by the Clown as a mandatory part of their costume, per their SoP. Can be connected to an internals tank.
SWAT Mask.png
Ordered from Cargo via the SWAT gear crate. The Warden and Head of Security start off with their own personalized variants, with a colored stripe on top. These security variants are like the sec-hailer, but with the addition of extra one-liners.
Welding Gas Mask
Welding Gas Mask.gif
The beautiful love child of a welder mask and a gas mask. Its visor can be raised an lowered to provide welding protection, or to provide better vision and can be hooked up to internals for a fresh supply of O2. Useful for working in space or low-oxygen environments.
Explorer Gas Mask
File:Explorer Gas Mask.gif
The beautiful love child of a welder mask and a gas mask. Its visor can be raised an lowered to provide welding protection, or to provide better vision and can be hooked up to internals for a fresh supply of O2. Useful for working in space or low-oxygen environments.


Accessories are little extras that you can attach to your jumpsuit or other clothing to give your character some personality.

Item Description
Armbands are a stylish accessory that an be attached to your jumpsuit and worn around your arm. Come in many varieties, ranging from plain civilian colors to colorful departmental armbands.
How can such an archaic article of clothing still be so fashionable centuries later?
A simple piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck.
Gold Locket
File:Gold Locket.png
Family heirloom? Something you found at the dollar store? One way or another, it's shiny.
Cowboy Shirt
File:Cowboy Shirt.gif
For the yee haw spessman. Comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
A medical tool used to measure a person's heart rate.
Very official looking. Come in a variety of colors.
A glowing badge used by security for identification purposes.
A cozy length of fabric worn around the neck. Comes in many different colors.
Medallions that can be worn to show off. Can be obtained by being awarded (or stolen).