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Superiors: The Syndicate
Difficulty: Varies, from Medium to Extremely Hard
Guides: Guide to Contractor, Syndicate Items, Cryptographic Sequencer
Access: Your workplace or any place your Syndicate items will open.
Duties: Fufill your objectives

In Traitor, one or more crew members are Syndicate agents and are given a PDA Uplink to provide them with useful tools to help them complete their goal. The game ends when the Emergency Shuttle leaves. For Traitor AIs see this.

If the Traitors can meet all of their objectives when the emergency shuttle leaves, they win. Note that traitors win individually, they may band together and work as a team, but it is not required for them to succeed.

You should also read Identifying Antagonists if you're playing as a normal station member and need help identifying items in character.

The Basics

Alright, you forgot to switch off Be (Syndicate) traitor in your Game Preferences and now you are stuck as the Traitor and have no idea what you're doing. This is a problem because a bad Traitor results in a bad round for everybody. If you had the option turned off, becoming the Traitor is possible if no one else had it ticked either. If you really don't want to play a traitor, adminhelp it and an admin may or may not revert your traitor status.

After you've familiarized yourself with the game's combat system, it's time to get down to business. The first thing to note as the traitor are your objectives. They are always kept in the Notes command and it's a good idea to check that when a round starts. There are a number of objectives that a traitor can be assigned - with most traitors receiving two standard objectives and an escape or martyrdom objective. The number of objectives you get can change depending on the exact objectives that you get assigned - a traitor with the hijack objective will have that objective and nothing else, whereas a document exchanger will get an additional objective to complete on top of the normal amount. You also have access to Syndicate Items via a PDA (by inputting your ringtone) or headset uplink (by setting your frequency). You'll have 100 telecrystals (TC) in your uplink to buy some useful equipment that will be able to help you complete your objectives.

Note that lore-wise all NT staff are briefed on syndicate items and can identify them IC, so be careful what you use around people.


  • You are expected to try to accomplish your objectives. An antagonist who has conflicting feelings about what they must do is always fun but try to not take it too far as, like mentioned above, the syndicate wouldn't send a saint to an assassination mission. They wouldn't send a careless lazy bum either so try to care at least a bit for the objectives.
  • You are expected to not cause massive amounts of collateral damage. Feel free to kill people and blow things up, but only as long as it furthers your objectives somehow. Your character may have murderous or destructive tendencies, but they shouldn't go as far as blowing or murdering stuff just for the sake of it: doing so offers a lot of personal risk and as an agent with a mission and a person that wants to get out of the station alive and free, you wouldn't put yourself through such risks. Again, the syndicate wouldn't send a walking doomsday to a stealthy mission.
  • You are expected to still be a believable person. Try to resist the temptation to become the perfect objective-accomplishing machine when you antagonize: You are still a person, with all that entails.

But ultimately, creating fun are all antagonists are about. So feel free to overlook some/all of these if you feel you can be fun for everyone/most by doing so. But keep in mind that doing so offers a certain degree of risk, and you may want to consult an admin ahead of yourself to see if your idea of "fun" isn't too excluding.


This is what you must do in order to please your syndicate employer. These will almost always be dangerous for you, and each objective usually requires your traitor equipment or a very good plan.

Objective Description Difficulty Notes
Main Objectives
Black Gloves.png
This is one of the most common objectives. Objects for theft range from an unused slime extract, the Captain's MODsuit, advanced magboots, and so on. This can vary quite a lot in difficulty, and it's your job to make the best of a bad situation. Easy to Very Hard A list of these items can be found here.
This is a tough one. In general, running up and whacking your target with an energy sword will work, but if you can roleplay with your target beforehand, it's appreciated as well. You can also try a more stealthy approach if you want to. Destroy is a variant of Assassinate, with the target always being the station's AI. Medium to Very Hard Sometimes you'll be assigned to kill other traitors without knowing beforehand, so watch your back. Note that the target also needs to 'remain' dead for you to succeed - if they're cloned or have their brain recovered and planted into another body you will fail the objective come round end. Having a target borged will also count as a success.
Teach a Lesson
Similar to the Assassinate objective, this one is a lot less harsh, as you only need to kill your target once to teach them a lesson and complete the objective. Your target can be revived or cloned and it still counts, so have some fun with this one! Medium to Very Hard While this objective is like the others, your target doesn't need to remain dead in order to complete it. 
This one is quite similar to assassinating your target, but the real twist is to prevent that person from escaping alive. Whether you're killing your target or kidnapping them for the entire shift. Easy to Very Hard The same advice given for assassinations applies here - the target simply needs to not be alive on the shuttle or an escape pod at the end of the round. If they're dead already or stranded on the station then you'll succeed.
This is very variable in difficulty, but it's rare. On the one hand, if you have to protect the Librarian it's unlikely that they're going to any really dangerous situations. On the other, if you have to protect a Station Engineer who doesn't know how to set up the singularity, you might fail before the round really starts. If possible, drag their body to genetics as quickly as you can and make sure they get cloned. Easy to Medium This objective can only be assigned to Malfunctioning AIs ordinarily. Do note that some other traitors may have your 'Protect' target as their 'Kill' target, and so you might have to intentionally disrupt their work to succeed.
This objective is harder than the others - removing a crewmember's brain. Of course - one has to kidnap or kill a person, put them to a table and either surgically or forcefully remove the head and/or brain to succeed. Hard to Very Hard If you don't have the tools to perform standard surgery, then ghetto surgery or simply cutting the head off with brute force works as well. Having the victim's head on you will also count as a success as long as the brain is still inside.
Shard Steal
Using a special scalpel and tongs, harvest a small sliver of the supermatter, either off the one in engineering, or ordered from cargo. Naturally, it is dangerous and radioactive. Traitors with this objective start with a storage unit for it, that they can use to safely store the supermatter shard in. The box should come with further instructions on how to do this. Medium to Hard You should have radiation-proof clothing in order to complete this objectives, you definitely want to wear mag-boots as well to avoid getting vaporised. This objective is not given to Engineers, Atmospheric Technicians, or the Chief Engineer
Plutonium Core Steal
Once the control panel of the nuke is exposed, either by putting the NAD in and using a normal screwdriver, or by using the special provided, you can crowbar, weld, crowbar, to expose the plutonium core of the Nuke, which can then be removed. Hard to Very Hard The nuke is located in the station Vault.

If you wish to open the container a traitor has sealed the core in, look at Nuke Core Container.

Escape Objectives
This is going to be one of the most common "escape" objectives for the traitor, getting off the station alive. This is fairly simple, but if you're wanted or there's a big threat to the station then escaping alive might become trickier. Medium to Very Hard You will fail this objective if you are in the Brig (Red) zone in the shuttle, or if you're in handcuffs. Note that if the station is being detonated via nuclear explosion then you'll need to survive instead.
This one is a a lot tougher than escaping the station with Nanotrasen crew onboard, Emagging the shuttle console helps a lot. As this will make the shuttle go away in 10 seconds. After that, kill every crewmember onboard Emergency Shuttle, this fairly sounds difficult however. But (hopefully) rest assured, you're going to have fun with this objective. Hard to Extremely Hard While escaping, pets and other Syndicate Operatives are not counted as crewmembers, they can be spared. As a traitor AI however, you cannot also allow your fellow borgs to escape as well, even if they're willing to your zeroth law. You also have additional items available in your Syndicate Uplink as well.
Pretty much self explanatory. Surviving until the end if it happens to be a traitor AI. It's easy if you did it the subtle way, doing it aggressively will be quite tough. Expect a resistance when doing so. Medium to Very Hard Only Malfunctioning AIs will normally have this objective due to their inability to move around.


Alright, you know your objectives, time to accomplish them. You have 100 Telecrystals installed into your syndicate uplink to be spent on various items. Check Syndicate Items for a more detailed description on the goods.

Try to avoid buying your items at round start. Although it can be useful to get items early, holding off until you need the item also has merit, so 30 crystals don't get wasted on an E-Mag (Cryptographic Sequencer) when you find the Captains ID conveniently sitting on the floor.


Most traitors have to kill someone, and knowing a couple of ways to do it certainly helps.

General Tips & Advice

  • Always finish the job. NEVER leave your victim alive so they can be healed or treated.
  • After killing your victim, DISPOSE them into a location where they cannot be found, so they'll not be cloned. This is of course not needed if you’re just supposed to teach them a lesson.
  • Aiming for the head generally causes more stuns and knock-downs than the torso. It can also decapitate people if you're using a sharp weapon like a cleaver or e-sword.
  • Armor can be circumvented by aiming for areas not covered by the armor. If somebody is wearing a helmet, aim for the torso. For body armor, aim for the legs.
  • Know your enemy. If your target is part of the Security team or one of the Heads, expect to be fighting a heavily armed and armored opponent. If you know the target is a good fighter, it might be a good idea to use one of the less physical methods.
  • Know their armor. If you see someone wearing bulletproof armor, use a melee weapon. If you seen someone wearing a riot helmet on their head, but a bulletproof armor on their torso, aim at their head, and use a ballistic weapon.
  • If you think you can kill somebody with an item, chances are you can. Even when you're sure there's no way this will kill anyone, it still might manage to. Experiment with different items and tools so that you're always a threat.
  • When push comes to shove, push back. Fighting is a lot like bull fighting; a lot of running and dodging and then direct physical confrontation. Never be afraid to back off for a second and get ready for a charge.
  • Keep in mind that the common (and rare) methods of killing are combinations of the ones listed below.
  • If you're going stealth, blood on your weapons, hands, and on floor are dead giveaways that you have beat somebody up. Dispose of the weapon, or clean them if you have the supplies or can get to the sink. You can wash blood off of anything, including your hands, using Space Cleaner or Soap. Always try to wear gloves when you kill someone. Not only does it leave your hands clean, it prevents fingerprint evidence from giving you away (though it does give out their fibers on their gloves). Bloody gloves are a lot easier to throw down disposals than bloody fingers.
  • The Sleepy Pen is an excellent tool for stealthy assassinations. The victim is not alerted of the initial sting, though they'll yawn a lot, and is muted for a short duration. It can also be refilled with a syringe, it has a capacity of 100 units. You may also extract its contents to instead inject something more directly lethal.
  • If you plan to go loud, you might want to take an Mini Energy Crossbow and a preferred weapon as your weapon of choice. The Mini Energy Crossbow can stun anyone once they're hit with the addition of dealing toxin damage, being hard to see, hard to dodge, and having infinite ammo.
  • No matter your objective, be confident, and actually attempt it. You miss 100% of shots you don't take, and losing is part of the fun. If you make a mistake, you will know better next time!


Typically the most readily available murder option. It involves a blunt object such as your fists, tools, guns, stun prods or almost any other item in the game.

Pros: Easy to perform and many weapons are readily available across the station.

Cons: Expect a bloody mess after the fight, it also gives time for the victim to cry for help and some people will be wearing armor. It's quite boring as well.

Notes: Unless you're a good fighter, beating is not always a viable option because it's somewhat easy to defend against.


Another simple option. Using your Grab intent, anybody who's not handcuffed can strangle somebody.

Pros: An option that can be always available anywhere, it doesn't require any weapons, just your hands. Once you grabbed the person by the neck, the victim will cannot resist again. Plus, it leaves no trace of blood.

Cons: Of course, it takes a while in order for the victim to be killed. Gives A LOT of time for the victim to cry for help. Not only that, it works if they're stunned or handcuffed, many people can avoid it and since it's slow, it will leave you in a vulnerable position. Quite boring too.

Notes: Using a garrote helps with this method. Strangulation is most useful against downed opponents.

Advanced Methods of Murder

This section covers special weapon kills and environmental circumstances that may only be available in certain parts of the station.


Simple enough; while wearing internal gear, release toxic gasses into a room with your opponent.

Pros; Leaves no physical evidence, reasonably fast!

Cons: Internal gear may be difficult to obtain later on in the round, the area becomes contaminated until somebody comes to clean it up, the AI will also receive an atmospheric alarm for the area and can immediately jump to a camera there making escape difficult unless you can hide in a locker or something.

Notes: Suffocation is not a good option for many parts of the station, but it's feasible to use in areas like the Engine, Toxins and the Atmos lab.


Killing aided by medical supplies such as toxins, sleep toxins and rejuvenators and medication like epilepsy pills. Generally, these options will only incapacitate the enemy, but in the case of the toxins and rejuvenators, enough of them can be deadly. Most medicines over 30 units will also cause toxic effects.

Pros: Readily available in the Medbay, leaves little physical evidence

Cons: Takes some time to work, is most likely not deadly unless extreme doses are administered

Notes: This method is effective to incapacitate people you've already caught if you don't have any means of handcuffing them, but it's not effective enough to kill outright. Emagging a medical hypospray will turn its safeties off, and allow you to fill it with any chemical - including ones that mix to be explosive or start fires. Hyposprays can inject up to 30 units of "medicine" at a time.

Traitor Weapons

Simple to use and are most effective when you're directly attacking the enemy. This includes e-swords, holoparasites and revolvers.

Pros: Depending on what weapon you choose, it can swiftly kill your target or silence your target to kidnap. Some weapons (such as the E-Crossbow and E-Sword) can be concealed in your pockets or in your bag. Some weapons (Sleepy Pen and Pistol with silencer) can also be silent too.

Cons: Traitors only obtain these weapons. It usually leaves a bloody mess after the fight, and some weapons (the Chainsaw and the .357 Revolver) are really loud, as it can be heard from adjacent rooms. And some weapons (like the Chainsaw) are bulky and cannot be fit in bags. They're also Contraband items as well, if one spectator sees this, you (or the spectator) are most likely screwed.

Notes: Very effective and efficient means to kill. However, this method only depends on the weapon you choose. Though some weapons can be crafted and acted as such.


The act of forcing somebody out of an external airlock.

Pros: Some Airlocks are available in most parts of the station, unlucky victims who does not have internals are likely going to die, leaves little to no physical evidence.

Cons: Not everyone has external airlock access, some opponents might dodge the attack and pull you out to space, they'll usually scream for help. Space takes its sweet time to kill, and a resourceful and prepared spaceman might make it back to the station, even if they need to break through a window. Additionally, suit sensors are going to guarantee their recovery, unless you can turn them off and prevent their reactivation, for example by cuffing the target.

Notes: Spacing can be a plausible option for people with the proper equipment, but it can also be dangerous. Spacing also usually happens after killing your target, making sure that they cannot be cloned.


Lighting a fire into plasma leak (and other ways) to is a very dangerous way to murder somebody (or yourself, if not careful), yet effective and dramatic for roleplay!

Pros: Fire intimidating and dangerous to other people, people who are burned will likely to be dead or husked, damages much of the station if you want it and effective on some species, like the Tajaran. It also does not leave much physical evidence, but the downside is...

Cons: ...It's not good for stealth, the AI will notice fire alarms, gives some time for the victim to cry for help, fire is hard to obtain and only available to high-risk types of rooms such as Atmospherics, Toxin Lab and other areas. And unless if you find away how to endure fire (like a boss), the danger level of murdering somebody with flames is quite high. Plus, fire is easy to disperse, using a fire extinguisher.

Notes: Killing somebody with fire is something dramatic and dangerous, but unless if you want the shuttle to be called, it damages the station, and it may interfere with your objectives.

If you don’t particularly want to cause a shuttle-call event, rooms like the Incinerator and Turbine have lockable fireproof chambers for burning a target without affecting the station.

Genetic Murder

This method of killing someone via genetics is once in a blue moon, it's a very rare method to kill somebody. Though it does have its upsides.

Pros: Once you locked your victim inside the DNA pod, you can completely change their identity for good, you can also save the DNA for later if you need it.

Cons: Because it's rare, it's generally very risky, one can simply call for help once they're stuck on the pod, it's also suspicious, and people and the AI might know quickly that something's up. And unless you're the Geneticist, it would take time to access the Genetics lab.

Notes: All in all, very risky to perform, hard to accomplish, and it's only effective if your victims are asleep.


Can be made using the chemistry system and is deadly if used correctly.

Pros: Like medicine, acid can be injected into a person using a syringe or shot out of a gun. It can also be splashed from a beaker. If it's splashed it has a chance of removing the person's identity, which is hard to restore.

Cons: Hard to make unless you're the chemist. Acids are not very effective when injected.

Notes: This method suffers the same fate as the genetics option and is not plausible to the people who are not in that profession.


A very messy yet effective way to murder someone, gibbing a person until they're only chunks of meat. Either by putting them in an emagged Gibber or by damaging them too much that their bodies cannot handle more damage anymore at one moment (ie, explosions).

Pros: This usually leaves little evidence and once your victim is gibbed, they cannot be cloned.

Cons: Your victim must be downed or unresponsive inorder to gib them properly. Also very messy, leaving a pile of blood and gibs. If you're using the Gibber inside the kitchen, you're going to need access to the kitchen, it's quite loud, and your fingerprint will be left on the gibber or door you just activated. If you're gonna gib by other methods, then it'd be a hard time.

Notes: A nice way to kill somebody. It's also effective on Changelings too.

Cremation and Mass Driver

An act of shoving a person into a Crematorium and totally burning them afterwards. Alternatively, you can use the Mass Driver if you need it.

Pros: If you cook someone in the Crematorium, there's no chance for your victim to survive, and they cannot be cloned. All that's left is nothing but a pile of ash that you can blow it away.

The mass driver on the other hand allows you to dispose bodies or victims off the station very quickly, into a far away place from space where they'll never be heard again.

Cons: While the Chapel secluded place to cremate or mass drive someone, the AI might know what you are doing as soon as it spotted you dragging a body to these places. It leaves blood trails too. And it both cases, it'd be hard to kill them with this method with their legs working. Leaves a fingerprint once your press either of the buttons, finally, you need access to these devices.

Using the Crematorium will destroy every item on the person completely, including the person themselves. That means if the item you needed to steal is in that person and cremate them, all that objective will be a complete bust.

Mass driving can often be unreliable, as the corpse might eventually find its way back to the station.

Notes: An effective way to kill, this method is also effective after you killed somebody, making sure that the person does not get cloned in the process.

Where to Commit Murder

Now that you've picked your method of slaying, you will need to pick somewhere to do this. Several obvious factors play into this decision:

  • Are the facilities available in this area? You obviously won't be able to push somebody into the engine from the Chapel.
  • How frequently does the subject access this area? Waiting in the medbay for your target won't result to anything if they never leave their office.
  • How heavily populated is the area? You won't want to kill somebody in an area like the medbay because there is almost always somebody there.

After looking over these, you can tell where you should commit the crime. Several more specific factors play into this;

  • How hard is the area to access?
  • How secluded is the area?
  • Is the area your primary post?

It would be unwise to kill somebody in the Toxins Lab if you're the only toxins researcher. On the other hand, it would be incredibly wise to kill somebody in the Toxins Lab if you're not the toxins researcher.

Getting Caught

Things never go that smoothly. Getting caught is a way of life and knowing how to get out of it is very important. And the best way to do that is to lie so much you believe yourself. Lie to everyone and everything that talks to you. Agree to any searches that won't get you busted for corpses or traitor items. Do anything to deflect the blame on to others. If you run around not saying anything dragging a locker of corpses around, you will end up dead. Note that your chances of this bluff being a success is shot to nothing if you get caught with any blatant traitor items on you.

Getting Off the Station

Whatever the your other objective were, you have now successfully completed it! Now, the difficult part, getting off of the station. Unfortunately, there are two routes when you're about to escape, the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is getting off the shuttle with crew on board the shuttle. The hard way? Getting off the shuttle without crewmembers on board, this may be one of your hardest objectives, but it will be well worth it once you completed it.

Aside from the above, there are two main ways to go about this task, dynamic and stealth. Dynamic players are going to want to cause the damage to get the shuttle called. Stealthy players are going to want to call the shuttle themselves are somehow prevent it from being recalled. Most players will need to combine these two ways to succeed.

If all goes well, give yourself a pat on the back, you did it! If not, try to figure out where it all went wrong and improve on that. Escaping can be nearly impossible depending on the crew and station's condition, and theft can be just as difficult if you are a lowly assistant going after the Hand Teleporter the Captain is carrying around. Sometimes it was not meant to be, but regardless, the only way to keep better is continue practicing.

Stealth Tips

Want to get the job done with little to no trouble?

  • Store stolen items out of the open, the best way is in a box that's in a locker (even better if the locker locks).
  • Get rid of evidence. A bottle of space cleaner goes a long way to clean up blood. And don't forget to hide those bodies.
  • If possible, wear gloves. This prevents your prints from being anywhere on the scene, though it will leave fibers. Consider mixing up your choice of gloves to throw Security off your scent.
  • A sleepy pen is a great stealth weapon. When they're out cold, they're at your mercy.
  • Bluff your way out. If you're a smooth enough talker, you can try to talk your way out. If caught in the act, try to pretend you were trying to help.
  • Have a backup plan. Things don't always go as planned, so have a way out.
  • Wear a disguise. Be an Unknown.
  • Do not kill innocents. The more people you kill, the likelier it is that someone will catch you in the act.

Additional Notes

  • Not all Roles can be Traitors at roundstart, the Captain, all Nanotrasen VIPs and all of Security (Including the Internal Affairs Agent) have mindshield implants. Meaning they cannot be traitors and other role-based antagonists. Command may only roll one antagonist role with a 10% chance of a second.
  • Sometimes, in some gamemodes, Changelings or Vampires are also on the station with Traitors.
  • Having a spare ID always helps. If you don't have that, then just wear a mask and run around as unknown, using your ID to access the doors that you need. Knowing the access each job has makes certain IDs more valuable than others.
  • There may be other traitors on station. You have code words to find them - those code words will be highlighted in the chat making them easier to see. You can either try working together or simply not getting in each others way. A Syndicate Encryption Key inside a headset also helps finding them too.
  • Much of this guide is directed at human traitors, not AI traitors.
  • Being a traitor is not a free ticket to ruin everyone's round.
  • If the item you need to steal has been chucked into the Safe, read up about the thing on how to crack it.
  • If you're lucky, a Syndicate Bioweapons Base may spawn in space. There, the agents can listen in on radio chatter and spy on the station's camera network. If you purchase a Syndicate Encryption Key, you can talk to them and request help finding your target. If you're very lucky, you may be able to find the base and request gear from them. Just remember that they are not allowed to leave the base, and like all other Syndicate agents, they're not required to help you.
  • These are the items excluded from discounts on traitor uplinks: all job specific tools, holoparasites, sleeping carp, CQC, bag of C4, bag of X4, Syndicate Bomb, EMP bomb, Plasma Fire Grenades, Power Beacon, Uplink Implant, Syndicate Balloon, anything that's a Bundle/TC deal.

Roleplay Tips & Suggestions

  • Consider why your character is working for the Syndicate. Are they a die-hard supporter in its cause, ready to do anything and everything in pursuit of Nanotrasen's destruction, regardless of cost? Maybe they're being blackmailed into coercion, doing dirty work to secure the life of a loved one or the secrecy of sensitive information. Or, perhaps, they're nothing more than a mercenary, banking on the hope that once this is all over, they'll finally have enough to retire.
  • How does your character's personality interact with the often violent work of the Syndicate? Are they pacifistic and squeamish, only resorting to violence as a last resort, or a violent meathead who's more than happy to cut a bloody swath towards their target? Maybe they become detached when "on the clock", turning from a friendly coworker to a stone-cold killer in less time than it takes to flip a switch. Or they're something completely different, try to find what works best for you and your character!
  • Your character's conflict with Security will be a major part of the round, so how do they approach it? Do they have a soft heart, sparing their enemies even if it means losing an advantage? An eager blood knight, happy to face down and triumph over worthy opponents? Maybe your character tries to keep a low profile, or goes the exact opposite direction by taunting Security with threats of moustache-twirling villainy and deranged cackling. (As an aside regarding the last sentence, many players consider "comms-taunting" to be in poor taste unless done artfully)
  • As an addendum to the above, do remember that killing Security will result in escalation, up to and including ERT calls.
  • Remember, nothing from each round is saved beyond the "Shifts without accident" signs in Engineering and Science, so don't be afraid to get out there and try something new!
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