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This page may contain inaccurate information regarding the USSP. Please refer to the USSP article for an accurate series of events regarding this splinter faction.

This page serves as a reference for important dates that transpired from 0AD up to the current year of 2565AD.


1396AD - The Skrell are brought under a unified banner after the resolution of The Battle of the Adrat Sea.

1565AD - The Grey make first contact with the Vox.

1632AD - The Skrell colonize the nearby worlds of Jargon 3 and Jargon 5.

1842AD - The teachings of Tajr’kii S’randarr are widely adopted on Ahdomai.

1970AD - Humanity reaches the information age.

2036AD - A disparate faction of the Unathi create a rudimentary version of FTL travel. The first off-world Unathi colony is established.

2042AD - The ruling class of Ahdomai instigates a brutal civil conflict known as the “Thirty Year March”.

2053AD - The Skrell discover and adopt FTL technologies, leading to a space tourism and colonial boom.

2058AD - Port Royal Inc. makes a successful bid to start a colony on the moon.

2076AD - The “Thirty Year March” draws to a close. The disparate Tajaran clans of Ahdomai are forcibly united under a ruling class known as “The Overseers”.

2084AD - Port Royal Inc. declares Luna a free colony in the wake of WW3.

2093AD - WW3 ends. The surviving nations of Earth form the United Earth Confederacy.

2097AD - The Kidan enter the information age.

2099AD - The ARK Program is created by the UEC, with the goal of colonizing Mars.


2100AD - The Alchemist’s Council is founded on Ahdomai.

2101AD - Dionae on Aurum start becoming gestalts, sparking widespread famine as they demand the same rights as Kidan.

2103AD - Colonization of Mars by the UES “ARK” commences.

2104AD - The ARK Program is labeled a failure, leading to the dissolution of the UEC due to infighting.

2106AD - Factions still loyal to the former UEC start warring in a desperate power struggle.

2120AD - The Tajara people reach the pre-industrial age.

2122AD - The Solar Federation takes form after UEC loyalists fail to seize power and restarts the ARK program.

2124AD - A resupply mission to Mars discovers a thriving, self-sufficient mining colony set up by the initial ARK colonists.

2130AD - The Assembly is formed in the Vazzend system and begins colonizing other planets within the system.

2142AD - The Skrellian navy fails to find intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy and, by popular vote, is dismantled.

2152AD - Unathi establish first contact with the Grey.

2156AD - Sol Common is created and mandated by the Solar Federation.

2170AD - Kidan miners strike plasma, and accidentally contaminate their homeworld.

2171AD - Chronic exposure to plasma leads to wide-scale death and mutation on Aurum.

2172AD - An elite cabal of psionically mutated Kida females declare themselves the “Empresses” of Aurum.

2176AD - Bluespace is discovered by Solar Federation scientists, thereby enabling the design and manufacture of rudimentary FTL technologies.

2189AD - Altam's biosphere is destroyed by radiation storms from the Vazzend binary stars, effectively sterilizing the surface of the planet.

2199AD - The Solar Federation rebrands itself as the Trans-Solar Federation.


2203AD - A Vox skipjack raids an Unathi transport. The Unathi wage a bloody, and ultimately fruitless, campaign against a nearby Vox arkship in response.

2205AD - The Vox inviolate is drafted and widely adopted across Vox arkships.

2207AD - Naval Station Norfolk is founded to resupply interstellar craft.

2223AD - Nanotrasen is incorporated, and invests most of its assets on Mars.

2234AD - Skrellian scientists discover the Diona after performing a routine exploratory review of nearby star systems.

2252AD - Waffle Co. creates the recipe for Waffle Pockets, which is later stolen and rebranded by Donk Co.

2276AD - The first known changeling is discovered by the Grey after the investigation of an abandoned research vessel.

2287AD - Plasma deposits on Mars are discovered, leading to the fruition of research into bluespace.

2288AD - Cybersun Industries develops the first mindslave implant.

2296AD - First contact is made between the Trans-Solar Federation and the Skrell.


2305AD - The Tajara people reach the information age.

2307AD - The Kida people start widespread stripmining efforts on nearby planetoids.

2314AD - Plasmamen are discovered on Boron 2 by the Grey, and are passively studied from orbit.

2342AD - A human-supremacist organization known as The Elysium Project is founded in secret.

2357AD - Ahdomai is discovered by an NT mission headed by the NSV Alesko.

2360AD - First contact occurs between the Tajaran and Nanotrasen. Dr. Saelnik of the NSV Alesko begins studying Tajaran culture in earnest.

2364AD - Nanotrasen establishes a dedicated outpost on Ahdomai’s twin.

2378AD - Rudimentary warpgate technology is developed on Aurum.

2385AD - The Human-Skrellian Alliance is established.

2388AD - The Wizard's Federation famously declares that friendship is a sham and raids a Nanotrasen research station.

2395AD - A Nanotrasen mining probe crashes into a secure facility on Ahdomai, leading to the escape of the revolutionary Szhara Tsaal.

2396AD - The revolutionary Szhara Tsaal is smuggled off Ahdomai aboard the NSV Alesko.


2411AD - First contact occurs between humanity and the Kidan by a human exploratory vessel. The vessel is shot down by a Kidan military frigate and its star charts are captured.

2412AD - The revolutionary Szhara Tsaal pens his famous manuscript “Gazing Upwards”.

2413AD - The Kidan launch a series of devastating raids on outlying human colonies.

2414AD - The Human-Skrellian Alliance amasses a fleet to defend the colony of Argos, and beat back the Kidan invaders.

2415AD - The HSA sieges the Kidan homeworld of Aurum, and destroys the Kida Empresses from orbit.

2416AD - Aurum unconditionally surrenders to the HSA, and agrees to punitive sanctions against their military.

2417AD - Szhara Tsaal returns to Ahdomai and begins distributing his manifesto. He is immediately executed, and made a martyr.

2418AD - Populist riots start on Ahdomai over Tsaal’s death, which are brutally quashed by The Overseers.

2419AD - Nanotrasen begins arming fringe elements on Ahdomai, sparking the “Beggar’s War”.

2426AD - Tajara rebels armed by Nanotrasen overthrow the ruling class, and Nanotrasen establishes a provisionary government lead by NT loyalists on Ahdomai.

2427AD - Nanotrasen begins wide-scale strip-mining projects across Ahdomai’s mineral rich surface.

2430AD - Siik’tajr is adopted as the common tongue of the Tajara people.

2440AD - The Muller-Gore Act is unanimously passed on Earth, paving the way for strict environmental regulations to deal with residual fallout and pollution.

2443AD - A potato famine on Earth causes a vodka shortage on human colonies. Russian colonists, fearing for their heritage, revolt and declare independence as the USSP. Trans-Solar Federation dignitaries respond in kind by slaughtering nearly 760,000 colonists, leaving fleeing USSP refugees scattered in small clusters across the galaxy.

2445AD - Protests against wide-scale mining efforts on Ahdomai begin to form.

2446AD - Nanotrasen dissolves the provisional government on Ahdomai to prevent an insurrection, deliberately fracturing and segregating Tajaran among clan lines.

2469AD - The Drask are discovered during a course-plotting accident aboard the NSV Hercule.

2472AD - First contact occurs between the Drask and a Nanotrasen diplomatic vessel.

2474AD - First contact is made between Vulpkanin and a human exploration vessel.

2479AD - Emigration and work agreements are made between the Drask elders on Hoorlm, and diplomats from the Trans-Solar Federation and HSA.

2500-Current Year

2506AD - KC13 is destroyed. KC13 does not exist.

2510AD - The first mass-producible design for a positronic brain is perfected.

2514AD - Nanotrasen produces the first Independent Positronic Chassis.

2521AD - A Nanotrasen exploratory probe discovers life on Xarxis 5. Slime People are discovered shortly after.

2523AD - The Terran Eco-revitalization Project is created.

2525AD - IPC workers begin striking enmasse, demanding payment for work. IPC workers aboard the NSS Neptune hijack an automated trading vessel and land on New Canaan.

2526AD - Nanotrasen uses its monopoly on the plasma supply to raise prices and cripple their competitors. The Syndicate is formed in response.

2527AD - The NSV Violet establishes first contact with the Grey whilst investigating bluespace interference in the region.

2552AD - An AI managing the transportation networks on the human colony of Haverick goes rogue and begins destroying transport freighters. Shellguard Munitions is contracted to decommission the AI.

2554AD - After decades of campaigning, the initial pioneers of New Canaan receive formal recognition from the Trans-Solar Federation and are awarded rights in all space controlled by the TSF.

2558AD - An NT probe seeking out plasma-rich systems discovers Boron 2, and first contact with the Plasmamen is established by Nanotrasen.

2560AD - Litigation is brought against Donk Co. over allegations that their Donk Pockets contain methamphetamine. The lead prosecutor in the case is hospitalized after a mysterious methamphetamine overdose.

2566AD - Current year.