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Basic Information
Karma Cost: Free
Homeworld: Qerrballak
Language: Skrellian (:k)
System: Indus Eridus
Height: 175cm
Lifespan: 70 years
Breathes: Oxygen

Game Mechanics
  • No special features.
  • Headpocket (fits one small item).
  • Underwater breathing.
  • Cannot become obese.
  • -400% alcohol tolerance

The Skrell are a species of aquatic, soft-fleshed beings hailing from the tropical world of Jargon 4.

Skrell and YOU

Greetings, esteemed crewmember!

In an effort to encourage inter-species cooperation and workplace efficiency, NanoTrasen has compiled a series of helpful guides on the various species that you may be working with!

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This particular guide refers to the species known as the Skrell

Skrellian Naming Schemes

Traditional Skrellian names typically consist of a long string of alternating vowels and consonants with the surname typically incorporated into the main body of the given name. This peculiar system of naming appears to have been borne out of ancient Skrellian orthodoxy, where oneness of family (and thereby the incorporation of a surname into a given name) was held as a key tenet of Skrellian society.

However, with the incorporation of foreign culture - particularly human culture - this custom has begun to fall out of favour with Skrellian families no longer native to Jargon 4 with many families christening themselves with new surnames.

Skrell Physiology

The Skrell are a species of herbivorous bipeds who dwell in the oceans of Jargon 4. Average Skrellian height is approximately 175 cm, with no distinct differences in height between males and females. Skrellian possess a translucent epidermis which allows some degree of lights to pass through their skin. This is believed to be an evolutionary adaptation to their typically low-light ocean environment, and fosters the production of various vitamins when their blood is exposed to trace amounts of UV light. Due to this translucency, most Skrell often appear to be varying shades of green or blue due to the coloration of their blood - though variations in skin pigmentation have been known to produce other visible colours.

Skrell possess two large eyes with black sclera and small coloured pupils which allow them to clearly see underwater without the blindness, lack of clarity, or distortion most races suffer from when submerged. Skrell possess Cephalopoic tendrils on their head that come in a wide range of shapes and lengths. Though these tendrils were likely advantageous to the ancient ancestors of Skrell, Skrell have long lost their ability to independently or consciously manipulate their tendrils.

Unsurprisingly, given their aquatic nature, the Skrellian respiratory system is capable of filtering oxygen out of inhaled water at a variety of pressures and concentrations, allowing them to remain submerged indefinitely. While Skrell have also evolved to have the capability for land-dwelling, most Skrell find such an existence uncomfortable or laborious and prefer aquatic environments. Skrell lack an organ to effectively filter out bodily toxins, relying on mechanisms in their bloodstream to do so. Though effective for dealing with toxins native to Jargon 4, this adaptation has left Skrell susceptible to toxic off world substances such as alcohol.

The Skrellian Language

The Skrellian language consists of a series of higher pitched sounds which are mostly inaudible to non-Skrell. Due to these variations in intonation and pitch, often beyond the frequency most species are able to detect, Skrellian has few non-native speakers as it can't be reproduced or understood without mechanical assistance.

Though there are a few notable dialects on the world of Jargon 4, Skrell by and large all practice a common language understood by almost all speakers on their world. Following the advent of the Human-Skrellian Alliance in 2385AD many Skrell have also began to practice Galactic Common; some families have even as far as to supplant the native Skrellian language with the far more broadly understood Galactic Common. Due to this linguistic shift, the Skrellian government issues documents and legislation in both Skrellian and Galactic Common.

The Skrellian Homeworld

The Skrellian homeworld known as Jargon 4, or Qerrballak in native Skrellian, is notable for its humidity, long island chains, lack of any continents, and its possession of three lunar satellites. The hot and cold seasons on Jargon 4 are often mild, the vast oceans and high humidity isolating the world from drastic temperature changes. The average surface temperature on Jargon 4 is 30C°, and prolonged periods of heavy rainfall or coastal storms are not unusual.

Though Skrell prefer to dwell underwater, much of the advanced industry on Jargon 4 is located above water due to the exorbitant costs and difficulties associated with underwater construction. Despite land being at a premium, Skrellian industry is known for its high levels of productivity. This factor, combined with their cordial trade relations with Humans, has lead the burgeoning economy of Jargon 4 to become one of the largest in the galaxies and subsequently a popular destination for intergalactic tourism.

Though Skrell native to Jargon 4 enjoy a variety of comforts, this productivity has not been without its costs. The citizenry of Jargon 4, having initially seen their borders expanded beyond the reach of their solar system with no alien contact, called for the dismantling of their naval forces. This act, though a noble cost-cutting measure, left themselves open to both political outliers and what would become a rapidly growing pirate population. It wasn't until first contact with Humans, and the subsequent establishment of the Human-Skrellian Alliance, that the Skrell were able to effectively rebuild their naval forces stamp out the issue of piracy, both on Jargon 4 and abroad.

The jungles of Jargon 4 are also inhabited by a species known as the Fyrsskar, reptilian sentient species that have been locked in perpetual animosity with the Skrell. Their technology is comparatively primitive, and is mostly salvaged from abandoned Skrellian ships and factories. While incapable space flight, some Fyrsskian individuals have been occasionally hired as mercenaries and enforcers by certain companies despite objections from Skrellian officials.

A Brief History Skrellflag.png

Jargon 4

Skrellian history is rife with varying degrees of political and internal conflict. From the early wars between neighbouring enclaves of Skrell and the more recent issues of piracy, Skrell - despite their typically peaceful nature - are no strangers to political disagreements becoming violent. Though initially divided in their formative years, the population of Jargon 4 was finally brought under a unified banner in the year 1396AD after a long and particularly costly war known as The Conflict of the Adrat Sea; a battle which was waged over the limited surface land available.

Once this battle had been laid to rest the Skrellian entered an era that they documented as "Adrat's Peace". Lasting from early 1400AD up until the later years of 1800AD, the Skrell were left undisturbed by the large military conquests of their ancestors and set their sights on the stars. Though the damage from the earlier conflict was immense, the Skrellian people were already well-industrialized and quickly set about to rebuilding their homeworld under the auspicious gaze of their new planetary government. By the year 1632AD, both the words of Jargon 3 and Jargon 5 had seen multiple missions, and eventually the establishment of permanent colonies upon their surface.

Bolstered by a space tourism boom and the discovery of FTL technologies, Skrell quickly explored the world beyond their immediate solar system and established several more colonies on the worlds bordering their system. After the proliferation of numerous border colonies with no sign or hint of alien life beyond their borders, Skrellian society turned their focus inward. Both emboldened and disheartened by the idea that they may be the only intelligent life in the galaxy, Skrellian arts and culture saw a revitalization that has lasting implications to the modern day.

This inward focus would lead to the eventual dismantling of the Skrellian navy in 2142 and the subsequent proliferation of piracy on Jargon 4 based out of the Skrellian rimworld colonies. It wouldn't be until the discovery of the Skrell by Sol-Gov in 2296AD, and the later establishment of the Human-Skrellian Alliance in 2385AD, that the Skrellian navy would once again be rebuilt and returned to full strength. First testing its strength by tackling the rampant rimworld piracy, before coming to the aid of the Sol-Gov fleet 2414 against a short-lived Kidan incursion on Human colonies. The HSA would later evolve to serve as peacekeepers throughout known space, seeking to prevent and deescalate conflicts between the various species inhabiting the galaxy.

Though the Skrellian naval fleet is dwarfed by the sheer size of the Human fleet, both species enjoy cordial diplomatic, military, and trade relations - a boon which has further bolstered the economic and artistic vibrancy of the Skrellian homeworld and its colonies.

Skrell Culture

Skrell traditionally live in large family groups that emulate band-like structures, with the oldest living parent taking charge of and organizing household affairs. Skrellian culture stresses the importance of their varied cultural practices and an appreciation for the arts - which play a central role in Skrellian education.

Still exuberant at the somewhat recent discovery of alien cultures, Skrellian society is one of the more receptive to exchange and interaction with alien species. Though Skrell freely allow immigration of foreign species to their homeworld, the vetting processes are often rigorous and the wait lists long due to Jargon 4 containing little arable land.

Spiritual pursuits are held highly in the Skrell society. While no specific religion practiced on Jargon 4, the belief in individual souls is common with many Skrell adamantly believing in a blissful afterlife that comes to those who are in touch with their inner selves. Skrell, who typically live in comfort, traditionally believe that material enrichment also plays an important role in reaching one's true self.

Likely due to the fact that Skrell are herbivores, Skrellian orthopraxy considers all life - no matter how small - to be important and have intrinsic value.

Present Day

One of the oldest species on the galactic arena, the Skrell have secured a comfortable position both in terms of their economic output, as well as quality of life. Currently their government focuses on bringing artistic enlightenment to less culturally refined species, as well as enforcing peace in the galaxy in cooperation with Sol Gov and subsequently enjoys friendly relations with most known species.

Though many Skrell never leave the comforts of their homeworld or its colonies, commerce and the arts often necessitate Skrell emigrating to other worlds or working under the employ of foreign companies.

Remember, crewmember, mutual respect and cooperation are the cornerstones of success and productivity!