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This page may contain inaccurate information regarding the USSP. Please refer to the USSP article for an accurate series of events regarding this splinter faction.

This page serves as a reference for important dates that transpired from 0AD up to the current year of 2565AD.


1396AD - The Skrell are brought under a unified banner after the resolution of The Battle of the Adrat Sea.

1565AD - The Grey make first contact with the Vox.

1632AD - The Skrell colonize the nearby worlds of Jargon 3 and Jargon 5.

1842AD - The teachings of Tajr’kii S’randarr are widely adopted on Ahdomai.

1970AD - Humanity reaches the information age.

2036AD - A disparate faction of the Unathi create a rudimentary version of FTL travel. The first off-world Unathi colony is established.

2042AD - The ruling class of Ahdomai instigates a brutal civil conflict known as the “Thirty Year March”.

2053AD - The Skrell discover and adopt FTL technologies, leading to a space tourism and colonial boom.

2058AD - Port Royal Inc. makes a successful bid to start a colony on the moon.

2076AD - The “Thirty Year March” draws to a close. The disparate Tajaran clans of Ahdomai are forcibly united under a ruling class known as “The Overseers”.

2084AD - Port Royal Inc. declares Luna a free colony in the wake of WW3.

2093AD - WW3 ends. The surviving nations of Earth form the United Earth Confederacy.

2097AD - The Kidan enter the information age.

2099AD - The ARK Program is created by the UEC, with the goal of colonizing Mars.


2100AD - The Alchemist’s Council is founded on Ahdomai.

2101AD - Dionae on Aurum start becoming gestalts, sparking widespread famine as they demand the same rights as Kidan.

2103AD - Colonization of Mars by the UES “ARK” commences.

2104AD - The ARK Program is labeled a failure, leading to the dissolution of the UEC due to infighting.

2106AD - Factions still loyal to the former UEC start warring in a desperate power struggle.

2120AD - The Tajara people reach the pre-industrial age.

2122AD - The Solar Federation takes form after UEC loyalists fail to seize power and restarts the ARK program.

2124AD - A resupply mission to Mars discovers a thriving, self-sufficient mining colony set up by the initial ARK colonists.

2130AD - The Assembly is formed in the Vazzend system and begins colonizing other planets within the system.

2142AD - The Skrellian navy fails to find intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy and, by popular vote, is dismantled.

2152AD - Unathi establish first contact with the Grey.

2156AD - Sol Common is created and mandated by the Solar Federation.

2170AD - Kidan miners strike plasma, and accidentally contaminate their homeworld.

2171AD - Chronic exposure to plasma leads to wide-scale death and mutation on Aurum.

2172AD - An elite cabal of psionically mutated Kida females declare themselves the “Empresses” of Aurum.

2176AD - Bluespace is discovered by Solar Federation scientists, thereby enabling the design and manufacture of rudimentary FTL technologies.

2189AD - Altam's biosphere is destroyed by radiation storms from the Vazzend binary stars, effectively sterilizing the surface of the planet.

2199AD - The Solar Federation rebrands itself as the Trans-Solar Federation.


2203AD - A Vox skipjack raids an Unathi transport. The Unathi wage a bloody, and ultimately fruitless, campaign against a nearby Vox arkship in response.

2205AD - The Vox inviolate is drafted and widely adopted across Vox arkships.

2207AD - Naval Station Norfolk is founded to resupply interstellar craft.

2223AD - Nanotrasen is incorporated, and invests most of its assets on Mars.

2234AD - Skrellian scientists discover the Diona after performing a routine exploratory review of nearby star systems.

2252AD - Waffle Co. creates the recipe for Waffle Pockets, which is later stolen and rebranded by Donk Co.

2276AD - The first known changeling is discovered by the Grey after the investigation of an abandoned research vessel.

2287AD - Plasma deposits on Mars are discovered, leading to the fruition of research into bluespace.

2288AD - Cybersun Industries develops the first mindslave implant.

2296AD - First contact is made between the Trans-Solar Federation and the Skrell.


2305AD - The Tajara people reach the information age.

2307AD - The Kida people start widespread stripmining efforts on nearby planetoids.

2314AD - Plasmamen are discovered on Boron 2 by the Grey, and are passively studied from orbit.

2342AD - A human-supremacist organization known as The Elysium Project is founded in secret.

2353AD - Approximatively 70 lightyears away from Sol, the Cygni B IIa mining colony is established in the 16 Cygni system in order to experiment self-sufficient colonies.

2357AD - Ahdomai is discovered by an NT mission headed by the NSV Alesko.

2360AD - First contact occurs between the Tajaran and Nanotrasen. Dr. Saelnik of the NSV Alesko begins studying Tajaran culture in earnest.

2364AD - Nanotrasen establishes a dedicated outpost on Ahdomai’s twin.

2378AD - Rudimentary warpgate technology is developed on Aurum.

2385AD - The Human-Skrellian Alliance is established.

2388AD - The Wizard's Federation famously declares that friendship is a sham and raids a Nanotrasen research station.

2395AD - A Nanotrasen mining probe crashes into a secure facility on Ahdomai, leading to the escape of the revolutionary Szhara Tsaal.

2396AD - The revolutionary Szhara Tsaal is smuggled off Ahdomai aboard the NSV Alesko.


2411AD - First contact occurs between humanity and the Kidan by a human exploratory vessel. The vessel is shot down by a Kidan military frigate and its star charts are captured.

2412AD - The revolutionary Szhara Tsaal pens his famous manuscript “Gazing Upwards”.

2413AD - The Kidan launch a series of devastating raids on outlying human colonies.

2414AD - The Human-Skrellian Alliance amasses a fleet to defend the colony of Argos, and beat back the Kidan invaders.

2415AD - The HSA sieges the Kidan homeworld of Aurum, and destroys the Kida Empresses from orbit.

2416AD - Aurum unconditionally surrenders to the HSA, and agrees to punitive sanctions against their military.

2417AD - Szhara Tsaal returns to Ahdomai and begins distributing his manifesto. He is immediately executed, and made a martyr.

2418AD - Populist riots start on Ahdomai over Tsaal’s death, which are brutally quashed by The Overseers.

2419AD - Nanotrasen begins arming fringe elements on Ahdomai, sparking the “Beggar’s War”.

2426AD - Tajara rebels armed by Nanotrasen overthrow the ruling class, and Nanotrasen establishes a provisionary government lead by NT loyalists on Ahdomai.

2427AD - Nanotrasen begins wide-scale strip-mining projects across Ahdomai’s mineral rich surface.

2430AD - Siik’tajr is adopted as the common tongue of the Tajara people.

2440AD - The Muller-Gore Act is unanimously passed on Earth, paving the way for strict environmental regulations to deal with residual fallout and pollution.

2443AD - The Oahu Massacre of 5,310 TSF military personnel occurs in 16 Cygni, followed by Malfoy Ames proclaiming the foundation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Planets. The TSF declared war, soon followed by a ceasefire less than a month after hostilities began.

2445AD - Protests against wide-scale mining efforts on Ahdomai begin to form.

2446AD - Nanotrasen dissolves the provisional government on Ahdomai to prevent an insurrection, deliberately fracturing and segregating Tajaran among clan lines.

2447AD - Pyemi Vedenin publicly denounces Malfoy Ames for corruption via discrepancies in budgets, leading to the founder being placed in court. Pyemi Vedenin was then further elected as a temporary head for the USSP.

2451AD - Kommunisticheskaya Contrapor 13, a soviet Drydock port, was brought out of orbit and damaged beyond repair, soon replaced by KC14. KC13 does not exist.

2469AD - The Drask are discovered during a course-plotting accident aboard the NSV Hercule.

2472AD - First contact occurs between the Drask and a Nanotrasen diplomatic vessel.

2474AD - First contact is made between Vulpkanin and a human exploration vessel.

2479AD - Emigration and work agreements are made between the Drask elders on Hoorlm, and diplomats from the Trans-Solar Federation and HSA.

2500-Current Year

2510AD - The first mass-producible design for a positronic brain is perfected.

2514AD - Nanotrasen produces the first Independent Positronic Chassis.

2521AD - A Nanotrasen exploratory probe discovers life on Xarxis 5. Slime People are discovered shortly after.

2522AD - Pyemi Vedenin, Chairman of the USSP's Presidium, publicly announces he is too old to govern. His son, Stukov Vedenin, takes the mantle. Critics are quick to follow the new chairman.

2523AD - The Terran Eco-revitalization Project is created.

2525AD - IPC workers begin striking enmasse, demanding payment for work. IPC workers aboard the NSS Neptune hijack an automated trading vessel and land on New Canaan.

2526AD - Nanotrasen uses its monopoly on the plasma supply to raise prices and cripple their competitors. The Syndicate is formed in response.

2527AD - The NSV Violet establishes first contact with the Grey whilst investigating bluespace interference in the region.

2531AD - Jikkerio Kuzgacharz, soviet Vulpkanin artist, reveals to the USSP's public a massive stone sculpture of a Human, Vulpkanin, IPC and Nian all holding the same hammer together to celebrate their mutual struggles.

2552AD - An AI managing the transportation networks on the human colony of Haverick goes rogue and begins destroying transport freighters. Shellguard Munitions is contracted to decommission the AI.

2554AD - After decades of campaigning, the initial pioneers of New Canaan receive formal recognition from the Trans-Solar Federation and are awarded rights in all space controlled by the TSF.

2558AD - An NT probe seeking out plasma-rich systems discovers Boron 2, and first contact with the Plasmamen is established by Nanotrasen.

2560AD - Litigation is brought against Donk Co. over allegations that their Donk Pockets contain methamphetamine. The lead prosecutor in the case is hospitalized after a mysterious methamphetamine overdose.

2567AD - Current year.