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Useful Resources

A voice in your head... - A subtle, in-character message from an admin. Generally, you should follow or do the advice or commands it gives.

A voice that seems to echo around the room... - A message from someone with the 'remote talking' superpower from Genetics.

Admin - Short for Administrator. They have dark blue coloured text on the Discord and usually a red-orange coloured OOC text. They enforce server rules and behaviour and have powers designed to keep the game fun for everyone. Listening to them is a very good idea. Use the Adminwho command under the Admin tab to see which admins are online.

Adminhelp - A command which lets you send a message to the admins. Use this if you have questions about the rules or if you think another player is breaking the rules. It should be noted that even when no admins are online, any messages sent in adminhelp are logged and also sent to a place offline admins can read.

AI - The Artificial Intelligence, the station's computer which can access machinery on the station. A job that can be played.

Analyzer - Refers to either Health Analyzer, Atmospheric Analyzer, Plant Analyzer or Research & Development's Destructive analyzer.

Antag Token - Refers to a token granted to players that allows them to choose a non-station threatening antagonist role pending administrator approval (with deference given to the round type). These tokens are only given out by administrators under extenuating circumstances, and are in no way, shape, or form guaranteed to a player. Antag tokens are strictly single use.

Atmos - Refers to either the game's Atmospherics system, the Atmospherics area or Atmospheric Technicians (which are also commonly known as Atmos Techs or Life Support Specialists).

Beepsky/Officer Beepsky - A securitron that patrols the station. Will chase, stun, and handcuff anyone set to be arrested in the security records.

Blob - A level 5 biohazard that spawns during the Blob major random event. A big jelly thing which spreads quickly, consumes chemicals to grow, causes enormous damage, hurts people, and has variable weaknesses and strengths.

Bolt/Bolted - A feature of Airlocks. When the bolts are dropped, the door cannot move from its current position, be it open or closed. They can be lifted by the AI or hacking the airlock.

Bridge - The Bridge is the command centre of the station.

Brig - An area of the station with cells, where people are held by Security.

BYOND - The platform SS13 was coded on. You need it to be able to play the game.

C-Ling/Cling - OOC slang for Changeling.

Cap/Capn'/Capt./Cappy - A slang of Captain, a high-ranking crewmember who takes charge of the entire station. May be in a form of a rank on some Response Team Leaders.

CC - See Centcom.

CE - Short for Chief Engineer, the crew member in charge of the Engineering department.

Carp - Refers to either hostile Space Carps that are spawned in random events, Holocarp that are spawned in dangerous Holodeck simulations or Sleeping Carp, a deadly martial art used by the Syndicate.

Centcom - Short for Central Command, the administration branch of Nanotrasen which runs the station. Also refers to the area the Emergency Escape Shuttle goes to when it leaves.

CMO - Short for Chief Medical Officer, the crew member in charge of the Medical department.

Clone Memory Disorder - See Clone Memory Disorder

CO2 - Carbon Dioxide, an invisible gas kept in black canisters. Will knock you out and suffocate you. A small trace amount of it makes up breathable air. A common coolant for the Supermatter Engine.

Crew - Everyone listed on the Crew Manifest. Hired by Nanotrasen to do their jobs.

Cryo - Refers to either medical's Cryo Cells or the Cryogenic Chambers, usually located near Dorms, where you go to sleep to remove yourself from the round.

Cult - Refers to the Cult game mode. People who believe in the dark gods are known as cultists. Might refer to a gimmick by the Chaplain.

Deadchat - Also known as Ghost chat. A chat channel dead players speak on using the say command. Can only be seen by other ghosted players.

Deathsquad - A group of Death Commandos sent by Central Command to exterminate the threat. That usually includes everyone.

Deathsquid - Usually just a slang term for Deathsquad. Rarely used to refer to the Death Squid, a very large and deadly squid.

Disk - Refers to either the Nuclear Authentication Disk, Technology Disks or Plant Disks.

Doc - A Medical Doctor.

Electrify - Another feature of airlocks. If an electrified airlock is touched by someone without insulated gloves, they will receive an electric shock, taking damage and being stunned for some time. The AI and Airlock hacking can activate or disable electrification. Some grilles are also electrified - cutting a cable without wearing insulated gloves will also electrify you.

Emag - Another name for the Cryptographic Sequencer traitor item, which forces airlocks open or does other things like letting you order more traitor items.

EMP - Stands for Electromagnetic Pulse, an energy wave that effects nearby objects and mobs by disabling them. This is an effective way to kill various synthetics like AIs, Cyborgs, IPCs and so on. It is commonly caused by an Ion Rifle projectile, an EMP Grenade traitor item, or a Dissonant Shriek changeling power.

Engine - Refers to either the Supermatter, Tesla or Singularity. Might also refer to the Engine area itself, located within the Engineering department.

ERT - Stands for Emergency Response Team or simply Response Team. An elite group of highly-trained units sent out by Central Command to deal with severe emergencies aboard their stations.

EVA - Short for Extra-Vehicular Activity. A room where space suits, magboots, jetpacks and emergency materials are kept.

Ghost - Refers to a command you can type when you have died to become a ghost, and to the actual Ghost themselves. See the page for more details about that role. Remember that ghosting while alive will have a special message when examined (a crewmember is totally catatonic, they'll not be waking up soon), but this can also break rules! Especially if you are playing as a head of staff.

Gib - The bloody, torn apart remnants of a former living being. These are usually non-revivable by all means. Created by people, livestock, monkeys, and cyborgs exploding. This is one way of killing a Changeling for good.

Gimmick - Can refer to a player gimmick or a gimmick round. Basically a round or player which plays with a certain "theme". Can be amusing once or twice but doing this regularly runs it into the ground very quickly.

Greytide - "Greytide" or "Greyshirts" is a term used to describe male humans, bald, with black eyes, and the appearance of a 30 year old.

The appearance here is the default character. People with this appearance generally haven't set up their character because they are brand new to the game, or just don't care. Many griefers have this appearance, but not exclusively at all. Some people are just newbies, so don't treat them all badly!

Greytiding is also a term used for when seasoned players intentionally come close to breaking the rules, go around acting like a new player, and generally cause mischief for no reason in particular.

Griefing - (AKA Griefing/Griefer)

Griefing is the act of getting enjoyment out of ruining the game for others. Examples include killing without good reason, randomly starting fires, dismantling the hull, acting insane to the extent that it negatively affects others, etc. Note that it can be easy to confuse Syndicate operatives or the Traitor with griefers. Griefing is a bannable offense.

Hacking - Hacking is the act of accessing and manipulate the wiring of various machines or airlocks.

Headset - Also known as radios. Refers to the headset on your head that you use to talk over comms. Regular headsets can only talk on the common channel. Departmental headsets contains encryption keys that lets them access additional channels. See Guide for Beginners for details on how to use headsets.

HoP - Short for Head of Personnel, the crew member in charge of the service department. Can transfer crew members between jobs and change IDs.

HoS - Short for Head of Security, the crew member in charge of the Security department.

Hulk - Refers to the hulk genetics power or a person in possession of it. People with the Hulk gene turn green and become super strong, being able to punch through walls, windows, and other fixtures. Hurts like hell if one hits you.

IC in OOC - The act of describing anything happening in the game over the OOC channel. The rule of thumb is if a person not involved in the incident or not observing the game can still tell what's going on, it's IC in OOC. Excessive use usually results in a ban. (See the Advanced Rules page for details)

Icky Oocky - The same as the aforementioned entry, this simply means IC in OOC. There are various forms in which this phrase appears such as "Icky in my Oocky", "Ick Oock", and "Icky Ocky".

In Character - In Character knowledge/chat, often abbreviated to IC, is what you as the character know or say. It's the opposite of out of character. For example, a Chemist would know how to make thermite, but not how to start the engine. IC knowledge often differs from Out of Character knowledge. See also: Roleplaying.

Internals - Refers to a portable gas tank, containing whichever gas your species needs to breathe, connected to a breath mask or gas mask. Basically any worn item that lets you breathe when you otherwise can't.

Lag - Concept common to almost all online gaming. Not worth explaining in depth here - basically it's the server (server-side lag) or your own computer (client-side lag) being slow and causing gaps between you doing stuff and it actually happening to grow.

Law/Laws - Rules which the AI and Cyborgs must follow. Are somewhat open to interpretation by the player, though you should Ahelp if you have any questions on how to interpret the laws. May be modified or changed at an AI Upload Terminal using various modules, wiped back to the basics using the Reset Module, or purged entirely with the Purge Module. Note that core modules cannot be removed by the standard reset module. Can also refer to Space Law.

Ling/Cling - Refers to a Changeling, a type of identity-stealing antagonist.

Lockdown - Refers to individual, local fire alarms locking down areas, places with shutters, or the bolting down of all doors to an area.

Mass Driver - A switch operated device found in Disposals, Toxins and the Chapel. Any objects on them when they are activated will be thrown forward at high speed.

Metagaming - Metagaming is the act of using out of character knowledge to further your own player in the game, and is the opposite of Roleplaying.

Med - Short for Medical or Medbay.

Mod - Short for Moderators, who used to help deal with various issues, but were ranked lower than admins. They were merged into the Trial Admin role.

Notes - A command which displays "Notes" kept in your characters memory, which you add with the "add note" command. Some notes are automatically added depending on the circumstances, such as Revolutionaries having the list of Rev members memorized, traitors having their radio frequency memorized, and Syndicate Nuke Operative's leaders having the nuclear bomb code memorized.

N2 - Nitrogen, an invisible gas kept in red canisters. Makes up about 80% of breathable air. The Vox is required to breathe in N2 in order to survive. Not to be confused with the chemical reagent nitrogen from chemistry. A common coolant for the Supermatter Engine.

N2O - Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas or anesthetic. White gas kept in red canisters with a white stripe, that will knock you out and suffocate you at high enough concentrations, very lethal unless a third-party treats them.

NT/Nanotrasen - Nanotrasen is one of the largest corporations in all of known space. You work for Nanotrasen as an employee. Unless you don't.

Nuke - Refers either to the Nuclear Fission Explosive or the Nuclear Emergency game mode.

Nukie/Nuke Ops - Refers either to the Nuclear Agent role or the Nuclear Emergency game mode.

O2 - Oxygen. Invisible gas usually kept in blue and white canisters. Makes up about 20% of breathable air. Required for fires to occur.

Out of Character - Out of character knowledge/chat, often abbreviated to OOC, is what you as the user know or say. The opposite of in character. For example, you might play a chemist, but know how to start the engine. Discussing in character things in OOC chat or using OOC knowledge to get the jump on someone are examples of metagaming. OOC knowledge often differs from In Character knowledge.

OOC in IC - The inverse of the much more common 'IC in OOC'. Whenever a game mechanic, metafeature, or player-to-player conversation is referenced in the say or emote channels. Or using ((brackets)) to talk to players locally OOC. Not recommended.

pAI - Personal Artificial Intelligence or Personal AI. A role that Ghosts can play as.

PDA - Personal Device Assistant. Handheld devices that act as pagers, flashlights and other useful functions depending on what cartridge is inserted, you start with one.

Plasma - Purple gas kept in orange canisters. Highly toxic and flammable. Research into uses and properties of plasma is the station's prime reason for existence. It is primarily utilized in FTL drives. Plasmaman require plasma to breathe.

RCD - Rapid Construction Device. A piece of equipment which can quickly make and break floors, walls, and airlocks. Can't break reinforced walls.

RD - Research Director. The job used to be called Head of Research. They are the ones who oversees the Research department and make sure that Scientists don't leak plasma everywhere.

Records - Comes in two flavours, Security and Medical, both accessible from terminals with red or white screens, respectively. Can be set during character setup, and both contain other useful information such as DNA, fingerprint information, and Security Records that can be used to have Beepsky arrest people on sight.

Report/Centcom Report/Classified Report - A document printed out from communications consoles at the start of the round. This lists out the station projects that are needed to be built in the current shift. This may also refer to other reports that may happen during some rounds.

Resurrection - See Revive.

Rev - Refers to either the Revenant, the game mode Revolution or a member of the Revolution in said game mode.

Revive - Bringing someone back to life after they have died through either Genetics, Hydroponics, Medbay, Robotics, or admin powers.

Robust/Robusting - The game's ROBUST COMBAT SYSTEM. To robust someone is to fight someone or at least win in a fight. To be robust means you often win fights. Fighting without IC reason is considered griefing.

Roleplaying - Roleplaying is the act of pretending to be your character, and is the opposite of Metagaming. This entails acting as if the events on the station are real.

See also: A Crash Course In Roleplaying

Sec - Short for Security.

Shitcurity - When Security is abusing their power, does not know/ignores Space Law, and/or is considered incompetent. Since Security is generally staffed by players, just like you, doing the best they can, it is generally wise to avoid using this word. If you have a grievance with how Sec is behaving, take it up with the IAA, Magistrate, HoS, or Captain.

Shuttle - Refers to either the Emergency Escape Shuttle (which is used during the end of a round), the Arrival Shuttle (where you spawn in if you join late), the Supply Shuttle, the Mining Shuttle, the Syndicate Shuttle or the Wizard Shuttle.

Signal - A beep sent from a Remote Signaling Device. "Default Signal" is used to refer to the default setting of the devices, which is Frequency 147.9, Code 30.

Signs - Wet Floor Signs or Holographic Floor signs. Janitors should put these down where they've mopped.

SS13 - Space Station 13. The title of the game that you're playing (now).

Syndicate - The Syndicate are an organization that desire the downfall of Nanotrasen. Syndicate operatives appear in various game modes. Syndicate agents are usually very highly trained and usually have at least basic training in all aspects of station work.

See Identifying Antagonists for more information about identifying Syndicate members.

Also referred to as 'Syndie' or 'Synd', though don't use that too often in-character.

See also: Nuclear Agent, Syndicate Infiltration Team and Traitor.

Tabling - The act of grabbing, and then placing someone onto a table to instantly knock them down on it.

Tele - Refers to either hand teleporters or teleporter machines.

Traitor - The traitor, sometimes referred to as the Syndicate operative, is a role given to players in the Traitor, Autotraitor, Traitor + Changeling, Traitor + Vampire or Trifecta game modes. The traitor has two or three objectives that must be accomplished for the syndicate.

May also be used to refer to any other Syndicates (see Nuclear Agents and similar) or Revolutionaries.

Wormhole - A black swirly portal, which appears during random events. Anything coming into contact with a wormhole will be teleported to a random area on or off the station. They can be fairly dangerous or cause temporary blockades. Not to be confused with portals made from the handheld teleporter, which are blue or (more rarely) orange.

Wiz/Wizard - Refers to either the Wizard game mode, or a Wizard player who has access to a number of spells with the goal of causing chaos and destruction to the station.

Xeno - A Xenomorph or alien. A predatory species with the goal of infesting the station.

Z-Level - Another "area" of the game. Part of BYOND's functionality. For example, the station, Lavaland and Centcom are all on different Z-levels. Going off the edge of one Z-Level will take you to another.