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General Information
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Basic Information
Homeworld: Moghes
Language: Sintha’Unathi (:o)
System: Beta Centaurus
Height: 190cm
Lifespan: 45 years
Breathes: Oxygen
Game Mechanics
  • Can consume tiny animals.
  • Claws (unarmed is sharp).
  • Higher heat threshold.
  • Slight low-light vision()
  • Ability to chug welding fuel and then breathe a very small amount of fire (enough to light a cigarette)
  • Lower cold threshold.

Unathi (you-nath-ee) are a species of scaled, reptilian beings. They hail from the arid world of Moghes.

Unathi and YOU

Greetings, esteemed crewmember!

In an effort to encourage inter-species cooperation and workplace efficiency, Nanotrasen has compiled a series of helpful guides on the various species that you may be working with!

(NOTE: If you are a member of the species this guide pertains to, please give it to the nearest crewmember of another species)

This particular guide refers to the species known as the Unathi (singular: Unathi).

Unathi Naming Schemes

The Unathi naming schemes tend to follow a rigid system of stratification, with similar last names frequenting some of the more insular factions of Unathi and extra names and honorifics being awarded to both rulers and those who display exemplary military prowess. Unathi lack given names until they reach maturity, at which point they may elect to adopt their own name or the name of a noteworthy progenitor. While some Unathi adopt names prior to adulthood, these individuals are usually shunned for defying proper custom.

As a result of this naming phenomenon, and the importance associated with an Unathi's given name, the given name is generally reserved only for use by close friends and family; using an Unathi's first name without earning the right to do so is typically seen as a grave insult. Unathi typically adopt a pseudonym for use by those they don't implicitly trust, such as outsiders to their clan or members of other species.

Unathi Physiology

Unathi are a carnivorous species of tall, scale-covered reptilian beings. While many Unathi have a single contiguous colour across their body and the spectrum of possible colours is wide, with certain sects of Unathi even customarily etching and dyeing various markings into their scales and hide. The colouration of Unathi males tends to have deeper or more robust shades of greens, grays, reds and browns, whereas the lighter or more pallid colourations involving blue and purple generally only emerge in females and newborns. The colouration of male Unathi tends to darken and deepen as they age, with females gradually losing their colour as they become older.

Like many sexually dimorphic species, the average male Unathi stands around two metres tall, with the females generally averaging about twenty to fourty centimeters shorter. The snouts of male Unathi are typically sharper and more narrow, with females typically displaying shorter and rounded snouts. All Unathi stand on plantigrade legs with clawed toes, which has lead many Unathi to shun footwear both out of tradition and simple practicality - despite this, standard issue footwear can often be modified to accommodate Unathi feet.

Unathi have slender, clawed, digits that are suitable for manipulating and creating various tools. Unlike human ligaments and hand bones, Unathi hand bones are much more dense and more robust suggesting that the precursor to modern Unathi may have relied heavily on their claws for the purposes of hunting. Unathi also possess long, forked tongues that are capable of briefly telescoping out to sample the air, a trait which is believed to have been an evolutionary adaptation geared toward hunting. Unathi are one of the few known sapient species to also be cold blooded, suffering from bouts of fatigue when exposed to low temperatures. Unathi hearts have an extra valve to help distribute blood through their vascular system, which aids in evenly distributing heat through the body.

Unathi are strictly carnivorous, and while capable of eating various plant-matter their digestive system is incapable of breaking down and metabolizing plant-based proteins and fibres.


Sinta'Unathi is the tongue native of the species and is still their dominant language even after the introduction of Galactic Common. Comprised of hisses and guttural yelps, Sinta'Unathi is generally difficult, if not impossible, to emulate by most other sentient species. Unathi have been observed also using a variety of vocal gestures that fall outside of the boundary of the language to convey other information, these gestures typically used to either voice displeasure or to intimidate an opponent.

Though many of the outlying Unathi colonists speak fluent Galactic Common, much of the Unathi population shuns the language in favour of Sinta'Unathi.

The Unathi Homeworld

Moghes is an arid world with rich metallurgic deposits and little potable water. Geological records have shown that Moghes had a vast ocean at one point, with a large salt flat where water once was. It is believed that Moghes thin atmosphere and its proximity to its nearest star contributed to the substantial loss of water on the planet. Average planetary temperatures exceed 40Cº with the winter seasons generally manifesting as mild periods of harsh winds and seasonal storms.

Moghes has no central authority governing the entirety of the planet, and is generally divided into a variety of factitious kingdoms that often fall into conflict with themselves and their constituent colonies. While diplomatic relations are generally permitted on Moghes, namely for the purposes of trade and the import of water, non-Unathi are prohibited from setting foot on the planetary surface without heavy military escort.

A Brief History Unathiflag.png


Unathi have revered martial prowess for millennia, with few things being resolved peacefully through diplomacy or trade. Having spent centuries fighting with one another, the roving bands of Unathi on Moghes eventually grew in size - forming various kingdoms under the control of warchief's and clans. These kingdoms, in their ever-growing quest for conquest and demonstrating their military prowess, were one of the first true form of governance and stability on Moghes. From these militaristic kingdoms progress would arise, largely in the name of perfecting the military arts, empires forming and being constantly usurped and shattered in an ever-growing struggle for supremacy.

In 2036 these conflicts would finally find their way outside the boundaries of Moghes, with rival factions of Unathi either discovering the possibilities of space flight themselves or acquiring the technologies through conquest. The constant fighting and warring on Moghes had left much of the water on homeworld unfit for drinking or unusable, leading the proud kingdoms of Unathi into a period of fevered colonization of nearby worlds - desperate to finance and supply their campaigns on the home front. During this period it is believed that the Unathi made first contact with The Technocracy, with many factions vying for the technology and resources they might offer. Ultimately, and most likely due to the poor diplomatic skills of the Unathi, the discovery of another sapient species was written off as inconsequential and no official diplomatic ties were ever established. There were campaigns to win, and it would be a stain to the honour of any warrior were they found to be taking the help of an outsider.

The only pause in the endless conflict on the world of Moghes would come in the year 2203, when an Unathi exploratory squadron outbound from a colony was raided by a Vox skipjack. Though this raid in and of itself was hardly of consequence in the grand scheme of any campaign, it was seen as interference in Unathi affairs by outside forces. Enraged by the possibility of further raids by the Vox and spurned by their earlier failure to establish diplomacy with The Technocracy, the disparate kingdoms of the Unathi briefly united to take vengeance on the outsiders who had dared to cross them.

After managing to capture a Vox skipjack and gather intelligence from its systems, the war-proud Unathi rallied their fleets against the nearest Vox arkship and took their tireless war to the front step of the Vox. While the Vox had far superior technology, they were vastly outnumbered by the sudden Unathi fleets - not anticipating the sudden arrival of the Unathi nor the enormity of their response. This would culminate in a vicious and bloody battle, leaving scores of both Unathi and Vox dead. Ultimately the Vox arkship managed to escape after suffering severe damage, the remnants of the Vox fleet staying behind to protect its retreat and to try and rebuff the aggressing Unathi.

Though pragmatically unsuccessful in their aims, namely the destruction of the Vox Arkship, the Unathi would see this hard-fought stalemate as a grand victory. With the Arkship out of sight and the battered Unathi fleets being either repelled or turning home, the divided kingdoms of the Unathi were quick to claim this victory for themselves - forgetting their brief spark of unity in favour of their never-ending campaigns over honour, conquest, and pride.

Unathi Culture

Unathi organize themselves in a warrior culture, which places high value on honour, prowess in military affairs, and history. All Unathi are expected to contribute in some form or another to their constituent kingdoms, whether this be through the invention of new technologies to aid ongoing campaigns, through enlistment, or through exploration and exploitation of new mineral-rich worlds. Though generally regarded under suspicion, this includes working for various non-Unathi organizations such as Nanotrasen - though the Unathi in question is often expected to pay an additional levy to their superiors as compensation.

From an outside perspective, Unathi females appear to be treated as little more than chattel - though this is far from the case. Though often constrained to the service of their families, female Unathi enjoy immunity from enlistment, direct contribution to ongoing campaigns, and are sheltered and protected from the ravages of war - often leaving them the time and ability to take up important functionary roles as scientists, scholars, and historians.

Unathi lack a unified belief system or religious hierarchy, with various clans and sects holding their own individual beliefs about creation. One of the more common themes throughout these scattered religious practices however is the belief that an Unathi can only be put to rest through proving their valor - either by themselves in their own lives, or by a proxy who takes up their name after their death.

Present Day

Due to constant infighting Unathi currently lack any formal diplomatic ties with any of the known species in the galaxy and existing agreements with outsiders are often tenuous at best and generally fall flat when the ruling power is either conquered, usurped, or dissolved. Though the Unathi tirelessly fight a war among one another, collectively the species makes up the largest naval fleet in the galaxy by a large margin, with some of the largest colonial holdings second only to recent Human expansionism. The Unathi with their proud history, military prowess, and tireless resolve to prove themselves, have carved out their place in the galaxy.

With new discoveries, battles, and opportunities, many Unathi now find themselves among the stars - seeking to prove themselves to their families, their clans, and their kingdoms.

Remember, knowledge, respect and cooperation are the key tenets of success and productivity!

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