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Command Department

Station Goals are special long-term objectives for the crew to pursue, which result in very special and powerful machines.

The Station Goal for each round is random, and communicated in the Blue Alert report at every communications console.

Bluespace Artillery

Bluespace artillery.png

To complete this station goal you'll need to build a functional Bluespace Artillery!

Steps to Complete

The BSA builds itself slightly off-center from where the machine frames are. In this example, the bore is facing right. If you place the bore 2 tiles away from a window, it will stick out the window and won't depressurize the room when it fires!
  1. To start with, you'll need to order the circuit boards from cargo; the crate costs 150 points and is only unlocked if this is the station objective. It can be ordered multiple times.
  2. Next you'll need to set up three machine frames horizontally along with a computer frame placed anywhere in the same room. When positioning it remember the cannon will destroy everything in front of it, so point it at space and not towards the station. The cannon itself is 11x3 tiles in size, so at least a 13x5 room is recommended. The room must also be powered with an APC.
  3. Start building the machines. The Artillery Generator is the back part, the Artilery Bore is the front, and the Artillery Fusor goes in the middle. The computer frame will be the console, and requires no parts.
  4. Collect the materials to make the machines. You will need 5 quadratic capacitors, 5 femto-manipulators, and 20 artificial bluespace crystals sourced from RnD.
  5. After you complete all the parts, use a multitool to link both ends of the artillery to the fusor in the middle. Then use the console to finalize the construction; if the full sprite appears, you now have a functional bluespace artillery.


Building the Bluespace Artillery will let you fire it at will! To do so it'll need a lot of power, drawn from the room's APC. The target is chosen with the console, which can aim at any GPS signal. Firing the Artillery will then obliterate the target and anything around it. The BSA is not limited by Z-Levels, and can be used towards the Lavaland or even Centcomm, if you manage to get a GPS in there.

Remember to not stay in front of the artillery when it fires, unless you enjoy being vaporized!

DNA Vault

DNA vault.gif

To complete this station goal you'll need to build and stock a DNA Vault!

Steps to Complete

  1. To start with you'll need to order the DNA Vault Parts crate, that contains the DNA Vault board, from cargo; the crate costs 120 supply points and is only unlocked if this is the station objective. It can be ordered multiple times.
  2. Build a machine frame where you want the vault to be located. It corresponds to the top part seen in the image above. Ideally this should be built on a public or semi-public area to allow anyone to deliver DNA and to get the reward. Insert the board, 5 pico manipulators, 5 super capacitors and two wires, then use a screwdriver on it to build the vault.
  3. Order at least one DNA Vault Samplers crate from cargo. Each costs 30 supply points and contains 5 DNA probes, which are reusable.
  4. Use the probes to collect DNA samples! You'll need:
    • 15-20 animal samples, obtained from scanning simple animals like Ian or slimes. Animals have to be of different species.
    • 20-25 plant samples, obtained from scanning hydroponic trays with ready-to-harvest plants. Plants need to be of different species too; you'll have to mutate them to reach the quota.
    • 75% of the station's roundstart population in human samples. The samples do not necessarily have to be of the initial crew, and monkeymen can be used as well.
  5. Upload the samples onto the DNA Vault by using the samplers on it.
  6. When all the requirements are fulfilled, the DNA Vault will become active, fulfill the goal, and give genetic upgrades for free!


When a DNA Vault is complete, everyone who uses it receives a choice between two of these. Picking one will apply that upgrade permanently. This has no cost and can be done on anyone who visits the Vault.

  • Toxin Adaptation: Makes the user able to breathe plasma harmlessly, and gives total virus immunity.
  • Lung Enhancement: The user no longer needs to breathe. As a side effect, they'll take brute damage instead of oxygen when in crit.
  • Thermal Regulation: Makes the user fireproof while also causing them to take half burn damage from any source.
  • Neural Repathing: Halves stun times.
  • Hardened Skin: Gives a +30 bonus to armor.
  • Arm Muscle Stimulus: Doubles the rate at which your clicks register.

Meteor Shield Satellites

Shield Satellite.png

To complete this station goal you'll need to place Meteor Shield Satellites in space outside the station!

Steps to Complete

  1. To start with, you'll need to order some Shield Generator Satellite crates and its corresponding Shield System Control Board crate from cargo; the Shield Generator Satellite crates costs 30 supply points each, the Shield System Control Board 50 supply points and is only unlocked if this is the station objective. Shield Generator Satellite crates should be ordered multiple times.
  2. Each Shield Generator Satellite crate contains 3 satellites. They are bulky items, so cannot be carried or placed back into a crate once it's been opened. Using a multitool on the satellites will tell you its designation (MSAT-0, MSAT-1 etc), as well as its current status.
  3. Once you have the Shield System Control Board, you will need to set up a computer (probably on the Bridge) to monitor the percentage of the station's shield coverage.
  4. The satellites themselves need to be dragged into space outside the station. It doesn't especially matter where (outside the solars might be a good idea...) so long as they aren't attached to an existing room, and are on top of a space tile. Satellites can not be activated on top of plating or catwalks. While satellites can shoot through grilles, their line of sight is still blocked by walls; make sure they can cover as many angles as possible.
  5. When the satellites are in position, the computer you made earlier can be used to lock the satellites in place (can also lock the satellite by left clicking on it) and they will begin projecting their shield (note that the shield is invisible). You will be able to see the current coverage as a percentage; placing satellites in different locations will adjust the coverage, as each unit projects a field from itself centrally.
  6. Note that you can place as many satellites as you wish in order to increase the station's coverage.


If you consider the station not being ravaged by meteors to be a benefit, then you will be very happy! Any future meteor showers (or meaty ore showers) will fail to collide with any parts of the station covered by your new best friends. It might also keep the NT Rep off your back for a little while, which is always a plus.

Bluespace Harvester

Bluespace Harvester.gif

To complete this station goal you'll need to build a Bluespace Harvester, a powerhungry, experimental device mining other dimensions for resources.

Steps to Complete

  1. To start with, you'll need to order the circuit board from cargo; the crate costs 150 points and is only unlocked if this is the station objective. It can be ordered multiple times.
  2. Next, create a wire knot with ample access to power and build a machine frame on it. Wire the frame, insert the circuit board, then add 5 bluespace crystals and 5 quadratic capacitors.
  3. Finish the construction, taking into account the machine takes 3 by 3 tiles in a "n" shape, top-centered on the machine frame.
  4. Set a desired mining level in the machine's UI. Higher levels need more power but generate more points. You need to generate 45000 points with ONE of the harvesters for the goal to count as complete, multiple harvesters do not stack to reach 45000 points.


The Harvester produces points at the cost of energy. These points can be spent on various, random rewards, ranging from a fancy hat to a chance at a guardian creator. Also, a highscore will be announced at roundend that secures you bragging rights for especially high points.


  1. Be mindful of hotwiring the station's power grid, as this can cause severe damage and injury when APCs spark and overload.
  2. Keep an eye on the harvester or build it in a secure location. It can be emagged, giving it a substantial chance of extradimensional incursions.
  3. There is also a small chance of said incursions should the mining level be very high. A warning will be shown in the UI in that case.
  4. Incursions spawn some portals that in turn spawn hostile mobs. Destroying the portals rewards you with bluespace crystals.
  5. If you cannot reach an emagged Harvester to turn it off due to too many mobs, and if the AI doesn't have a camera to turn it off remotely, consider cutting off its power source. Even emagged, the Harvester is harmless without power, giving you time to clean up the Incursion.