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Superiors: Captain
Difficulty: Medium
Guides: Guide to Cargo, Guide to Paperwork, Guide to Mining, Supply Crates, Station Economy, Chain of Command, Standard Operating Procedure (Command), Standard Operating Procedure (Supply)
Access: Cargo (All), Mining (All), Quartermaster's Office, Bridge, Vault
Duties: Order supplies and keep track of where they go, coordinate mining.
High-Risk Items: Quartermaster's Engraved Knuckleduster

As a Quartermaster, your primary job is to oversee your staff. This includes making sure cargo technicians are redistributing things throughout the station, and that miners are well and working. You are on the same level as all of the other heads of staff and do not outrank any of them. Your radio has access to the supply channel (prefix: u) and the command channel (prefix: c).


As a Quartermaster, you have a couple of ways to work with your subordinates.


Cargo technicians are the staff you will spend the most time with. They are also, usually, pretty simple to manage.

The rule of thumb is, as long as they are trying to work, they are doing fine.

It is worth keeping in mind, cargo technicians are often played by very new players still learning the game. As the quartermaster, it is your job to help them with it. LOOC (Local Out Of Character chat) is the best tool to explain mechanics with, but you may have to improvise sometimes.

For dealing with not-so-friendly cargo technicians, see Demoting Your Staff.


You are responsible for the success of mining operations in Epsilon Eridani system. This includes making sure the ore is constantly flowing to the station. Plasma Ore can be especially beneficial for your department, as it can be sold to CC with a significant price tag.

One of the keys to success is making sure your team is not actively dying. There are many ways to check on them. This includes:

  • Periodically asking for miner's status on the supply radio channel.
  • Heading down to lavaland and checking the blue console in your local office - any dead and otherwise injured miner will show up on it, as long as their suit sensors are turned on.
  • Watching Mining Outpost cameras. While not as effective, it has the benefit of checking whether the outpost even still exists.
  • Monitoring the GPS signals. You can do it by grabbing a GPS device from either the mining dock, or your lavaland office. When miner's signal stops moving for a longer while, as well as being unresponsive on radio, it is safe to assume they are dead and need rescue.

Okay, so your miners are mostly dead. What can you do now?

  • Inform the alive miners of the status, name and location of their fallen colleagues. Usually, mining can help each other, but you should not take it as a guarantee.
  • Notify the paramedic. If nothing is happening station-side, they may work on saving whatever is left of your employees.
  • Organize a rescue team. Give them appropriate gear and goal of locating your dead miners.
  • Ask the Head of Personnel to hire more miners. Even if the previous team never gets found, at least ores will still keep coming. It may be cold, but it brings profit, so why bother! This can be done via command radio channel, or your PDA.
  • If all else fails (As a command member, you should not walk around the deadly wastes unless necessary.), you can grab a Kinetic Accelerator and look for the miners yourself.

It is also a wise idea to check on the outpost itself once in a while. Its functionality can be vital to the success of mining operations.

Demoting Your Staff

It's a terrible day when it comes to this, but some staff ignore all rules and warnings, leading to you laying them off.

For the possible reasons to fire your staff, see Supply SOP and Firing/Demotion Policies. NOTE: the aforementioned pages are NOT lists of reasons to fire someone over. You should first talk with your staff about them doing something wrong. Keep in mind, cargo technicians especially, are often new players who may have not even read the SOP.

That said, how do you deal with actual bad beans, knowingly going against the SOP just to mess with you? It's in fact pretty simple! In your office, there is a computer called Supply Management Console. From there, you can both fire someone directly (if you get hands on their ID card), or set them to the Demote criminal status. This leaves them for security personnel to handle.

Keeping Records

If you want to practice bureaucracy, remember to do it within reason. The intention is to leave a paper trail; both for RP reasons and that crew will be much less likely to order potentially dangerous things from you if they have to give you proof that they ordered it. You can store any and all paperwork in either the clipboard on your desk, or your cabinet. An assistant trying to order a Robotics crate or Plasma Assembly crate without good reason is likely to raise suspicions. Keep in mind however, bureaucracy shouldn't significantly hinder the overall experience of players.

If someone wants a specific item, you could:

  • Grab a piece of paper and make a form with name, department, requested item, and why they need it. Then, hand it to them and let them fill it out.
  • Ask them why they need their items, and note the reason yourself.
  • Give it to them as is, no questions asked.

If you want to make your paperwork even more official, your office starts with your own stamp.

Supply Budget

As the Quartermaster, you are responsible for handling the supply account. As a member of Command, you are provided the Supply Department's account number and pin in IC > notes.

It is important to remember, the supply budget is meant to be spent. You should buy necessary equipment and other improvements with it - hoarding it for emergencies, while important, shouldn't be it's only purpose. Above a certain threshold, it is also meant to be spent by your subordinates.

You can use the Supply Budget for advantages outside of crates as well.

Use money from the Supply Budget for:

  • Reasonable employee bonuses
  • Compensation for non-department crew services
  • Interdepartmental exchanges

The Loader MODSuit

Feeling a little more proactive in delivering those crates? Or is there a cargo tech you really trust to do all the hauling? Either way, there's a MODSuit in your office well-suited to hand-delivering those crates. Either put it on yourself or hand it over to a cargo tech that you think will get the most use out of it, and the hydraulic clamp module that's installed on it can, with an alt-click, load up to five crates without slowing the wearer down. Moving crates to and from the shuttle and hand-delivering big orders has never been easier.

Illegal Goods Swordred.gif

As a Quartermaster, you have easy access to weapons and other tools many other jobs do not have access to. It is a smart idea to order gear that may assist with your goals. If you're feeling fancy, you can buy an emag and use it on the ordering computer to get the Special Ops crate, which contains sleepypens and EMP Grenades, among other things. Keep in mind, doing any of the above is an obvious giveaway that you are working against the crew. You may attempt throwing the blame on some of your staff in order to have a clean record yourself.

You also have access to mining gear, that is very deadly when used right.

Command is limited to one antagonistic role per shift with a 10% chance of a second roll. This applies to traitors, vampires, changelings, and cultist.

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