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Command Department
The Command Staff is composed by the leaders of the station, each one responsible for a department of the station. Led by the Captain, the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineer, Research Director, Quartermaster, Head of Personnel, and the Head of Security, all must work closely together to reach their common goal: delegating tasks to their subordinates to achieve a productive department.

They are assisted by Dignitary Staff: the Magistrate, who leads the Legal Department, the NT Representative, who is a direct line of communication to Nanotrasen for the station, and the Blueshield Officer, who acts as a personal body guard for the Command staff as a whole. Dignitaries are also meant to advise command whenever necessary.

Command is, like security, NOT meant for new players, being time locked accordingly. The supporting roles do require more hours in their respective departments than the regular command team. Preferably, command roles should only be played when you have a good general idea of how a department and all its sub-departments work in order to be most effective at your job.
Command Roles
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The Captain is in charge of station and everyone on it. The Captain's job is to coordinate heads of staff and make sure every department is doing their jobs. The Captain is the highest authority on station in most cases and they will need good leadership skills and experience.
The Head of Personnel is in charge of assigning and reassigning crew members correctly and making sure station departments are well-staffed and running optimally. They are in charge of the Service Department.
The Head of Security is in charge of the Security Department and it's forces. They are responsible for keeping order on the station, ensuring the safety of crew and upholding space law.
The Chief Engineer is tasked with running the Engineering Department. They have a strong understanding of engineering skills, how to maintain the engine, and keep station infrastructure and life support intact.
The Research Director is in charge of the Research Department. They ensure that R&D is running smoothly and in a timely fashion and that researchers do not blow up the station in the mean time!
The Chief Medical Officer is in charge of the health of the crew. They make sure that the Medical Doctors are treating people effectively, and that the Virologists. Geneticists, and Chemists are productive.
The Quartermaster is in charge of making sure the Supply Department runs smoothly. They make sure shipments are coming in and that the miners aren't dead. Relatively easy role, it is a good introduction to Command and leadership.

Command Locations
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Central Command Dignitaries
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The Nanotrasen Representative functions as an advisor for command and makes sure that command is working according to procedure. The NTR can directly communicate with Central Command with his Fax Machine.
The Magistrate has the highest authority in matters related to Space Law, often acting as a decisive factor to a person's sentence. If needed, the Magistrate can directly communicate with Central Command with his Fax Machine.
The Blueshield Officer is a bodyguard for Command Members and other VIPs. The Blueshield's job is to make sure they are safe, no matter the circumstances. When no bodyguard duty is actively needed, they also act as a safety and security advisor.

Command and Dignitary Guides
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