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Space Law is the name given to the set of corporate regulations approved by the Nanotrasen Board of Directors for use on their Space Stations.

Space Law applies to all Nanotrasen employees and authorized visitors of the station. Anyone aboard the station legally is both protected by, and expected to follow, Space Law. Any individuals that forcefully board the station are not protected by Space Law.

Central Command can authorize pardons for crimes as they see fit.

Adminhelp if you wish to intentionally break a law.

Interpretation of the Law Documents.png

In order to facilitate productivity, an operating knowledge of Space Law is important for Nanotrasen employees. In-depth knowledge of Space Law is required for positions such as Magistrate, Internal Affairs Agent, Warden, and the Head of Security. Some Space Law knowledge is required for the role of Captain who, in the absence of key Legal & Security members, may be required to render judgment.

With this in mind, please review the following sections.

An internal affairs agent argues for his client's acquittal based on a technicality.

The Pathos of the Law

Space Law is a tool to benefit the station, not a cudgel.

  • The greater good of the station should be considered when sentencing.
  • Space Law is designed to protect the station and crew, not to hinder them.
  • Station-wide emergencies, such as a nuclear threat, take precedence over enforcement.

Behaviour may merit leniency or severity in sentencing.

  • Minor, Medium, and Major Crimes all have discretionary sentencing ranges.
  • Modifiers, where applicable, can also be applied to sentences.
  • Pending relevant approval, demotions may be a more effective tool.

The Ethos of the Law

Sentencing conflicts are to be resolved by the 'Chain of Authority.'

  • If the Magistrate is present, their opinion outweighs all others sans Central Command.
  • Otherwise, obey the following: Captain > Head of Security > Warden > Officer / Detective.

The Magistrate is the final authority on Space Law.

  • If the Magistrate is not present, the Captain may perform duties (like authorizing executions) in lieu.
  • The Magistrate may be overridden at any time by Central Command.

The Logos of the Law

Space Law does not allow for multiple counts of the same charge.

  • Stealing every toolbox on station is only one count of Petty Theft.
  • Repeat offenses are to be prosecuted with the Repeat Offender modifier.

A sentence of sixty minutes results in permanent imprisonment.

  • This includes Repeat Offenders on their fourth same-type offense.
  • This applies regardless of the crimes or modifiers.

Knowingly aiding a criminal is Aiding and Abetting.

  • Offenders are to be charged with the same sentence as the person they helped.
  • The minimum charge is five minutes (even if the original offender only receives a warning).

To Resist Arrest is to resist the Law.

  • This includes resisting any legal arrest or search: a sentence of zero to five minutes applies.
  • Like Aiding and Abetting, this applies regardless of the crime committed (or lack thereof).

For certain crimes, intentionality is a factor.

Legal Representation and Trials Gavel.png

The detective files a report during his investigation on Punpun's murder.

See Legal Standard Operating Procedure.

While prisoners are permitted to seek legal representation, Security is under no obligation to provide or allow it unless otherwise specified by the Magistrate.

Internal Affairs Agents, and by extension the Magistrate, exist to serve as a guiding hand and the voice of reason within the sentencing process. However:

  • Internal Affairs Agents have zero authority over the Brig, Security personnel, prisoners, or sentencing.
  • Internal Affairs Agents attempting to throw their weight around can, and should be, ignored.
  • Disruptive IAAs can be barred from Security by the Magistrate, HoS, Warden or Captain.

An Internal Affairs Agent who continues to be disruptive, or ignores being barred from Security, may be demoted at the Magistrate's discretion. The Captain may approve their demotion if no Magistrate is available.

Enemies of the Corporation Emag.png

Occasionally, you will encounter personnel that are working for an enemy of Nanotrasen (such as the Syndicate) and/or are working to undermine Nanotrasen's operations.

Current enemies of Nanotrasen include but are not limited to: The Syndicate (through secret agents, boarding parties, and brainwashing specialists), the Space Wizard Federation, Changelings, Vampires, and other intelligent hostile forms of life that seek to cause major damage to the station and or crew.

  • Execution/Imprisonment - If an Enemy of the Corporation has not committed any Capital Crimes they are to be placed in Permanent Imprisonment (Permabrig/Solitary/Labour Camp) without exception. Otherwise, Execution is permitted at the discretion of the Magistrate. If no Magistrate has been assigned, or is otherwise unable to authorize an execution, the Captain may authorize executions in accordance with Legal Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Uncontainable EoCs - Powered Vampires, or any other Enemies of the Corporation that cannot be contained safely in the Brig, are to be executed irrespective of their crimes. Head Revolutionaries are to be executed as soon as they are positively identified. Being a space-proof species does not constitute being impossible to contain.
  • Changelings - All changelings are to be considered hostile alien lifeforms and a direct threat to all personnel. All changelings are to be killed on sight and immediately cremated. Forensic evidence and/or direct testimony from Mindshielded personnel is necessary to establish proof they are a changeling. Personnel who provide false testimony are to be charged with Murder if the supposed changeling is killed and attempted murder if it is not.
  • Surrendering EoCs - Enemies of the Corporation that willingly turn themselves into Security of their own accord are to be kept in Permanent Imprisonment so long as they aren't impossible to contain. Defectors and captives are to be transported to Central Command via the Crew Transfer Shuttle; they are to be treated as dangerous enemies, but also protected from retribution and provided for.

Use of Deadly Force Laser Gun.png

Situations that warrant the use of Deadly Force are few and far between. In the vast majority of cases, Security is expected to use non-lethal tools which are generally more effective in defusing situations. It is preferable to capture personnel through non-lethal means unless a situation warrants otherwise. Failure to adhere to this principle will result in discipline, demotion, and even job bans.

There are, however, circumstances where deadly force is permissible:

Non-EOCs / Petty Criminals
Should lethal force be levied against a target that is not an EoC (such as a cultist), is not set to DNR, or is not set to Execute/Kill on Sight via lawful order the person is to be revived and sentenced/deconverted as soon as possible. Petty criminals met with lethal force are to be given immediate medical attention when captured.
Lethals Authorised - Post-Combat Treatment/Revival Required
Armed and Dangerous
(Stun Weapons, Lethals, etc.)
Multiple Assailants
(Armed or Otherwise)
(Flag Robes, Highly Armed, etc.)
Possessing Explosives
(Grenades, TTVs, etc.)
Enhanced Individuals
(Stimulants, Implants, Bio-Chips, etc.)
Armoury Trespassers
(Armed or Otherwise)
(Vampires or Otherwise)
Hostile Environment
(N2O, Fire, Space)
Lethals Recommended - Posthumous Revival Potentially Required
(Dark Passage)
Heavily Armed
(.357, eSword, etc.)
Holoparasite Users
(Irrespective of Type)
Hostile Exosuits
(Any Chassis)
(Golems, Ash Walkers, etc.)
Uncontainable Individuals
(Bloodcrawl, Jaunt, etc.)
Lethals Authorised - Kill on Sight
Fully Powered Vampires
(Irrespective of Hostilities)
Nuclear Operatives
(Including Infiltration Teams)
(Summoning Deity)
Perma Escapees
(Outside Permabrig/Isolation)
Exogenous Threats
(Xenomorphs, Terror Spiders, Changelings, etc.)
(Including Other Hostile Aliens)
Cult Constructs
(Irrespective of Type)
Bluespace Entities
(Demons, Wizards, Revenants)
Revolutionary Heads
(Non-Standard Revolutionaries)

Additional Clarifications Filingcabopen.png

Brig Procedures

See Legal Standard Operating Procedure.

Special precautions are to be taken aside from Standard Brigging Procedures:

  • Ask Vox or Plasmamen prisoners where their Internals Tank is located. Do not remove this tank, as it will kill them. In such a case where their clothes have to be changed, expedience is mandatory.
  • All Contraband is to be confiscated and placed in Evidence Storage, including tools used in a crime. These are not to be returned.
  • Routine checks on the Permabrig, Solitary or Labour Camp areas are encouraged when occupied.


Executions can be done only by electric chair, lethal injection, firing squad, gas inhalation or asphyxiation.

  • Other means of Execution are illegal, constituting a charge of 5-02 - Murder, unless a prisoner explicitly requests them.
  • Cyborgification, posthumous or otherwise, may also be used. See Legal Standard Operating Procedure for more information regarding executions.

Crime Stacking

The rules regarding crime stacking (charging someone with multiple crimes simultaneously) are:

  • Crimes with the same category code (last two digits) can never be charged together. e.g: 1-02, 2-02, 3-02 do not stack.
  • Otherwise, crimes can be stacked together; the timers are added together for stacking.

For instance, breaking a window to steal something can be charged with 1-08 - Trespass, 1-07 - Petty Theft, and 1-00 - Damage to Station Assets

Escape & In-Cell Vandalism

Often, prisoners may attempt to escape from the brig. In this case, heed the following definitions and clauses:

E-01 - In-Cell Vandalism: A prisoner breaking things non-essential to confinement. Examples include:

  • Breaking lights and furniture.
  • Damaging or destroying equipment in permabrig.

E-02 - Attempted Escape: A prisoner attempting to break or subvert confinement barriers. Examples include:

  • Breaking cell windows and airlocks.
  • Attacking an officer inside a cell.
  • Coercing another party to assist with an escape.

E-03 - Escape: A prisoner exiting their designated holding area without permission from security. Examples include:

  • A prisoner exiting from a temporary cell while the timer is running.
  • A permanent prisoner exiting from prisoner-accessible areas within permabrig.
  • A prisoner in isolation exiting from the isolation block (moving between cells is not escaping).

If placed in isolation, a temporary prisoner's timer continues running. Temporary prisoners who escape or attempt escape from isolation are subject to execution at the Magistrate or Captain's discretion.

In-Cell Vandalism
Attempted Escape
Temporary Reset Timer Reset Timer +/- Isolation (Discretionary) Reset Timer + 10 Minutes
Permanent Isolation Isolation Re-Detained, Executed, or KoS (Discretionary)
Isolation Straightjacket Straightjacket or Execution (Discretionary) Re-Detained, Executed, or KoS (Discretionary)

Space Law Spacelaw.png

Reference Tables

Crime Codes Quick Reference
Use this to quickly find Crime Code Numbers. You can click on the name of a crime to immediately navigate to it.

Crime codes are organized by a Category Code (_-xx) which is a collection of non-stackable crimes on a row, prefixed by the Severity Number (X-__).

Code 1-XX - Minor
(0–5 minutes)
2-XX - Medium
(5–10 minutes)
3-XX - Major
(10–15 minutes)
4-XX - Exceptional
5-XX - Capital
00 Damage to Station Assets Workplace Hazard Sabotage Grand Sabotage
01 Kidnapping Manslaughter
02 Battery Assault Aggravated Assault Attempted Murder Murder
03 Drug Possession Narcotics Distribution
04 Possession of a Weapon Possession of a Restricted Weapon/Item
05 Indecent Exposure Rioting Inciting a Riot Mutiny
06 Abuse of Equipment Abuse of Confiscated Equipment Possession of Contraband
07 Petty Theft Robbery Theft Grand Theft
08 Trespass Major Trespass

Modifiers Quick Reference

Use this to quickly find Modifiers and their values. You can click on the name of a modifier to immediately navigate to it.

Some modifiers, such as Repeat Offender, Aiding and Abetting, and Parole have special clauses and conditions.

Situation Modifier Situation Modifier
Refusal to Cooperate 50% addition Cooperation with Security 50% reduction
Repeat Offender +10 mins on 2nd same offense Parole Parole Until Release
Aiding and Abetting Partner's sentence; minimum 5 Surrender 50% reduction
Resisting Arrest +0-5 mins to sentence Medical Attention Running Timer
Immediate Threat to Prisoner Immediate Release/Relocation Self Defense Immediate Release
Offense Against an Officer +5 mins to sentence Hostile Brainwashing Deconversion & Release
Central Command Directive Sentence Overridden

Crime Codes

Minor Crimes

All of these crimes are punishable by a warning or sentence up to 5 minutes at the discretion of Security.

Security temporarily transfers a permabrig prisoner to a smaller cell due to safety concerns.
Code Image Crime Description Notes
1-00 SL Damage to Station Assets.png Damage to Station Assets To deliberately damage the station or station property to a minor degree with malicious intent. Departmental Pets, Cyborgs, Xenobio golems, and personal pets are station property. Graffiti is not considered Damage to Station Assets, but destruction of personal belongings or property is. For serious damage to station property, see Sabotage.
1-02 SL Battery.png Battery To use minor physical force against someone without intent to seriously injure them. Repeated attempts at disarming (more than 3), shoving into walls, tabling, non-lethal chokeholds, minor punching (less than four), smashing bottles on heads, and stunning are all considered battery. For serious harm, see Assault.
1-03 SL Drug Posession.png Drug Possession The unauthorized possession of recreational use drugs such as ambrosia, krokodil, crank, meth, aranesp, bath salts, or THC. Botanists and MedSci staff are not subject to this law so long as they are not distributing or using them for profit or recreation.

For distribution, see Narcotics Distribution.
For drugs from illicit sources (ketamine, synaptizine, etc.), see Possession of Contraband.

1-05 SL Indecent Exposure.png Indecent Exposure To be intentionally and publicly unclothed. Running around the station naked or otherwise unclothed.
1-06 SL Abuse of Equipment.png Abuse of Equipment To utilize security/non-lethal equipment in an illegitimate fashion. The use of disabling devices, such as Flashes, Batons, Tasers/Disablers, and non-lethal rounds, outside the range of one's assigned duties.
1-07 SL Petty Theft.png Petty Theft To take items from areas one lacks access to or to take items belonging to others or the station as a whole. Keeping items which are in short supply where they belong is what is important here. A doctor who takes all the surgical tools and hides them is guilty of Petty Theft. Petty Theft includes unauthorized use or access of credits, from any source, in amounts up to 250.

Resisting demotion is considered Petty Theft. For more serious cases, see Theft or Robbery.

1-08 SL Trespass.png Trespass To be in an area which a person lacks authorized ID access for. This counts for general areas of the station. Remember that people can break in, sneak in, or be let in. Always check that the suspect wasn't let in, or was otherwise given access. Trespass and Theft are often committed together; both sentences should be applied. For restricted areas, see Major Trespass.

Medium Crimes

All of these crimes are punishable by a sentence of 5 to 10 minutes at the discretion of Security.

Sentencing Modifiers
Aiding and Abetting
Partner's sentence; minimum 5
Medical Attention
Running Timer
Central Command Directive
Sentence Overridden
Cooperation with Security
50% reduction (3-15 mins)
Hostile Brainwashing
Deconversion & Release
Immediate Threat to Prisoner
Immediate Release/Relocation
Offense Against an Officer
+5 minutes to sentence
Parole Until Release
Refusal to Cooperate
50% addition (3-15 mins)
Repeat Offender
+10 mins on 2nd same offense
Self Defense
Immediate Release
50% reduction (3-15 mins)
Code Image Crime Description Notes
2-00 SL Creating A Workplace Hazard.png Creating a Workplace Hazard To endanger the crew or station through negligent but not deliberately malicious actions. Examples of this crime involve accidental plasma leaks, slipping hazards, accidentally shocking doors, breaking windows to space, or Security personnel not keeping their equipment secure. A banana peel in the corridor is not a hazard. A banana peel in front of the singularity is.

For Workplace Hazards that lead to death, see Manslaughter. Failure to follow legal security orders during Code Red may constitute Creating a Workplace Hazard, see Code Red SOP.

2-01 SL Kidnapping.png Kidnapping To hold a crewmember under duress or against their will. Physical harm is not required for this law to apply: the crewmember must kept in, or forcefully relocated to, a location against their will and be prevented from leaving. Cuffing/Restraining any personnel against their will, outside of legal arrests, qualifies as Kidnapping.
2-02 SL Assault.png Assault To use excessive physical force against someone without the apparent intent to kill them. To cause serious but non-critical harm to another crewmember including, but not limited to, forcible/deceptive ingestion of toxic or illicit substances. For life-threatening harm, see Aggravated Assault.
2-03 SL Narcotics Distribution.png Narcotics Distribution To distribute narcotics and other controlled substances. This includes ambrosia and space drugs. It is not illegal for them to be grown. Forcing or tricking someone to consume illicit or harmful substances, such as space drugs, is Assault. For non-distributed drugs used for recreation, see Drug Possession.
2-04 SL Weapon Posession.png Possession of a Weapon To be in possession of a dangerous item that is not part of one's job. Items capable of a high level of damage such as saws, axes, spears, stunprods, and hatchets fit into this category. If the item is part of someone's assigned duties they are permitted to carry it. For restricted weapons, see Possession of a Restricted Weapon.
2-05 SL Rioting.png Rioting To partake in an unauthorized and disruptive assembly of crewmen. It is required to order the crowd to disperse; failure to disperse is the crime, not the assembly itself. Crimes committed during the riot are considered separate offenses. For the ringleader of a riot, see Inciting a Riot.
2-06 SL Abuse of Confiscated Equipment.png Abuse of Confiscated Equipment To take and use equipment confiscated as evidence. Evidence is not to be used for anything but evidence with the exception of the Syndicate Encryption Key. Anything used in a crime is considered evidence, this includes everything from tools, to guns, to emags. For general abuse of security equipment, see Abuse of Equipment.
2-07 SL Robbery.png Robbery To steal items from another's person. Remember to return the stolen items to the lawful owner. Stealing an ID is the most common and serious form of robbery. This includes the theft of up to 250 credits. If the victim was SSD, ahelp it - this isn't allowed. For robbery of more valuable items, see Theft or Grand Theft.

Major Crimes

All of these crimes are punishable by a sentence of 10 to 15 minutes at the discretion of Security.

Security processing a suspected cultist.
Code Image Crime Description Notes
3-00 SL Sabotage.png Sabotage To hinder the work of the crew or station through malicious actions. Deliberately releasing N2O, bolting doors, disabling power for a small area of the station, destroying cyborgs, and constructing barricades are all examples of sabotage. For more violent forms, see Grand Sabotage.
3-02 SL Aggravated Assault.png Aggravated Assault To use excessive physical force resulting in severe or life-threatening harm. Breaking bones, disfiguring, causing internal bleeding, or otherwise putting someone into a critical state. If the victim dies as a result of their injuries, see Manslaughter or Murder.
3-04 SL Posession of a Restricted Weapon.png Possession of a Restricted Weapon/Item To be in unauthorized possession of restricted weapons/items such as: Guns, Batons, Harmful Chemicals, Non-Beneficial Explosives, Combat Implants (Anti-Drop, CNS Rebooter, Razorwire), MODsuit Modules (Power Kick, Stealth), etc. Any item carried by an unauthorized person, including chemicals, that can cause severe bodily harm. The Bartender is permitted their shotgun and beanbag rounds. The Captain and Head of Security can issue weapon permits.

For non-restricted weapons, see Possession of a Weapon. For detonation of explosives, see Sabotage or Grand Sabotage.

3-05 SL Inciting a Riot.png Inciting a Riot To attempt to stir the crew into a riot. The offender should also have restrictions placed on their radio traffic and be given a tracking bio-chip. For second offenses or violent uprisings, see Mutiny.
3-06 SL Posession of Contraband.png Possession of Contraband To be in the possession of contraband items. Being in possession of S-grade contraband, or committing a major crime with contraband, makes you an Enemy of the Corporation. For information on what items are contraband, see Contraband. Contraband obtained from non-Syndicate sources (Lavaland, etc.) is still illegal under this law. Personnel turning in contraband to Security of their own volition are exempt from this law.

For non-Syndicate derived poisons, see Possession of a Restricted Weapon/Item.

3-07 SL Theft.png Theft To steal restricted or dangerous items from either an area or one's person. Weapons, valuable objects, locked cargo crates, restricted access safes, or limited items such as (spacesuits and jetpacks) fall into this category. Unauthorized use or access of credits, from any source, in amounts between 251-1000 is considered Theft. Even if the contents are not taken, breaking into restricted access safes or locked cargo crates through any means is still considered Theft.

For theft of minor valuables, see Petty Theft.

3-08 SL Major Trespass.png Major Trespass Being in a restricted area without prior authorization. This includes Security areas, Command areas (including EVA), the Engine Room, Atmos, or Toxins Research. To enter an area one lacks authorized ID access for through either forcible entry or an existing opening. For non-restricted areas, see Trespass.

Exceptional Crimes

All of these crimes can result in Permanent Prison Time, or Permanent Labour Camp Time.

  • Only the Magistrate, Captain, Head of Security, and Warden can authorize a Permanent Sentence.
  • If a prisoner requests an Execution or Cyborgization, they may be given one.
The Chief Engineer ransacks the RD's office and blows the borgs in an act of Grand Sabotage.
Code Image Crime Description Notes
4-00 Compromising Station Integrity.PNG Grand Sabotage To engage in maliciously destructive actions which endanger the crew or station. Releasing damaging/lethal viruses, hotwiring the engine, disabling the gravity generator, disabling power for a department or equivalently large portion of the station, subverting or destroying the AI, opening several holes in the station hull, setting fire to large areas, detonating multiple cyborgs, and activating high-yield explosives all count as Grand Sabotage. For lesser acts, see Sabotage. If death was caused, see Murder.
4-01 SL Manslaughter.png Manslaughter To cause death to a person via deliberate attack or excessive negligence, without any intent to kill. Any effort to prevent the resuscitation or cloning of the victim raises this to Murder. If any evidence of intent exists, see Murder.
4-02 Attempted Murder.PNG Attempted Murder To use excessive physical force with intention to cause death. Use of lethal weaponry such as firearms and explosives are considered as intent to murder. If aid was rendered to the victim by the perpetrator afterwards, this may actually be Manslaughter.
4-07 SL Grand Theft.png Grand Theft To steal items of high value or sensitive nature from either an area or one's person. Theft of cutting-edge technology, documents, and research samples. Examples include the nuke, hand teleporters, the Captain/Head of Security's Antique Laser, Captain/HoP level ID cards, mechas, and departmental door remotes. Unauthorized use or access of credits, from any source, in excess of 1,000 is considered Grand Theft.

Almost all High-Risk Items fall in this category. For theft of less important property, see Theft or Petty Theft.

Capital Crimes

All of these crimes can result in Execution, Permanent Prison Time, Permanent Labour Camp Time or Cyborgization.

  • Only the Magistrate, Captain, Head of Security, and Warden can authorize a Permanent Sentence.
  • Only the Magistrate or Captain can authorize an Execution or Forced Cyborgization.
  • If a prisoner requests an Execution or Cyborgization, they may be given one.
Code Image Crime Description Notes
5-02 Murder.PNG Murder To deliberately and maliciously cause the death of another crewmember via direct or indirect means. Any effort to prevent the resuscitation or cloning of the victim is to be considered proof of Murder. Unauthorised executions are also considered Murder. If there is no evidence of intent, see Manslaughter.
5-05 SL Mutiny.png Mutiny To act individually, or as a group, to overthrow or subvert the established Chain of Command without lawful and legitimate cause. Mutiny is not as clear cut as it may seem, there may be a legitimate reason for their actions, such as their head of staff being utterly incompetent. Application of this crime should always be reviewed by a third party.

If the perpetrator's actions are for the betterment of Nanotrasen, consider a lesser sentence, pardon, or promotion.

Additional References

Modifiers & Special Situations

Situation Description Notes Modifier
Aiding and Abetting To knowingly assist a criminal. Knowingly assisting a criminal is a crime. This includes but is not limited to: interfering with an arrest, stealing a prisoner in transit, breaking a prisoner out of the brig/prison, hiding a fugitive, and willingly rendering medical aid. If the aided prisoner ends up receiving no charges, apply five minutes to the offender. The original criminal's sentence; 5 minute minimum
Central Command Directive To be issued a pardon/sentence modification by Central Command. Central Command may waive sections of Space Law. Irrespective of the original crime, if a pardon or modification to a sentence is issued it is to be followed immediately. Immediate Release/Modification
Cooperation with Security Being helpful to the members of security, revealing things during questioning. Note that the information must be true in order for this modifier to apply. Prisoners giving false information to officers should not be awarded time off. 50% reduction
Hostile Brainwashing To be under the mind control of a Cult, Head Revolutionary, Vampire, or other mind-controlling circumstances. Any brainwashed person is to be detained non-lethally and deconverted or dethralled. Deconverted/dethralled persons are to be immediately pardoned of their crimes and released. Any contraband or dangerous items found at the time of deconversion are to be confiscated without punishment. Deconversion & Release
Immediate Threat to Prisoner A severe threat to a prisoner's person. The singularity eats something near the brig, an explosion goes off, etc. Officers must relocate the prisoner(s) to a safe location or otherwise immediately release them. Immediate Release/Relocation
Medical Attention A sick or injured prisoner requires medical aid. Prisoners are entitled to medical aid if injured or sick. In cases of self-harm, aid may be rendered at the discretion of Security. The timer continues to run during this time. Running Timer
Offense Against an Officer To batter, assault or kidnap an Officer. An Officer is defined as any member of Security, Command, or of Dignitary status (Magistrate, Blueshield, Representative). This modifier is specific to the charges of Battery, Assault, Aggravated Assault, and Kidnapping. +5 Minutes to Sentence
Parole To be released, under parole, before the allotted sentence for a crime is up. Several requirements must be met in order for parole to be granted.

See: Legal SOP, Parole Section

Parole Until Release
Refusal to Cooperate Non-cooperative behaviour While already detained inside the brig and awaiting a sentence, acting in a manner which makes security waste time processing you. Fleeing from processing also counts as refusal to cooperate. 50% addition
Repeat Offender To be brigged for the same offense more than once. Offenses must not be committed as part of one crime spree, and must be separate repeat offenses. Upon the second sentencing for the same crime, ten minutes is to be added. An additional ten minutes is to be added for every successive imprisonment. After two applications of this modifier (on their fourth same-crime offense), the perpetrator is to be permabrigged. 10 minute cumulative addition on 2nd/3rd offense

Permabrig on 4th offense.

Resisting Arrest To resist or impede an officer legally arresting or searching you. Non-combative action such as fleeing, blocking access, or slipping is considered resisting. Minor combative actions, such as repeated shoving or disarming, should be charged as 1-02 - Battery in addition to this modifier. Resisting Arrest can be applied independent of other offenses: even if no crime was committed, the modifier still applies. +0-5 Minutes to Sentence
Self Defence Acting to protect one's self, coworkers, or workplace. Persons intentionally getting involved in fights which occur in a department that isn't theirs is an act of vigilantism, not self-defence. Self-defence typically involves attempts to disarm or disengage, beating someone while they're down should be considered Assault unless the defender's life was in danger. Immediate Release
Surrender Willfully surrendering to Security. Coming to the brig, confessing what you've done, and taking the punishment. Getting arrested without a fuss is not surrender. 50% reduction


  • It is the duty of everyone on station to turn in C or S grade Contraband when found. Failure to turn in Contraband will result in charges.
  • Conversely, personnel turning in contraband to Security of their own volition should not be charged.
Code Explanation Standard Charges For Possession Exceptions
NC Non-Contraband items.
Having one of these is not a crime.
No charges.
May be confiscated if utilized in the commission of a crime.
C Standard Contraband items. Confiscate and charge the owner with 3-06.
The amount or variety of C-grade Contraband is irrelevant to the charge, it only applies once. If used in committing a non-contraband related Major Crime, the charge is automatically upgraded to Enemy of the Corporation.
Can be possessed legally if obtained in maintenance or off-station and the owner is authorized by the Magistrate, Captain, or HoS.
S Dangerous Contraband items. Confiscate and charge the owner as an
Enemy of the Corporation.
Security may legally use syndicate headset keys. All other S-class contraband can only be used with direct permission from Central Command.
Non-Contraband Items (NC)
Cardboard Cutout.png

Adaptive Cardboard Cutout


Briefcase Full of Cash

Chameleon jumpsuit.gif

Chameleon Clothing (jumpsuit, hat, etc.)

Chameleon Module.png

Chameleon Module


Contractor Balloon


Contractor Zippo


Donk Pockets (Stimulants)

Mod EMP Shield.png

EMP Shield Module


Foam Force Riot Pistol

Cyber eyes.png

Kaleido Optics Eyes

Mod Night Visor.png

Night Visor Module


No-Slip Shoes

Mod Anti Slip.png

No Slip Module

Mod Plate Compression.png

Plate Compression Module

Razorwire Spool Arm Implant.png

Razorwire Spool Arm Implant


Safe Cracking Kit

Syndicate Playing Cards.png

Sharpened Playing Cards

Smuggler's Satchel.png

Smuggler's Satchel


Space Suit


Surgery Duffelbag


Suspicious Oxygen Tank


Suspicious Toolbox


Syndicate Balloon

Syndicate Smoke.png

Syndicate Cigarettes


Syndicate Mask


Syndicate Soap

Contraband Items (C)

Advanced Pinpointer


AI Detector


Banana Grenade

Binary Key.png

Binary Translator Key


Boozy Shotgun Shells

Camera Bug.png

Camera Bug


Camera Flash


Chameleon Flag

Chameleon Stamp.png

Chameleon Stamp


Clown Acrobatic Shoes


Contortionist's Jumpsuit


Contractor Pinpointer

Ritual Dagger All.gif

Cultist Items (Non-Chaplain)


Dart Pistol

DNA Scrambler.png

DNA Scrambler


EMP Flashlight


False-Bottomed Briefcase


Foam Force Riot Foam Dart Including Sniper Rounds

Biochip Syndicate.png

Freedom Bio-chip


Holo Cigar

Hyper-regenerative Medipen.png

Hyper-regenerative Medipen


Jestographic Sequencer


KA Pressure Mod


Military/Traitor Belt

Organ Extractor.png

Organ Extractor


Overgrown Revolver

Black Gloves.png

Pickpocket's Gloves


Poison Bottle (Non-Lethal)

Biochip Syndicate.png

Prototype Freedom Bio-chip

Qani-Laaca Sensory Computer.png

Qani-Laaca Sensory Computer


Standard Ammunition

Sticky Tar Applicator.png

Sticky Tar Applicator


Sticky Tar Grenade

Biochip Syndicate.png

Storage Bio-chip

Suspicious Implant Autosurgeon.png

Suspicious Implant Autosurgeon


Syndicate Knuckleduster


Syndicate Pistol

The Lovers Card.gif

Tarot Card


Thermal Imaging Glasses


Thermal Safe Drill

Mod Thermal Visor.png

Thermal Visor Module


Trick Revolver


Universal Gun Part Kit


Universal Suppressor

Gas mask.png

Voice Changer

Voice Modulator.png

Voice Modulator

Dangerous Contraband Items (S)

.357 Revolver


Access Tuner

Biochip Syndicate.png

Adrenal Bio-chip

Advanced Mimery.png

Advanced Mimery

Id regular.png

Agent ID Card


Atmos Grenades

Biochip Syndicate.png

Basic-Adrenal Bio-chip


Bearserker Pelt


"Big Brother" Obfuscation Suit

Hackerman Implant.png

Binyat Wireless Hacking System

Syndi Magboots.png

Blood Red Magboots

Mod Syndicate.png

Blood Red Syndicate MODsuit


Box of Throwing Weapons


Briefcase Full of Bees


Cane Shotgun

Cham counter.png

Chameleon Counterfeiter

Chameleon projector.gif

Chameleon Projector


Chameleon Security HUD


Chef Excellence's Special Sauce


Composition C4


Composition X4


Contractor Baton


Contractor Space Suit


Contractor Uplink


CQC Manual


Cryoregenerative Enhancer


Cryptographic Sequencer (Emag)




Dehydrated Space Carp

Pda cartrige.png

Detomatix Cartridge

Double Energy Sword Red.gif

Double Energy Sword




Emergency Extraction Flare

Emp bomb.gif

EMP Bomb




Energized Fire Axe


Energy Dagger


Energy Sword


Experimental Krav Gloves

Pda cartrige.png

F.R.A.M.E Cartridge


Feral Cat Grenade


Fibre Wire Garrote


Fireproofing Nanite Injector

Frag Grenade.png

Frag Grenades


Gloves of the North Star


Hacked AI Upload Module

Mod DNA Lock.png

Heavily Modified Springlock Module

Mod Emergency Tether.png

Hidden Holster Module

Artistic Toolbox.png

His Grace



Biochip Syndicate.png

Magillitis Serum Bio-chip

Meat Cleaver.png

Meat Cleaver


Mind Batterer

Biochip Syndicate.png

Mindslave Bio-chip

Energy crossbow.png

Mini Energy Crossbow

Godstaff blue.png

Missionary Starter Kit


Mysterious Scroll (Sleeping Carp)


Nanocalcium Injector


Non-Standard Ammunition


Pizza Bomb


Poison Bottle (Lethal)


Poison Pen


Power Beacon

Biochip Syndicate.png

Power Bio-Chip





Biochip Syndicate.png

Proto-Adrenal Bio-chip


Proximity Mine


Radio Jammer


Rapid Syringe Gun


Raw Telecrystal


Safety Scissors


Skipjack Spikethrower


Sleepy Pen

Biochip Syndicate.png

Stealth Bio-chip



Supermatter Theft Tools.gif

Supermatter Extraction Tools

Supermatter Plutonium Core Containers.gif

Supermatter or Plutonium Container

Syndicate Bomb.png

Syndicate Bomb


Syndicate Chainsaw


Syndicate Documents

Mod Syndicate Elite.png

Syndicate Elite Modsuit


Syndicate Encryption Key


Syndicate Long Arms


Syndicate Minibomb

MMI empty.png

Syndicate MMI


Syndicate Portable Pop Up Turret

Syndi Teleporter.gif

Syndicate Teleporter


Syndicate Uplink

Biochip Syndicate.png

Synthetic Supercharge Bio-chip

Tarot Box.png

Tarot Box


Technocracy Advanced Cloning System



Push broom.png

Titanium Push Broom

Biochip Syndicate.png

Uplink Bio-chip


Viral Injector