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Martial Arts are combat styles that players can learn and use in-game which grants them special combat abilities. These abilities can range from new defensive measures such as deflecting projectiles to combo attacks that can quickly incapacitate an assailant or deal significant damage in comparison to standard punches. How to acquire martial arts are just as variable as the forms that are available; Some martial arts are only available to certain antagonists, inherited by a certain station role, or admin spawn only.

Close Quarters Combat (CQC)Cqcmanual.png

CQC is a fighting style that focuses on swiftly and efficiently dispatching your target, with simple but powerful combos that lack the more outlandish moves of other martial arts. CQC is primarily an aggressive fighting style that focuses on dealing stamina damage to targets - designed to quickly subdue opponents and overpower them with pressure technique and crushing blows. This art requires a thorough knowledge of Intent. The Chef also has access to CQC, which in their case stands for Close Quarters Cooking - they can use it only within the Kitchen and the Bar, but it is otherwise identical.

Basic Attacks

DisarmIntent.png Disarm - Deals 15 stamina damage while making the opponent temporarily slur their speech.

GrabIntent.png Grab - Immobilizes for a second on grab, making it easier to reinforce.

HarmIntent.png Harm - Deals 20 stamina damage instead of minor brute damage. Deals 10 bonus Stamina damage if the opponent is knocked down or prone.

Combo Attacks

GrabIntent.png > HarmIntent.png Slam - Slams the opponent, confusing them and knocking them down while dealing 50 Stamina damage. Only works on people standing.

HarmIntent.png > HarmIntent.png CQC Kick - Knocks the opponent away and deals 25 Stamina damage. If target is prone, instead deals 40 Stamina and 10 Brain damage while also muting them temporarily.

GrabIntent.png > GrabIntent.png Restrain - Locks your opponent into a restraining position, making your grab harder to break out of. Follow up this combo with a DisarmIntent.png to begin a chokehold which deals immediate stamina and gradual oxygen damage until the target passes out. The more stamina damage they have when the chokehold begins, the more stamina / oxygen damage you will deal. Failing to complete the chokehold will weaken and possibly break your grab.

DisarmIntent.png > GrabIntent.png Pressure - Deals 40 Stamina damage and steals whatever item your opponent is currently holding in their active hand.

DisarmIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png > HarmIntent.png Consecutive CQC - Deals 70 Stamina damage and 20 Brute damage to the opponent.

HarmIntent.png (While crawling or prone) Leg Sweep - In addition to the normal effects of Harm, knocks the opponent down for 5 seconds and forces you back on your feet, even if you are manually crawling.

Click this to get the slapper


If you have CQC, you automatically have access to unarmed parrying. You access this by getting a slapper, either by typing "*slap" or pressing the button in the top left of your screen. This slapper will inflict minor brute damage and cause confusion when used to slap others. You also can use it to parry, even while it's in your off-hand, making you a force to be reckoned with in hand-to-hand combat.

Chef CQC

The Chef automatically knows CQC. However, they only know how to use it when they are in the Bar, Kitchen, and Freezer. No one knows why they can only use it in those places, but it is rumored that a NNO got upset after they found the chef dead and his kitchen empty when the NNO had a particularly ravenous case of the munchies. As a result, they implanted a geo-activated martial-arts implant into every chef that teaches them basic self-defence when they're cooking.

Corporate Judo Corporate Judo Belt.png

Corporate Judo is a fighting style that focuses on restraining your opponent with more complex but effective moves. You will see this style most used by Security Officers, as they get access to the belts in their department. Once you wear the belt, you can no longer use the stun baton, as judo is intended to be an alternative for it. Harness the art and strike any tider that gets in your way. A good understanding of Intent is required.

Basic Attacks

HarmIntent.png Harm - Deals 10 brute damage.

Combo Attacks

DisarmIntent.png > GrabIntent.png Discombobulate - Confuses the opponent for 5 seconds (stacking), and inflicts 10 stamina damage.

DisarmIntent.png > HarmIntent.png Eye Poke - Blinds the opponent and blurs their vision for 2 and 5 seconds respectively - regardless of eye protection - and deals 10 brute damage. Eye blurring can be stacked up to 30 seconds.

GrabIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png Judo Throw - Only works on standing opponents, dealing 25 stamina damage and knocking down for 7 seconds.

DisarmIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png > GrabIntent.png Armbar - Only works on downed opponents. Inflicts 45 stamina damage as well as knocks down and immobilizes the opponent for 5 seconds.

GrabIntent.png > Swap to empty hand > DisarmIntent.png > HarmIntent.png Wheel Throw - Opponent must be immobilized (e.g. from an Armbar) to perform this combo. Flips the opponent over your shoulder, inflicting full stamina exhaustion as well as knocking down and confusing the opponent for 15 and 10 seconds respectively.

HelpIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png > HelpIntent.png > GrabIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png > GrabIntent.png > HelpIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png > GrabIntent.png > HelpIntent.png Golden Blast - An incredibly complex combo that let's you unleash the power of the GOLDEN BLAST, fully stunning your opponent while confusing and knocking them down for 30 seconds each.

Krav Maga Kravgloves.png

Krav Maga is a self-defence style that was developed by ancient militaries on Terra six centuries ago. It can be learned through years of training or be given to a user by advanced nanomachines stored inside gloves. On the station, a singular pair of Krav Maga Gloves can be found the Warden's locker. Nuclear Operatives can use Krav Maga Implant for the same effect.

Basic Attacks

DisarmIntent.png Disarm - Disarm attacks have a 60% chance to steal what your opponent is holding out of their active hand, rather than dropping it on the floor.

HarmIntent.png Harm - While using Krav Maga, one is more adept at hand-to-hand combat, increasing the damage dealt when punching by 10, and by an additional 5 against floored targets.

Combo Attacks

Note that krav maga combos aren't like the combos of most martial arts. You must instead ready the attack you wish to use in your action bar, then follow it up by attacking your opponent as normal.

LegSweepIcon.png Leg Sweep - Sweeps the legs out from under a target to knock them down for four seconds.

NeckChopIcon.png Neck Chop - A hard swing with the side of your hand deals some damage and disables the target's ability to speak for twenty seconds

LungPunchIcon.png Lung Punch - Deals 30 stamina damage and prevents breathing for ten seconds. Four of those will incapacitate a target less-than-lethally, but beware of the loss of breath you cause.

Way of the Sleeping CarpCarp.gif

An ancient art learned through intense study and meditation. It is modeled after the graceful movement, combat, and flow of Space Carp. Ancient masters of this art are rumored to have studied among great schools of space carp and survived, some have even befriended the aggressive creatures. This art is often utilized by zealots and extremists especially among The Syndicate.

Due to the graceful nature of this martial art, users are able to completely deflect almost all incoming projectiles and items when on throw intent and reflect them back in a60 degree arc in front of the user. This includes all ballistic and laser based projectiles but not explosives. However, part of becoming a Master of Sleeping Carp is to take an oath to abstain from using projectile weapons. This includes wielded firearms and firearms attached to equipment such as mechs. It isn't quite clear why, however, it is thought that it allows the user to intensify their focus on perfect flow and deflection. Others believe that it is part of the drive of the master to further emulate the way of the Carp, so as to completely focus on the attack of the Carp: its Bite. This does not prevent the practitioners of Sleeping Carp from throwing items, bolas, floor tiles, or people- all useful ranged weapons.

The aggressive bite of a carp crushes bones and breaks the spirit of its target. Much like the carp's bite, the user of this martial art will crush the bones of others through heavy blows from their hands, resulting in extreme brute damage. To reach full damage potential the user will commit fully with all of their strength, and in the heat of the moment will yell out expletives such as "CARP STRIKE" and "COWABUNGA". May God have mercy and anyone who finds themselves on the other side of the fury a Master of the way of the Sleeping Carp. Masters of the sleeping carp will never miss their punches and their crushing blows will deal 10-15 damage.

Basic Attacks

HarmIntent.png Harm - Deals 10-15 brute damage instead of the normal damage your punches would deal.

Combo Attacks

HarmIntent.png > GrabIntent.png Keelhaul - Kicks an opponent in the head, knocking them down and dealing stamina damage to them! Deals 60 stamina, damage 10 brute damage, and knocks down for 6 seconds, unless they are already stunned. In that case, it will deal 5 brute damage and 40 stamina damage, as well as completely disarming the target.

HarmIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png Crashing Waves Kick - Kicks the target square in the chest, sending them flying. Deals 15 damage and sends the target up to 7 tiles away from you.

HarmIntent.png > HarmIntent.png Gnashing Teeth - Every second consecutive punch deals extra damage, and you will shout to strike fear into your opponent's heart. Deals 20 sharp damage and makes you shout like a lunatic.

Rage of the Space BearBearPelt.png

Putting on the pelt connects your mind and body with the raging inferno within the spirits of Foh'Sie and Smoh'Kie. You become immune to fire and your hardened will reduces stuns dealt to you by 20%. Wild bears are no longer hostile to you as they respect your power. Your fists grow stronger and nails turn into claws, letting you deal 10 brute damage while replenishing 20 stamina damage with each punch. Striking a combo only leaves you with newfound adrenaline that reduces the amount of stamina damage you get by 25%.

Basic Attacks

HarmIntent.png Harm - Deals 10 brute damage and a small amount of stamina damage.

Combo Attacks

HarmIntent.png > GrabIntent.png Bear Jaws - Bite your opponent like a true lunatic, with even more savagery against knocked down targets. Deals 20 brute damage.

DisarmIntent.png > HarmIntent.png Paw Slam - Slap an opponent with a mighty paw, knocking them down. Beats down harder on already knocked down opponents. Deals 10 brute damage.

DisarmIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png Smokey - Mentally channel the occultic fury of Smoh'Kie to set your opponent on fire!

Admin Only

These Martial arts are only available through admin intervention


A technique only practiced by the most robust of mimes.

Combo Attacks

DisarmIntent.png > HarmIntent.png - Mimechucks - Hits the target with an invisible pair of nunchucks, dealing stamina damage.
DisarmIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png - Smoke Bomb - Creates smoke on and around your target.
GrabIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png - Silent Palm - Throws the target a great distance away with only a slight touch.

Plasma Fist

A long-forgotten martial art rumored to originate somewhere in Boron, a theory likely founded by observation of the users of this technique shouting "PLASMA FIST!" at the top of their lungs before violently gibbing their targets.

Combo Attacks

HarmIntent.png > HarmIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png Tornado Sweep - Repulses target and everyone back. This attack does no damage by itself, other than the two punches, but may cause collateral damage by flinging people into objects and other people. The user yells "TORNADO SWEEP!"
DisarmIntent.png > HarmIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png Throwback - Throws the target and an item at them. Similar to Tornado Sweep, in that finishing the combo does no additional damage.
HarmIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png > DisarmIntent.png > HarmIntent.png The Plasma Fist - The namesake move. Knocks the brain out of the target and gibs their body. The user yells "PLASMA FIST!"


An infinitely powerful art.

Basic Attacks

DisarmIntent.png - Instant stun and weaken for twenty-five seconds.
HarmIntent.png - Instant death. Similar to a wand of death, as it causes no injuries, not even cardiac arrest, and the target can be resuscitated with no damage of any type, provided you are feeling merciful.
GrabIntent.png - Instant neck-grab. No cool-down to upgrade into a stranglehold.

Combo Attacks

GrabIntent.png > HelpIntent.png - Instant rejuvenate. Similar to a staff of resurrection, in that the mob is revived and fully restored.