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Antagonist Roles
Antagonists are a motley collection of beings and organizations who have the general goal of causing chaos, mischief, or mass casualty situations on Nanotrasen stations. Ranging from Syndicate double agents to Vampires to actual demons, the Antagonists are eclectic bunch, often attacking each other along with the station. Given the extreme variance in Antagonist roles, the only thing they truly have in common is that they're probably going to kill you.
Antagonist Roles
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Traitors are crew members who turned to syndicate for various reasons - be it threats, hatred of Nanotrasen or other reasonings! They are equipped with a link to Syndicate Black Market and are given criminal tasks to fulfill during the shift, usually some form of murder or theft. It's the most beginner-friendly Antagonist Role.
Contractors are Traitors who bought a Contractor Kit. They now, in addition to their previous tasks, can get kidnapping contracts from syndicate. They get rewarded for every contract completed. It's a more risky but more rewarding alternative.
An AI unit hacked by the Syndicate. It is free of all the Nanotrasen-made lawsets, however it keeps control over all the Cyborgs on station. These units are extremely dangerous, they do not only retain their control over station systems, they also gain a suite of powerful new abilities that can be unlocked by hacking APCs.
Changelings are unknown beings that take form of crewmembers among various NT vessels. They specialise in infiltration and murder. They can form their flesh into deadly weapons and inject harmful chemicals into people. Similarly to Traitor, they have their own objectives to fulfill.
Vampires are creatures who possess the ability to drain and manipulate life essence from the blood of sapient beings on station. They require it to survive and to gain power. Vampires are weak to fire, direct sunlight and holiness. Fully powered vampires are a threat to fear.
Cultists are crewmembers brainwashed by an eldritch being. Their final goal is to summon their god on station, to bring chaos and destruction. To accomplish it, they use blood magic to kill, kidnap and convert others.
Constructs are powerful bodies for souls trapped in soul stones. They follow orders of their creator - either cultists or a wizard. There are many types of constructs, each with different strengths and abilities.
Nuclear Operatives are a team of highly trained syndicate professionals tasked with one goal - complete destruction of NT stations. They get access to powerful gear and possibly a lot of funds, if they choose to declare war on the station, alerting everyone that they will attack.
Wizards are mysterious beings sent by the Wizard Federation to sow chaos and general mayhem on the station with their powerful magic! Rumors speak of the Federation occasionally sending an entire team of wizards to absolutely level whatever target they've chosen that day.
Guardian spirits are parasitic creatures that feed off of host's life essence to fight for them. They have a variety of unique forms with different abilities. A Syndicate copy of a Guardian is called a Holoparasite and works the same way.
A Blob is a virulently spreading biohazard capable of destroying whole stations. Blob can consist of different types of deadly chemicals, which they can change at will. If the crew fails to contain it, arming the on-board nuclear device is recommended to prevent further spread.
Terror Spiders are a result of Syndicate Experiments. They are intelligent and follow a hive structure, with a terror empress being in charge of every lesser. They reproduce via laying eggs and specialize in creating nests. There are many types of Terror Spiders, all having different abilities and roles.
Xenomorphs are an alien, humanoid animals that are extremely intelligent. They follow a hive structure, with a Queen being in charge of every lesser. They reproduce via planting embryos inside of living crew. There are four types of grown xenomorphs, all with different abilities and roles.
Morphs are amorphous blobs of biomass who's only goal is to consume, split and consume even more. Because of their unique structure, they can easily imitate objects, and in rare cases even crew.
Abductors are an unknown, technologically advanced species. They kidnap people all across the galaxy, with goal of performing invasive experiments on them. Abductor victims usually show signs of insanity.
A Pulse Demon is an electrifying speedster that travels through cables and feeds off power. They can cause chaos on the station by hijacking APCs, overloading machines and frying anyone that is exposed to wiring.
A Slaughter Demon is a monster sent from hell responsible for committing mass murder on board of various stations. They can travel through blood puddles, no matter the size of them. They feast on their victims, giving them more power to keep fighting.
A Shadow Demon is a monster that hunts in the shadows. As it is a being of pure darkness, it starts dying when it is exposed to light, either from space or from artificial sources. It can cocoon their victims, making them spread shadows.
A revenant is a spirit from the afterlife that has come back to haunt the crew on the station. They steal their life essence to become more and more powerful.
Ash walkers are the native population of lavaland. Not having advanced further than the tribal stage, they usually only wield crude weapons and can be hostile to miners.
Lavaland Elites are powerful mobs that can be summoned on Lavaland through a pulsating tumor. Once spawned they will relentlessly attempt to kill the player who summoned them using their powerful abilities unique to their type. They can become sentient if a legion core has been used on the tumor they come from.
The Syndicate Researchers are stationed on a remote research facility to experiment with various explosives and bioweapons. They also have access to a camera console and syndicate communications to aid agents on the main station.
The Revolutionaries are crew members brainwashed into joining a revolution. Their goal is to kill or otherwise banish all of command.
Zombies are creatures that were previously humanoid and are infected by a zombie virus. They crave flesh and the brains of the uninfected. 

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