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Guardian Spirit

Superiors: Your host
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: Guide to Combat
Access: Same access as your summoner
Duties: Protect your summoner and follow their commands

Guardian is an overarching term used to describe entities which attach themselves to a host and assist that host while drawing energy from them. The most commonly encountered form of guardian is the holoparasite, a creature designed by the Syndicate to assist their field operatives during missions. Guardians spirits are able to link themselves to nearly every known species, however they cannot attach themselves to a Changeling or a Vampire. Because guardians are reliant on the energy of their host to exist, most cannot travel more than a couple meters away from their host at any time.

Guardians and YOU!

Guardians will always be attached to a living person, and normally that person is also up to some traitorous activities. When a guardian is attacked, the damage it receives is transferred to its host. This means that if you spot someone standing off in a corner suspiciously taking damage while a nearby guardian is in combat, you have likely found the guardian's host.

All guardians also have a health meter on the right of the screen that shows your (or rather your host's) remaining health, which ranges from 100% (Host has 100 health, no injuries) to 0% (Host has -100 health and in hardcrit). Since your host will begin to suffer from their injuries even at around 75-50% health remaining, you should always keep an eye on this and keep your host safe or duck into cover to prevent them from being killed. When a host is severely injured (-100 health) or outright killed, the guardian drawing life force from them also dies.

Additionally, all guardians can move in space or areas lacking gravity without issue. You can even pull your host along to function as a makeshift jetpack should they lack one!


All guardian creatures have access to a similar set of abilities, with each different sub-type of guardian having some ability unique to them as well.

Action Description
Telepathically communicate with a host. All hosts also have this ability.
The guardian enters into a physical form, allowing it to attack and interact with its surroundings.
The guardian immediately returns to its host. A host can also force their guardian to return to them.
Toggle Mode
For guardian types who have a secondary form, swaps the abilities available to it.
Toggle Light
Generates a small amount of light originating from the guardian's core. This light can be seen even while the guardian is recalled.

Guardian Types

Guardians can be divided into 9 subtypes and can be summoned in one of two ways.

  • Magical decks of tarot cards can be used summon a spirit from beyond the veil to aid you. These decks are most commonly found in the possession of members of the wizard federation.
  • Holoparasite injectors created by the Syndicate and purchased with a traitor uplink can be used to manifest a nanomachine based creature.


Description Abilities
As a Standard type, you have no special abilities, but have 60% damage resistance and a powerful attack capable of smashing through both regular and reinforced walls, as well as dealing 25 brute damage to targets.
Choose what you shout as you punch
Guardian Spirit ..And draw the Assistant, faceless and generic, but never to be underestimated.
Holoparasite Boot sequence complete. Standard combat modules loaded. Holoparasite swarm online.


Description Abilities
As an Assassin type, you do 25 damage and have no damage resistance but can enter a stealth mode while manifested, becoming harder to see and increasing the damage of your next attack to 50 while completely ignoring the target's armour. Stealth is broken when you attack or take damage, and will make you unable to recall for 4 seconds.
Enter stealth mode to do increased, armour-piercing damage with your next attack.
Guardian Spirit ..And draw the Space Ninja, a lethal, invisible assassin.
Holoparasite Boot sequence complete. Assassin modules loaded. Holoparasite swarm online.


Description Abilities
As a Gaseous type, you only have light damage resistance, but you can expel gas in an area. In addition, your punches cause sparks and you make your summoner heat resistant

Note, this makes the summoner immune to heat damage, i.g. superheated room.

Gas Expel
Expel different gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen, N2O, CO2, Plasma, and Agent B
Guardian Spirit …And draw the Atmospheric Technician, flooding the area with gas!
Holoparasite Boot sequence complete. Atmospheric modules activated. Holoparasite swarm online.


Description Abilities
As a Charger type you do 20 damage, have 40% damage resistance, move very fast and can charge at a location, damaging any target hit and forcing them to the ground.
Every four seconds the holoparasite can charge, knocking any target they run into down for 5 seconds, causing them to drop whatever they were holding and dealing 20 brute damage.
Guardian Spirit ..And draw the Hunter, an alien master of rapid assault.
Holoparasite Boot sequence complete. Charge modules loaded. Holoparasite swarm online.


Description Abilities
As an Explosive type, you have only moderate close combat abilities, dealing 15 damage and resisting 40% of damage you take, but are capable of converting any adjacent item into a disguised bomb via alt click. While not too damaging to nearby structures, anyone who triggers the bomb will take moderate brute damage and be stunned for a few seconds.

Note that targets must interact directly with the trapped object (i.e. click it) for the bomb to go off, running into it or over it won't trigger the explosive!

Place bombs that trigger once someone clicks on it, stunning and dealing heavy damage to them, and them only. This ability does not affect the summoner, and can be used without manifesting.
Guardian Spirit ..And draw the Scientist, master of explosive death.
Holoparasite Boot sequence complete. Explosive modules active. Holoparasite swarm online.


Description Abilities
As a Lightning type, you will deal 12 burn damage, apply lightning chains to targets on attack, and have a lightning chain to your summoner. Lightning chains will shock anyone between and near them, dealing constant burn damage. You resist 50% of damage taken. Additionally, your user will become immune to being shocked by electricity.
Lightning Chain
Shock anyone that is between you, your summoner, and people you attack.
Guardian Spirit ..And draw the Tesla, a shocking, lethal source of power.
Holoparasite Boot sequence complete. Lightning modules active. Holoparasite swarm online.


Description Abilities
As a Protector type you cause your summoner to leash to you instead of you leashing to them and have two modes: Combat Mode, where you deal 15 damage and resist 60% of damage taken, and Protection Mode, where you deal 2 damage and resist 90% of damage taken. Protection Mode also creates a barrier to the left and right of the guardian, which only they and their host can pass through and also resists 90% of damage to them. Additionally, unlike other Guardians, it is the summoner who snaps back to the out-of-range Guardian, not the other way around.
Mitigates 90% of damage taken by the holoparasite and creates a barrier to the left and right of the guardian, but makes it deal next to no damage while active.
Guardian Spirit ..And draw the Guardian, a stalwart protector that never leaves the side of its charge.
Holoparasite Boot sequence complete. Protector modules loaded. Holoparasite swarm online.


Description Abilities
As a Ranged type, you have no damage resistance, and deal only 10 melee damage, but are capable of spraying shards of crystal at incredibly high speed, dealing 20 armour-ignoring damage every half a second. You can also deploy surveillance snares to monitor enemy movement. Finally, you can switch to scout mode, in which you can't attack, but can move without limit, like a ghost - though still somewhat visible!
Go partially invisible and lifts restrictions of the distance you can travel away from your summoner.
Place invisible traps that will alert you and your summoner when tripped.
Guardian Spirit ..And draw the Sentinel, an alien master of ranged combat.
Holoparasite Boot sequence complete. Ranged combat modules active. Holoparasite swarm online.


Description Abilities
As a Support type, you may toggle your basic attacks to a healing or surgical mode. In addition, Alt-Clicking on an adjacent mob will warp them to your bluespace beacon after a short delay, provided you have placed one. You are still a decent combatant, resisting 30% of damage taken and dealing 15 brute damage per hit.
Heal 5 of each type of damage on the target except cellular or brain damage. Can be used every 1.5 seconds.
Heal all internal injuries on the target, requires them to stay still for 10 seconds and has a 3 minute cooldown between uses.
Warp Beacon
Place a beacon on the ground to later teleport mobs to that location. Note that the teleport will fail if the beacon is in an "unsafe" area (i.e. space).
Guardian Spirit ..And draw the CMO, a potent force of life...and death.
Holoparasite Boot sequence complete. Medical modules active. Bluespace modules activated. Holoparasite swarm online.
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