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Science Department
The Science Department is a department of jobs made for experimentation and completing research. While there are only few jobs, there are a lot of tasks which need to be done, from Robotics and Toxins, to Xenobiology and Genetic Research, Science can be a great role to learn the flow of the station or work on projects.

As a Scientist, if you do your job, you can get good gear, you have access to chemical dispensers and bomb testing sites, making your only limit creativity (and the server's limit). Robotics has access to making Cyborgs and Exosuits for the various departments, or even a personal assistant IRC. Genetics, while time consuming, can get some great rewards from carrying out their research, such as invisibility, hulk, or built-in insuls.

A good science department is needed for all departments to work efficiently.
Science Roles
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The Research Director is in charge of the Research Department. They ensure that R&D is running smoothly and in a timely fashion and that researchers do not blow up the station in the mean time!
Scientists are in charge of conducting research and facilitating R&D on the station via the various facilities available in the department.
Roboticists are tasked with creating and maintainig cyborgs, mechs, and other various robots for the station to use to its own advantage.
The Geneticists are tasked with exploring various species genealogy and testing the limits of gene modification to discover interesting and potentially useful traits. They work for both the Medical and Science departments.

Science Locations
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