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Service Department
The Service Department is a department made up of various roles tasked with serving crew members and supporting the station through provision of amenities, services, and surface-level maintenance. While not a major influence on the direction of the round, service roles (excluding the HOP) often have a very indirect impact on the health of the station: without the Chef the station would have more difficulty eating, without the Janitor a dirty station would bring about chaos, and without a Clown there wouldn't be enough fun and joy.

Service roles are often the best environment for players to learn game mechanics while also interacting with fellow crew members. Having a very low skill floor and expectation of competency, service roles allow for room to learn. In addition, roles like Botanist and Chef have extensive mechanics that allow players to continue having fun with the role well into 1000+ hours of gameplay.

Roleplay is a major aspect of a few of these roles, for example, the Chaplain, Librarian, Mime, and Clown are almost exclusively roleplay based. Due to the lack of responsibilities attached to most service roles, players have room to branch out and roleplay. Service roles are great for any player, especially those who want a more laid back, chill, social round.
Service Roles
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The Head of Personnel is in charge of assigning and reassigning crew members correctly and making sure station departments are well-staffed and running optimally. They're in charge of the Service Department.
The Janitor keeps the station clean and tidy and does all the dull maintenance work that the engineers are too busy to look at. A fairly relaxing and useful job for new players to learn the game.
The Chef's job is to provide quality food for the crew and keep them fed. This is a great role to learn game mechanics and interact with crew members.
The Bartender's job to keep any alcohol inclined crew happy by serving drinks to anyone who comes by the Bar. The bartender also has the sobriety gene, making them completely immune to the effects of alcohol.
The Botanist's job to grow veggies and fruit for the Chef to keep the crew fed and also experiment on different plants.
The Clown is the funniest person aboard the station! They usually tell funny jokes or unique puns to entertain the crew, either in person or over the radio.
Silently stalking the station, leaning against invisible walls, sitting on invisible chairs, eating invisible food: the Mime entertains the crew through their silent but verbose actions.
The Chaplain's role is to provide spiritual guidance to the crew who need it. They have access to magical items, their office, a crematorium, and the power of god.
The Librarian spends most of their time in the Library printing out books and lending them out. Most often, they'll host social events within the library or write/procure player created books.

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Service Locations
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