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Synthetic Roles
Synthetic Roles consist mainly of cyborgs and other robotic units. Cyborgs are designed to support other departments with their module-specific abilities. Modules available to cyborgs are as follows: engineering, medical, janitorial, mining and service. The Artificial Intelligence unit is in charge of cyborgs, and can directly control almost every mechanical system on the station.

All Synthetics share one thing in common - instead of following SOP and Space Law, they must follow sets of laws command (or clever traitors) can adjust. Maintenance Drones are nonsapient robots responsible for maintaining and improving the station unnoticed. Personal Artificial Intelligence units support individual crewmembers with programmable software, usually acting as secretaries and conversation partners.

Playing as synthetic roles requires a complete shift in mindset, and can be tough at times, due to their directives changing so easily.
Synthetic Roles
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The AI unit is in control of most electrical systems on the station, including cyborgs. The AI must follow a set of laws they start with, or possibly a set command decides to give it instead. AI players are held to the same standard as command rule-wise, while not being part of it.
Cyborgs are sentient machines under direct control of the AI unit. They follow the same laws the AI is given. More cyborgs can be built by robotics. Once created, every cyborg can choose it's unique specialisation called module. Cyborgs can also be upgraded by roboticists.
Maintenance Drones are responsible for maintaining the station, while not interacting with the crew. Their laws cannot change and they do not have any other authorities. Playing them is perfect for players who prefer to be left alone.
Personal Artificial Intelligence is a side synthetic designed to keep company to their owner. It can download additional software that let's it expand it's influence with the world around it. PAIs are a great role for both new and experienced players, for the roleplay possibilities they present.

Synthetic Locations
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