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Legal Department
The Legal Department is a subdepartment of service and security. It consists of the Magistrate, who is often a deciding matter in Space Law breaches and acts as a judge in trials, and Internal Affairs, responsible for investigating SOP breaches and minor space law breaches. IAAs can also take a role of a lawyer during trials. Both jobs require in-depth knowledge of Space Law and Standard Operating Procedure. Most powerful tool of this department, is their access to the long-range fax machine, which lets them contact Central Command directly.
Legal Roles
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The Magistrate is a Central Command VIP. They have the highest authority in matters related to Space Law, often acting as a decisive factor to a person's sentence.
The IAA Enforces SOP among the Departments, as well as assist crew in filing complaints about SOP Violations and notify the proper personel. Keep in mind that SOP is not law and has room to not be followed in certain scenarios.

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