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Security Department
The Security Department is responsible for enforcing Space Law, neutralizing Antagonists, and generally keeping order on the station. Led by the Head of Security, the department consists of a Detective, a Warden, and legion of Security Officers. While Internal Affairs Agents and the Magistrate can access Security areas, and generally work closely with Security, they are their own separate department.

Given Security's mission of protecting the station and enforcing the law, they are equipped with a variety of weaponry, both lethal and nonlethal, and are by far the most well-armed group on station at round start. As such, Security is NOT a role for new players. All members of Security are expected to be well-versed in Space Law, and should have a reasonable degree of combat competence.

When in doubt, just remember that Security exists to protect the station, not oppress it.
Security Roles
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The Head of Security is in charge of the Security Department and it's forces. They are responsible for keeping order on the station, ensuring the safety of crew and upholding space law.
The Warden watches over the Brig, Perma Brig, and the Armory. They are responsible for Processing Inmates, Caring for the Inmates, and keeping the Armory stocked up and secure.
The Security Officer Patrols the station and responds to calls to action by the Crew or their Superiors. They are responsible for keeping order on station, Detaining possible EoCs (Enemies of the Corporation), and responding to threats on station.
The Detective assists Security in narrowing down possible Suspects by using their tools to scan crime scenes for possible clues, then using that evidence to find a possible set of people who have done the crime.

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Security Locations
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