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Superiors: Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Easy
Guides: Guide to the Library, Guide to Paperwork
Access: Library Private Study
Duties: Read and write books. Stock the Library. Deliver news on the Newscaster.

Service Department

The Librarian spends most of their time in the Library printing out books and lending them out. The Library itself has a permanence to its contents from game to game on the servers, all properly uploaded books can be downloaded in any other round.

This is more bane than blessing, since several titles that never should have seen the light of day are forever mingled in with the half decent books. If you see a book that goes against the rules of our server, feel free to flag the book in the computer or ahelp it.


You will be giving out books, on the rare occasion that someone requests a book. You will also be replacing the Chaplain's Bibles if need be. The final area of your job is to upload new books to the archive. So, take your pen and paper, and write down some screenplays! You can also feel free to use the Newscaster (albeit so can everyone else), since you will likely have much free time on your hands.

The Library

your backroom altar does absolutely nothing

First things first, stock your Library with books that matter and tag the ones already there. At the start of the station, your bookshelves will have some books, but they'll be quite disorganized. Your fellow crew members will not want to stay in a Library that has no books. To fix this use the Library's Check In/Out Computer and use function "4. Connect to External Archive". Here is the main dish of your sum total of existence, to sort out in the mess of books, and find only the BEST. The books are not sorted, or sortable, and look to have no order what so ever. You will even find many books hand copied in the archive. To retrieve the selected book, simply order using that book's number, and the Check-In/Out Computer's printer will hum as it produces a completely bound book.

The Library is not you workspace, but a home, to both you and your books. Keep your books organized and sort them on their labeled book-shelves. Reference for tutorials and books that teach things; non-fiction for history, self-help or biographies; Religion for religious books; etc.

Don't upload anything that would violate the rules, even if it's going into the "Adult" section.

There's a bookcase on your office called "Forbidden Knowledge", this bookcase can be filled with only the imagination begin the limit: From guarding all adult books there instead of putting on the adult and asking money for it to making books about Nar'sie and other antags and hiding on it.

The barcode scanner will be needed for checking books into the local library's computer. It has 4 settings they are as follows:

Mode 0 : Scan book to local buffer.  
Mode 1 : Scan book to local buffer and set associated computer buffer to match.
Mode 2 : Scan book to local buffer, attempt to check in scanned book.
Mode 3 : Scan book to local buffer, attempt to add book to general inventory.

(Note:Use the scanner on the computer, otherwise it wont work)

How To Add A Book To The Database

1. Get Paper and a Pen.
2. Write your properly formatted story.
3. Take your story to the East Back of the Library to the Book Binder, and slap that epic story onto the binder. This will spit out your new award winning story.
4. Still have that pen? Good, you can sign your name, add more content, and even title it.
5. This book is ready to be send through to the NanoTrasen database! Ask your Librarian to scan this book into the computer, using the scanner.
6. Once scanned, use the Check In/Out Computer's 5th function, "5. Upload New Title to Archive"
7. Here you can change the category, change the author once more, and view the title.
8. After reviewing the book, and being ready to publish, use the "UPLOAD" command.



An extra duty for the Librarian is to be a Journalist. They publish news on the Newscaster for the whole crew to read. Remember that you still keep the library, so if someone asks for a book or wants to publish a book, please respond to their requests! Use a Newscaster to create your own newschannel. Give it a hard hitting name, upload interesting stories with good writing and accompanying pictures, and advertise it over the radio so people know they've got something good to read. A lot of the crew appreciate knowing what's going on in other parts of the station. You can also ask for the public to give you tips regarding hot scoops.

When submitting a column you can also add a photo to your article, this is done by first of all snapping a suitable picture, then having it in your hand as you attach a photo while creating an article. If you like to roleplay, journalist is a great role because with the right amount of personality in you column you can steer the opinion of the crew, which sometimes is better than any weapon. We all know the pen is mightier than the sword, after all.

You can also print out the newspaper and physically hand it to other people, which can be done at any newscaster that is filled with liquid paper. At the start of each round, each newscaster is filled up with plenty of liquid paper.

If you want to show someone a specific article or part of the paper, you can interact with the newspaper yourself, and flip to the page that you would like to show someone. When the next person opens up the newspaper, it will be on the same page as the one the last person looked at before closing it.

Knowledge is power, power corrupts Swordred.gif

This is the hardest job as a traitor. However, if you are an expert at deconstruction and get a few good items, you shouldn't have TOO much difficulty, other than your terrible access.

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