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Useful Resources


You're new to Paradise and want to learn? Here's what you do!

  • Read the Rules.
  • If you're new to Space Station 13 in general, read the Guide for Beginners and Glossary
  • If you're new to roleplay in general, read the Crash Course In Roleplaying
  • Read the Lore page. Server lore here differs from other servers, so please read it for insight on the station and various species on board.
  • When you play as a job you haven't played before, always look over the wiki page for that job. Read the overview box at the top, and have a glance over all the linked guides.
  • When you join the round as Security, take special note of these pages:
  • When you join the round as a Head of Command, read Chain of Command and pay extra attention to its relevant Standard Operating Procedure page.

General Guides

Guides to important basic concepts and mechanics.

Job Guides

Guides to specific occupations. Some jobs have additional content written on their description page.

Engineering/Atmospherics Guides

Medical Guides

Science Guides

Security Guides

Supply Guides

Service Guides

Command Guides

Antagonist Guides

Guides to various antagonists, and their respective equipment.

Misc. Guides

Assorted guides and help pages on various subjects.

Scripting, Contribution, and Troubleshooting Guides

Guides related to server hosting, scripting, wiki-editing, and more.